Protocol Community Group (PCG)

Hi everyone

We want to kick off a community working group focused on changes to NEAR Protocol. The main goal of this group is to provide a place for the community to share, discuss and get feedback about new features to the protocol.

In particular, these features should involve changes to one of the core components of NEAR Protocol:

  • Chain
  • Runtime
  • Network

A positive outcome from a discussion on the group will result on the creation of a NEP. Moreover, the intention of the group is to organize the community around the first phase of this process, see NEP Workflow on NEP-1.

On the other hand, the Protocol Working Group (PWG) is responsible for making a final decision on whether a NEP should be Approved or Rejected.

Coordination channel

Members of the group should post the propositions to Proposals Category. For more unstructured conversations, join Telegram.

In case a proposal is stuck due to its complexity or any other reason, we encourage the champion of the proposal to make a group call meeting where the main stake holders (in favor and against) are present. In particular, active members of the Protocol Working Group must be present.


A proposal to be considered in this group: Synchronous Wasm submodule execution.

Discussions to: Zulip

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