[Proposal] Workshop: Minting your first NFT through Tetarrium workshop

This is part of [VN Artists Dao August Funding Request (Overview)]

Purpose: Continuing the success of previous local workshops, this kind of activity is the most impactful project that we create on local artists community. Through this workshop, we can help artists to have a closer look at the process of making a product and minting an NFTs directly.

After previous theme of acrylic painting => This month, the art of terrarium will be introduced.

Method to implement & timespan:

Expected number of participants: 20

Duration: 3-hour workshop

  • Publication of the event & register: 18-26 Aug 2022
  • Event day: Tentative Saturday 27th (or Sunday 28th) Aug 2022
  • Venue: TBD – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
  • After the workshop, participants will be instructed to mint their works directly on VAD’s Mintbase store.

Metrics to measure success:

  • Expected 20 participants, with conversion of at least 10 new members
  • 20 artworks to be minted on VAD store
  • All participant get onboarded
  • At least 10 new member to Telegram
  • Social media impact for VAD


No. Task Cost
1 Venue renting for 3 hours 150
2 Posters & publication 100
3 Material: tools, samples & instructors ($30/pax x 20 people) 600
4 Physical onboarding cards with link drop QR & VAD information ($5 *20) 100
5 Standee designing, printing & rack rental 100
6 Swag for attendants: Cups with logo of VAD, Creatives & NEAR ($10 * 20) 200
7 Follow up session for NFT minting (to be done as council work) 0
Total 1250

Link to the main proposal: N/A


Hey @williamx can you clarify who will be taking what roles in the project? (ie. posters & publication, managing the onboarding etc.)


Hi @ted.iv,

For previous months, @IamnotRapper was taking the job as extra work besides council roles. However after the this call for new councils, we couldn’t onboard the applicants but promises to have them as collaborator for future projects, @agnesba will help us with designing tasks.

Right now we’re still onboarding people by meeting directly in workshop (all councils will be present there and helping with that). We also set up private calls 1-1 for members who unsure of any steps and helping them using Ref & Binance to convert from $USN to Fiat.

(Online workshop for using Binance was made but most people forget steps after that :sweat_smile:, so we just do extra calls after then)


Ok, thank you for the detailed response @williamx