[Proposal] VAD's engagement bounty

This is part of VN Artists Dao Monthly Funding Request

After several months of collaboration & hosting competitions, we realized:

  • The conversion of money spent on rewards for bounty & competition is not as high as expected
  • This kind of activity is not healthy for DAO fund

Hence, for August, there is no competition & the amount will be spent on bounty with smaller allocation of fund.

Previous proposal for competition & impacts was great, however this scheme of activity will be scaled down as follow:

Method: Quick draw challenge with weekly theme on TG and Instagram. Moderated by @Mer

For each week:
1st prize: $50
2nd prize: $30
3rd prize: $20

Costs: $100x4 = $400 for 4 weeks

Scheme: Monthly


  • New followers on Instagram
  • Strengthen the engagement of members
  • New artwork from members to be submitted for the challenges

Actual impact on social media & numbers of artworks received will be reported back at the end of the month.