[Proposal] Two Medium Article About NFT and Mintbase

Proposal to write two Medium Articles which describes the NFT space in the context of Mintbase in an easy-to-understand manner. - “What is a NFT”

I’m a part-time writer for various Medium publications covering crypto- and software architecture topics.

I’ve written - amongst others - about Polkadot in 2018 (my work got contributed with some pre-sales DOT) as well as Kyber Token DAO funded content and developer tutorials.

My latest series is called the “Diagrammer Series”:

The goal of this article series is to explain the evolving systems landscape and its associated concepts in the context of Decentralized Finance in a visualized way using diagramming techniques.

I started recently a drill down into NFT (see link above about diagrammer series) which got very good feedback and reactions, especially in my Linkedin channel.

The next step is to introduce a user journey explaining the establishment of an NFT shop (your own NFT contract created by Mintbase) and the selling of individual digital assets All explained on the basis of Mintbase

2nd article will address the gaz problem of NFT contracts in Ethereum and how Mintbase tries to solve that by moving to Near (introducing multi-chain concept)

Open to discuss to publish that in a Near-/Mintbase Medium publication.

Why the proposal: I like to try out novel, good documented, developer-friendly and innovative crypto products and improve my personal knowledge base. By doing that and describing my findings in a story allows other people to build up know-how about Near/Mintbase product.

My name: Felix / Near address: talfco.near
Milestone 1 - Mid May 2021: Article “What is a NFT - Smart Contracts, Edward Snowden and Vending Machines”
Milestone 2 - End May 2021: Article “What is a NFT - Escaping the gaz problem”
Total Request: 25 Near


These article ideas seem great. We actually already have an open bounty for articles/guides and the rate is set at 25 NEAR per article for now.

If you think you’ll be writing a lot for the Createbase community, feel free to keep this proposal thread open and use it as a thread to log all of your article ideas.

Also, we would love to add these articles to the Createbase blog once they are complete: Our Blog - Createbase


Hi Chloe thx for the reply, will do it like that. Realized that mintbase@ETH will be legacy soon, so re-adjust my research/article for mintbase@Near. Very interesting stuff ongoing there, checked out the community call #9 with Nate, who gave a lot of insights.


Yeah lots of new updates! All of the new updates coming to Mintbase on NEAR will eventiually be on the Ethereum platform as well. Looking forward to your articles!

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Hey there, wondering if you’re still on the research stage of the articles?

Hi chloe, still working on it, expect the 1st be ready by next week


Awesome! Super excited to read :heart_eyes:

Hi Chloe, I finished the first article which will be published as part of the Medium Coinmonks publication.

What Is A NFT — Wallets, Edward Snowden & Vending Machines | by Felix Kuestahler | May, 2021 | Medium (cloudburo.net).

So the 12-min read will cover the “onboarding process” to the Mintbase app. The reader should get a good understanding, how the wallet dApp und mintbase dApp interact (which is key for any dapp). Thought, in the beginning, to get also the Mintbase Contract creation covered, but I shifted that to the next article.

Let me know if you would you want to have it published in the Createbase Guide.

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Great read, although the article seems to focus on explaining smart contracts from the Ethereum side of things. Informative, but arguably out of scope considering this is a NEAR forum and Createbase is a NEAR Guild/Community? Would be great if there was some connection made to near.mintbase.io, the application Mintbase has been working on for the past 8 months.

It’s an educational series I’m working on (also for me :slight_smile:), so you are right it’s Ethereum driven (at the moment) to get the concepts explained on a “known” base. Current planning is to do another one with the existing mintbase, bringing in ER-721 concept, and then switch to the near platform. introduce NEP-171 which is the base of the new mintbase. So will post here the progress and touch base when I do NEAR-focused articles.

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Awesome, looking forward to it. Once you have an article with a NEAR focus, we would love to support it with the 25 NEAR bounty. I love that you are using this as an educational series for yourself as well! I started off doing bounties in the ecosystem for the same reason :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey talfco :slight_smile: I wanted to ask if you have written an article with a bigger focus on NEAR yet? That bounty for createbase guides is still open. :slight_smile:

Hi Maria, was just too absorbed in work, will go tomorrow to holiday and have some material ready to put in a blog in the next three weeks. Let you know. Cheers Felix

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thank you felix, I am looking forward to read more :slight_smile: