[proposal] tulum crypto fest may 12-14th

Hi Near Community!!
I posted this before in community, but @osc.near suggested to post in the #marketing:marketingdao too:

Tulum is a very active community, where we have hosted successfully 2 NEAR MEET in December and January. Tulum has become a popular destination for IT people to gather. This 12-15th MAY its the first crypto festival and we want to be there presenting our eco-friendly community-driven Tulum.Coin DApp.

This proposal is to ask for support to show case our project of Tulum.coin, a decentralized application where people and visitors can find activities and on-chain interactions. Of course it will be built on top of NEAR Protocol. We plan to onboard as much people as possible via droplink.

Start to register first USers to join our DApp and our DAO, create their wallet, claim their first free NFT, learn about NEAR, and explain our plans with TulumCoin to the audience and assistants.

During the event, we will have a Booth, together with Bancambios. Where we plan to use linkdrop to help the audience and assistants to create their NEAR wallet, we expect to create from 150 to 400 new NEAR wallets during the event. And register from 200 to 500 people to onboard to our DApp; The Tulum Coin DApp.

This proposal is to ask for support to cover the costs of a Booth, Tickets, Roll-up Printing, media publications, rent a TV to display Environment Friendly NFT, and cover the basic needs to make a successfull presentation of our NEAR-based projects. The event and our efforts would be publish in different media outlets including Forbes Mexico and others.

This will empower us to keep developing TulumCoin DAO. but also i thought that it could be awesome if we can escalate to the 10k option more as a NEAR Protocol presentation, where it includes our project, but we can have more presence with the different alternatives that NEAR Protocol has to offer to the Crypto World community.

Is well known, Tulum has become a strong global crypto hub where people gather to connect with new people.

We plan to mint different NFT, some of them free, some of them for sale, where the 80% of sales will be sent to projects protecting the Turtles or Cleaning the Sian Kan Biosphere a Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

We are a group of passionate people eager to make the venue looks great, create activations with the use of NEAR technology, speaker spot, promo booth, logo placement.

So the proposals are:

1.-support TulumCoin with 3k to have presence as a sponsor in the event and onboard people having 2 vip and 2 general access

2.- Enter as Near Protocol sponsorship 10k including TulumCoin, Mintbase, Near Hispano, DAOcubator and Bancambios.
4 vip and 4 general access.

Team involved in this proposal:

@Mintbase @osc.near @Cristian @regentulummich @reginamintbase @asyraf.near @Francesipimenteln @shiftshapr



Looking at the sponsorship levels, it appears you are asking for the exact amounts of the scholarship. Do we need to add a bit more to the ask to cover the other expenses? Or perhaps that goes in another related ask for the following:

Roll-up Printing, media publications, rent a TV to display Environment Friendly NFT, and cover the basic needs to make a successfull presentation of our NEAR-based projects

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Hi everyone! Although we’re excited about this proposal and do look forward to seeing what comes out of Tulum Crypto Fest, I must clarify nor I nor Mintbase are part of the core team of this project. We had a chat with @Cryptocoatl about using our tools to mint & sell NFTs at the event and perhaps supporting a small activation using utility NFTs, but were not involved in drafting this proposal and are not part of the organization of this festival.

This said, I wish the team the success with the event!


Thanks for your proposal. In order for council members to review to this, can you update this proposal so it includes the information outlined in this Guide?

We also typically ask for:

  • Links to relevant supporting information (web site, social URLs, event URL)
  • Budget breakdown
  • Metrics for evaluating success
  • Funding proposers are receiving from other sources in the ecosystem

exactly this goes in another proposal that im posting on #creatives:creatives-dao. specifically for those purposes

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Yess we didnt talked about this proposal it self but i did mentioned i would love for you @reginamintbase to come over here and meet the community that is being building here (that also, live part time of their time in Portugal or Europe) jeje
So yess we will of course be talking about our TulumCoin and Sacred Waters collections on Mintbase, but also throwing it here to make a call for you or someone of your team to jump on this proposal and send a representer from Mintbase to the fest.

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We did it!

We created 54 wallets and distributed 70 NFT to the assistants, and we must continue to reach 100-200 wallets per months around this community and location.

The activation was the outstanding UI at the event. We were the only ones minting something at the spot and showing the usability, user friendly and simplicity to use NEAR wallet.

Let’s keep rolling with the monthly NEAR MEET.


Yes we did!! What a great event and the respose of the community was so awesome. We are planning on follow up with the next week and have a live and zom meeting with all the people we onboarded and got the commerative NFT . THANKS to all the team for the hard work and support :butterfly::heart::butterfly: