[Proposal] TreeSoundLab NFT-collection

Project Members:

Target: d-layer.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 2075 USD
Projects & Timelines: June, July

Greetings from the “TreeSoundLab” workshop team. We create unique handmade kalimbas.

What is kalimba you can read below.

A bit of history:

Once picking up a kalimba, I fell in love with this instrument and I had

desire to make it with my own hands. I started to experiment with different shapes and options. There were various failures, but I did give up, and then the day came when the first, good-sounding kalimba turned out. Immediately after that, my wife suggested we can make kalimbas not only for us, but also for others. This is how our Treesoundlab workshop was born. Later, the slogan appeared that remains with us for these days: “Music is in everyone, but not everyone knows it”, kalimba will help to understand this.

Since 2017, I have made many different kalimbas completely handmade, both acoustic for meditation and self-immersion, and electric, with the ability to connect to an amplifier, mixer, fx processors etc., which expands the possibilities for musicians. Kalimbas, during this time, scattered all over the world - from North America to Australia.

What is kalimba?

Kalimba is a percussion musical instrument originally from Africa, consisting of wood and metal. It sounds like a xylophone or a music box.
Ideal for so-called “INTUITIVE” music. Everyone can learn to play and improvise on the kalimba - regardless of the knowledge of notes and the presence of a musical education. The secret of kalimba is in its tuning. A properly tuned kalimba sounds very harmonious, and even if you make sounds randomly, you suddenly get beautiful music!

The pure and beautiful sound of kalimba has a healing power, playing it contributes to the balanced development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, develops creative abilities.

Last year we’ve created a collaboration with a visual street artist called “MUTUS”. Abstract drawings well complemented the magical image of the kalimba. And we decided to create a NFT collection, along with a physical object.

Thus, we want to create a limited collection of NFT cards “Harmony of the solar system”, with the provision of a physical object.

Collection description:

We want to show in our collection that sound is the basis of the Universe and EVERYTHING is the sound.

9 planets of our solar system will form the basis of the collection. This will be expressed in the sound settings of the instruments and its design. Also, based on the combination and influence of the planets on each other, some kalimbas can also be combined. Accordingly, two different kalimbas from the one collection will be able to sound together and create a harmonic pattern.

What will be done within collection:

  1. Creation of 9 real kalimbas with technical passports.

  2. Unique mural design by street artist “MUTUS” of each kalimba

  3. Photos of each designed kalimba that will be set as a cover and forever media of NFT

  4. Each kalimbas will be minted in the form of NFT card on Mintbase by 1 copy, which will include a technical passport as pdf-file and as description with characteristics of the instrument.

One kalimba - one planet, sounding in harmony with others kalimba - planets.
5. A brochure in jpg with several popular melodies, that will be minted as NFT by 9 copies
6. Video instruction (care, setting, playing technique) - that is also minting as NFT. who buys NFT with kalimba, gets video-instruction as a gift NFT-drop
7. all the items will be collected in 3xr-gallery “Harmony of the solar system”
the idea - to write royalties for everyone who works on it: for masters, for drawing design, for preparing video, photo and images

With buying NFT, the buyer receives:

  1. Digital NFT card

  2. A real kalimba, relevant to purchased NFT, that will be sent anywhere in the world by mail.

  3. A brochure with several popular melodies as NFT.

  4. Video instruction (care, setting, playing technique) as NFT.


Materials for 9 instruments (wood, metal, fasteners) - $630

Handmade (preparation materials, work processing) - $360 (all collection)

Unique paintings from “MUTUS” - $300 (all collection)
Photos of every designed kalimba - $ 150
Recording a video course - $85
creating digital brochure - $100
NFT minting and creating gallery - $150 (all collection)
managing project - $300

Total: $ 2075


This project is unique! Proud