[Proposal] Translation of NEAR into Russian

Hey y’all!

My name is Daniel. I’m Ukrainian, born and lived all my life in Russia. Thanks to the efforts of one kind person, I was able to protect myself and my loved ones from the drugged and aggressive part of Russian society by leaving for Georgia. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a state in the US, but about a country in the post-Soviet space. Just kidding, it’s actually an adorable place with splendid people, and I’m indebted to fate for being here.

Let’s get to the point. I found that the interface of the NEAR website remains in English when switching to Russian. The application, however, is only partially translated. In this regard, I would like to offer my translation services.

To demonstrate, I have translated the NEAR home page. You can look at the result in pdf or html format in this google drive:

But the Russian-speaking market is small.

Not at all. Russian is spoken by 157 million people. And not only among the former Soviet countries. I have over a dozen friends from Israel who only know Hebrew and Russian and don’t speak English. After the end of the war, the Ukrainian language will become the main language in the post-Soviet region, I am sure, but this will not happen immediately. I hope by then I will learn it and be able to translate your resources into Ukrainian as well :wink:

The Russian-speaking market is insolvent and non-target for us. You actually have a brobdingnagian political crisis.

Yes, this statement is currently correct. But what is important for crises is that after them the economy grows rapidly. This is not necessary to go too far into history. Take Russia, which is now playing the role of Nazi Germany (sorry if you took this as a harsh statement). After the lost war, in order to prevent such mistakes of mass thinking, a lot of foreign investment was poured into the country. Anger came out of the people, and the economy of post-Nazi Germany became one of the fastest growing in the second half of the 20th century. When the main villain dies, and the militant part of the Russians wakes up with the thought “Hans, are we the baddies?”, I’m sure this will start a similar process. I will not compare Ukraine with the Soviet Union, I myself, as an ethnic Ukrainian, do not approve of such a comparison. But Ukraine is now the standard of a real country in the world. The most popular and attractive country. Investors will line up to fund in the reconstruction and development of Ukraine. And so, over the course of a few years, you will get a very market.

But they can use machine translation. Some of them, after all, know English.

This is not about understanding I’m talking about. It’s about marketing. When you see a resource translated into your language, you have an associative thought that this means that the product is popular among your compatriots. Speaking of personal experience, I started mining and investing in Ethereum precisely because the website was in Russian. And this despite the fact that I speak English at a much higher level than the average other Russian citizens. And, yes, machine translation still sucks, despite the breakthrough in the last few years.

Do you have any experience?

Yes, I recently translated the Ethereum Name Service website, app and documentation.

In what format do you plan to submit your work?

The way you prefer it. I can send you html codes, markdown files or directly on github if you create such a repository.

Speaking of funding, I will continue to talk about myself. Now I have money to stay afloat in a foreign country. I moved here all those people who were under a huge threat: my parents – they are Ukrainians; one of my best friends - he is a former military man; his nephew - he is a conscript.
Earning money from ENS translation helped me to transport a dozen of my friends to Armenia and Georgia.

But I still have many loved ones who are under the relative threat of reprisals and conscription. Many of them have no money, and I would really like to evacuate them from Russia too.
I don’t think the war will end in the next 6 months. But every day the discontent of Putin, the secret services and the military is growing, as he suffers failure after failure. Knowing Russian history, one can understand what always follows - executions, imprisonment, humiliation and torture. And that’s what I want to protect my friends from.

Georgia is the golden mean between security, freedom and cheapness. From here they are not extradited to Russia, here you can openly express your position and live inexpensively. There is a very small chance that Putin will attack Georgia again (he did it in 2008), but he simply does not have such resources now. It cost us $700 per person to move and settle here. This amount is enough to fly and live here for a month until a person finds a job. I have a prioritized list of people I would like to keep. But, of course, it will expand along the way. Therefore, I cannot say how much money I generally need. I will move as many people as I can.

But I didn’t come here to ask for charity. I haven’t explored if you have a precedent and a standard rate for translation, but if it exists, I’ll be happy to do the job in accordance with it. If there is no standard rate, I’ll be glad to negotiate it here.

I want to thank you for reading this body of information.
Peace to all!

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Today, in order to be a victim, you must indicate that you are from Ukraine and that you are oppressed. Do not deny that you are doing this in order to be allowed to do this job. This is despicable on your part.

I apologize if I didn’t express myself accurately - I’m not from Ukraine, but from Russia.
I have described my path solely for the purpose of emphasizing the following things:

  • I’m a person who was born in Russia and knows the language perfectly.
  • I’m in opposition to the authorities, so supporting me is not an immoral act.
  • I left Russia and will not pay taxes to the criminal regime.
  • My mission is to help people not be repressed. Yes, they are my friends and there is a lot of personal in it, not just altruistic.

I would like communities to understand when funding my services that the funds are going to a good cause. If, from the point of your morality, the use of such a deep description of personal moments is inappropriate, then I beg your pardon.
If you are also applying for this job, then I will gladly take part in your team.

Having received money from the fund, how will you help the people who stayed here in Russia? Will you buy them sanctioned goods? Or how will you help the people of Ukraine? will you sponsor them? this money will also go to the conflict of these two countries.
And I’ll say it again, you write about your opposition, about not supporting the government, in order to get the privilege of getting a job, because today it’s fashionable.

I help my friends to leave Russia. This is necessary, among other things, so that they do not pay taxes to the Russian budget and are not drafted into the mandatory army. I would gladly help Ukraine if I had extra funds, but in my case, I also make an impact by reducing the potential of Russia. This is exactly what I talked about in my post. I understand your position, you are entitled to it.