[proposal] to planet lukukul x prismworld

hiii :vulcan_salute:t5:

following chapter 1 on planet lukukul is a dive deeper into the story of the planet.
we want to start from the very beginning…a preface.
how did we get here? why did we leave earth?

we will be creating and curating a 5 tracked ep in collaboration with musicians from prismworld, the music will be played on the spaceship while we are on our way to planet lukukul.
these songs will be the theme songs of the ongoing
“to planet lukukul” campaign.

prismworld is a community on ethereum that creates access and opportunity in web3 for queer and trans bipoc creatives.
it goes without saying that they perfectly fit what planet lukukul stands for, we want to hold space for african/african descent non-male creatives.

funding request: $1500
$300 for the production of each song with 5 songs in total.

cc: @Nativemind