(PROPOSAL) To create 10 wearable books from The Writer's Guild's Mintbase NFTs and place them at NEAR Alexandria

@thephilosopher Hey Phil, what a beautiful ideia. I certainly give you the authorization!! Thanks, best,
Ghini :sunflower: :butterfly:


hey @thephilosopher, here’s the link for our guild logos:

and yes, I authorize the build of a wearable version of my book, thanks!

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@Ghini @LulucaL @bagadefente @Butterchelly21 @Dedeukwu @AshleyC @JohnFaus @pusart.near

Do u have a metamask wallet? We want to send u the wearable books for voxels. They are almost ready. Could u send us here the address for us to send the wearables?

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Here are the books, my friends. As soon as you send us the Writer’s Guild metamask wallet and the authors send us their wallets, we can send you all the wearables.

Can we already ask for our payout proposal, @bagadefente?


Project Report

Status: Completed


Project Accounting:

I prepared the project, got in touch with the authors to get authorizations. Most of them gave the authorizations, and the wearable books do not contain any material from the book but the link to the NFT. @gushlewis created the vox models for the books and minted on near alexandria wearable collection. We sent a quarter to near alexandria, and we are waiting for the wallets of the dao and from the authors to send them their copies. We minted 10 wearable books NFTs, 100 copies each.

Payout (250 usd in dai for @gushlewis, 250 usd in dai for @thephilosopher)

@thephilosopher https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near-233?fromCreate=true

@gushlewis https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near-234

Updated Project Timeline:

The project was completed in the appropriate time.

Highlights and Final Products:

We could produce 10 wearable books NFTs for near alexandria on metaverse.

Wearable Book NFTs:

We placed the books in Near Alexandria Library:


The project was interesting. We learned that we could build the logo of the dao behind the book and put the name of the author in the title. We also learned that we should distinguish author from organizer.


Aaaaah eu AMAYZING :revolving_hearts: grateeee :pray::star_struck:


It’s nice to see our books on this way, congratulations to you and your team at Alexandria!

And yes, you can ask the payout.

About the airdrop, as far as I know, the WG doesn’t have a metamask, but I’ll check with the council if we can create one.

My personal wallet is 0xf31b9194a330409a591061c40f9ddc2abc17de51



@gushlewis here is @bagadefente"s wallet.

@LulucaL did u send your metamask wallet, for Gus to send u your wearables?

All the other artists too, if u want that we send u the wearables, please send your metamask wallet. In case we dont have your wallets, we will send the books for WG"s wallet, ok? We intend to keep 1 book from each, Gus and me, for us to put inside the metaverse, if u dont mind. Please, if anyone doesnt want us to have 1 copy from each book, please let us know.


I think Gus already has my wallet but I’ll send it again :pray::innocent:


0x55A4d077c48EdF1eD024b8536824C9B1501568Be Here it is, my friend! Congratulations for your work with the Alexandria Library!! it’s an huge achievement!!


Ola, tudo bem??? Peço desculpas pela demora. Mas pode colocar siiiim!!


Hi brother, yes my ens is ( dedeukwu.eth )

Thanks :blush:


@Dedeukwu @Ghini @LulucaL @bagadefente Thank you all for the feedback. already sent the books for everyone! :smile: <3

and they are already on their own section at Near Alexandria Library:


Amazing, thanks for this opportunity @gushlewis and @thephilosopher

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Oooooh this is AMAYZING :revolving_hearts: well done Gus!

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Hi, @bagadefente. GM. Do you have any solution for us to send The Writers Guild the wearables? In case u still do not have a metamask wallet for the WG, can we send them to the personal wallet of one of the members, like to you, and you send it to the WG metamask when you open it?

Hi, @bagadefente, @Dedeukwu, @AshleyC and all the members of the writers guild, we would like to let it open for u the possibility of making launch events for your works on metaverse, at NEAR Alexandria Library, for free. It could be cool to have a twitch/youtube stream with the author talking at the library about his/her book.