[PROPOSAL] The New Hope Community Training Center Collaboration With Near


My name is Adebanjo.

My educational background as a computer scientist, engineer and teacher has enabled me to contribute in small bits to improving the computer literacy of the people in my community.

I run a computer literacy and training outfit called the New Hope Community Training Center where I help people acquire training in computer literacy for free. I teach over 30 students weekly, and the number keeps growing.

The New Hope Community Training Center occupies a strategic position in my community, as it serves to alleviate computer illiteracy by providing practical, hands-on training in productivity software, presentation software, graphics design, database management, digital marketing, etc.

In line with NEAR’s vision of leveraging Web 3 for social good, I believe that a computer literacy project built in one of the world’s poorest economies with one of the lowest computer literacy index [per NBS data] is a huge statement from NEAR and a major publicity boost. This will reinforce NEAR’s position as a community deliberate about using technology for social good.
I hope to help build the future of a Nation with a teeming youth population, a massive talent pool, and a vast potential for highly productive work. Web 3 and Computer technology is the future and NEAR can help bring our people aboard this moving train.


  1. We will be creating a dedicated and unique social media hashtag for the duration of our 2months course. * Every student enrolled on the program will take a selfie in front of our stylized NEAR banner and post this picture with the unique hashtag, stating that they have begun the NEAR-funded 2 months course.
  • Relevant and appropriate NEAR social media handles will be tagged on every post made on all social media platforms.

  • We will catalogue our activities by posting pictures of every session on social media. We will encourage students to document and post using only the unique hashtag.

  • Our objective here is to pile on the hashtag until it makes it to the trend tables of several social media platforms. This is meant to be both a documentation process and a publicity campaign for NEAR and the project.

  1. At the end of our 2months course, every set will be encouraged to carry out a small community project. We will visit the community council office to share and discuss this community project while also using the meeting as an avenue to educate the local council members about NEAR. This event too will be documented and posted on social media using the dedicated hashtags.
  • We plan on also educating them about the benefits of Web 3 and also encourage conversations about incorporating some of the resources available on the NEAR platform into local governance.
  1. Still on NEAR’s dedication to social good; there is a gender deficit in computer literacy in Nigeria, per NBS data. Only 45.1% of Nigerians between the ages 15-35 are computer literate, of this percentage only about 18% are female. We plan on placing emphasis on computer education for females without hampering male entry. So, we will be creating a special subprogram targeted at encouraging Nigerian females to learn computer skills as this section of the population is traditionally excluded from skills acquisition programs like this. We hope to achieve a milestone of equal representation for all genders.
  1. Expansion of Near’s Education Initiative:
    NEAR’s dedication to Web 3 education is, as far I know, second to none. This initiative could ultimately become an in-person, on-site annex of Near’s Education outfit.


It is my dream to improve computer literacy in my country up to the point where every adult can avail themselves of the opportunities that abound in our increasingly digitised world. This vision of mine will greatly mitigate several social ills including unemployment, underdevelopment, and poverty.


Since joining NEAR, I have been thrilled by the massive mobilization to close the Web 3 educational deficit around the world, especially in my country, through the deployment of several training solutions. This has inspired me to seek help and support with formalising, expanding and increasing the efficiency of The New Hope Community Training Center.
So I propose a standard Near Techhub, where New Hope Community Training Center will incorporate Web 3 training and education into its basic curriculum


As I explained above, our Center already offers training in productivity software, presentation software, graphics design, digital marketing, but starting soon, we want to incorporate the following into our staple digital educational training:

  • Basic Cryptocurrency education
  • Basic NFTs Orientation
  • Basic Metaverse Classes
  • Basic orientation on Smart Contracts

We will begin to offer 2 month-long courses after which learners will earn an NFT certificate.

In the nearest future, we hope to get Rust, Assembly Script and Java instructors to use materials available on Near University amongst others to teach students how to build dApps and deploy smart Contracts on Near.

Registration of all prospective students into the New Hope Community Training Center’s NEAR-powered Digital Hub will be via Near Wallets.

We will launch a store where unique 1 of 1 NFT certificates will be minted by graduands after completing our courses.

We have grown the number of our students from 5 (when we first began) to about 30 per week basically through word of mouth and referrals. Not one flier, handbill or poster has been made for publicity. We would like to change that by publicity & awareness campaigns using fliers, handbills & posters, etc.


We have developed a hybrid curriculum where we teach basic and advanced courses on computer literacy side by side with basic Web 3 studies.

I have attached a copy of our intended curriculum showing the topics to be taught.


We are currently experiencing several shortages. Our 3 computers are incapable of handling the needs of our over 30 (and steadily growing) students.


  1. Training at least 50 students in computer literacy and basic Web 3 studies (with NEAR Protocol as reference)

  2. Engaging up to 5000 people on all social media platforms by publicising the Educational Initiatives of NEAR, particularly this collaboration.



Fliers, Banners, - $200
Social Media Outreach, Online Ads (2 Months) - $300


2 Extra Instructors - @150/month x 2 - $600
4 Extra Computers - $500 each - $2000
Power - $150
Internet - $100

Airdrop (for wallet activation)


Wallet ID: adebanjo.near

Attached is a [Copy of intended curriculum]( NEW HOPE COMMUNITY TRANING CENTRE.pdf (53.5 KB))

Here are some Random pictures of a class in session.


Hi Adebanjo,

I’d like to start by thanking you for all the work you are doing to support computer literacy and the time you’ve taken to write this proposal.

Few questions:

  • What has been your involvement with NEAR up until now?
  • Can you please provide links to any relevant social media, websites, etc. (your personal one, the projects, etc.)
  • Have you or any of your team members completed a NEAR Certified Developer or Instructor course?

Few thoughts and comments:

This proposal puts us in a tough spot because, while the work being carried out is valuable, it may not fit within the scope of the Marketing DAO.

  • Education initiatives would be best served through the NEAR Education funding vertical. They would be best placed to assess the quality of the content and provide extra support
  • From what I can tell, the Computer Literacy is at an introductory level, which would leave quite a large gap between that material and NEAR content (i. e. is this a viable pathway for NEAR developers, start seeding local teams in the region that will evolve into successful projects building on NEAR?)
  • While NEAR is committed to Social Good, that doesn’t mean that we are able to support anything that has a social good. Our mandate is more narrow within the scope of our technology and community.

In it’s current form, I am hesitant to support this. Looking forward to your answers and the views of my fellow colleagues.




I will have to reiterate the marketing benefits of this project.

I would like to encourage that these benefits are put in the forefront of the considerations on this project.

As for your questions, I have taken part in several Marma J’s projects and I will want the Dao to look into the benefit this opportunity will bring into Near and it’s awareness through several media outreach and number of lives that will positively be impacted on.

Good day brother.
Could you mention the projects specifically please.

…btw, this is locked and requires access. Could you let it open so any community member can view, please?

Hi @Adebanjo I have read your proposal and like the ideas contained in it.

I would feel more comfortable with supporting this if you have the support and involvement of NEAR Education, as the primary objective is to educate people about NEAR and web3.


Good day,
With regards to what you asked, I took part in the just concluded Marma J story and below are links to my involvement

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I appreciate you liking the project @cryptocredit and I’m grateful. I will be happy if you help establish a connection to the Near education and I’m open and will be glad to welcoming them since affiliation with the near education is part of my big dream. I felt since it’s at the basic level, promoting near through various media out reach and the awareness should be a credit to the Marketing Dao and that’s why I decided to come through the marketing Dao.

Having looked at your curriculum, it appears a large portion of the material is showing people how to use the Microsoft suite of services (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).

It’s a no from me.

I must reemphasize the schematic of the proposed collaboration, thus:

I already run the New Hope Community Training Center where I teach basic computer literacy classes, including (mention the courses). The collaboration I hope to foster is to incorporate basic Web 3 knowledge into an already existing curriculum. The curriculum attached to the proposal above is the result of my attempt to merge our existing syllabus with basic Web 3 topics.

The major focus of the collaboration I propose is to foster and engender computer literacy with the added advantage of equipping the students with basic knowledge about Near as a Web 3 platform.

I implore you to reread the proposal.

Thank you.

Hi @Adebanjo – What are the ages of the students you are planning this course for? Thanks!

The least of their ages is 18, some of them are adult and students in the polytechnic and universities. The aim is to empower them to become relevant in the society and I believe introducing them into a larger community like Near would bring about complete turn around if we integrate the web3 education.
I believe with the support of marketing Dao, more hands will be on deck, more learners would be reached and great awareness about Near would be publicised.
I’m also engaged currently with the Near education as a certified developer then I also have @Hephaestus#1820 as one of the tutor he is also engaged as a certified developer, that would be coming on board so that adequate education about Near would be taught intensively.