[PROPOSAL] Survival Heroes - Play to Earn NFT Game


We are MetaVision, a team of game developers as well as a platform for indie game developers to share games, with a common goal to expand the gaming industry in the blockchain through interactive and social games.

Initial game overview

Survival Heroes is the first game in the MetaVision Games platform. Survival Heroes is a next-generation, play-to-earn, massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Survival Heroes is a short genre game that can be played during breaks without too much focus. It sets itself apart with its high-quality graphics and deep, engaging, feature-rich gameplay.

Survival Heroes will appeal to a wide range of social classes, adults, and teenagers who spend a lot of time playing on phones and computers as well.

Our mobile-focused approach is fueled by the growth of the mobile gaming market and even more driven by the desire to open up the world of crypto to a wider audience.

The short genre game is perfect for taking a rest during short breaks. Therefore, our target audience includes people aged 16+ people and who work in the office desiring to play in short breaks.

We develop every aspect of the game, from art design to character backstory, as well as ensure game stability and smooth gameplay so we can provide players with the highest level of production possible. We are focusing also on making Survival Heroes a social game to create better virality, retention, higher engagement rates, and most importantly, organic growth.

With a unique style, elements, and a lot of interest in similar games we think, the game can compete in the market and is as the potential to succeed and reach millions of users.

Benefits for the NEAR ecosystem

We use the NEAR ecosystem to speed up game development. We will contribute to the development of Defi in the NEAR ecosystem where NFT liquidity will be backed by NEAR. Survival Heroes will bring an influx of users into the NEAR ecosystem. New users, players, and investors will have to use the NEAR network and various platforms that are hosted on NEAR.

Funding requested for:

  1. Beta game development.

  2. Integration of the NEAR network into the game.

  3. Token contracts on NEAR.

  4. Next.js web3 dApp with serverless API (NFT metadata): Profile and Marketplace pages.

  5. Server for the game and website.

  6. Community gathering. (Marketing)

During May-September 2022 the goals are planned to be implemented as well as releasing Survival Heroes built on a NEAR blockchain at the end of September.

Total Ask: 10,000 NEAR

Survival Heroes links: Website | Deck

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