[PROPOSAL] Star Port Chronicles (Music EP) - November - 2021

Star Port Chronicles (Music EP)

Total Requested Funding Amount: 200 Near

Star Port Chronicles is the debut album release of the artist Zozer

The Project will consist of 5 songs hence it will be released as an EP. There will be promotional material included with the release of the project. These will come in the form of digital souvenirs: Of the highest tier purchase one will receive a 3D Printed mask.

It will be released as an NFT on the Mintbase platform: The following items will be included with a purchase of the NFT album and purchases will be broken down into 4 tiers. There will be 360 minted copies in tier (1) There will be 300 minted copies in tier (2), 40 minted versions in tier 3, and 20 minted versions of tier 4.

Price for tier 1 will be 1 near.
Price for tier 2 will be 2 near.
Price for tier 3 will be 4 near.
Price for tier 4 will be 12 near (price in this tier may vary based on 3D production costs)

  1. | Digital copy of the album along with album art |
  2. | Digital copy of the album, album cover art | Handwritten lyrics |
  3. | Digital copy of the album, album cover art | Handwritten lyrics | Digital Mask |
  4. | Digital copy of the album, album cover art | Handwritten lyrics | Digital Mask | Voucher/QR
    code for 3D printed Mask to be mailed |


Star Port Chronicles is complete and ready to be released:

Old DAO approved link:

:white_medium_square: A 5 record EP with animated album art. 3D merchandise will be included in the NFT as well.

:white_medium_square: How does your project benefit the NEAR and Mintbase NFT ecosystem?
It will bring a Surreal experience for collectors and they will be able to print the art associated with this piece of history.

:white_medium_square: Please provide a timeline and milestones for your project (funds will be granted after completion)
Much of the recording has been finished I am finalizing the 3D models that will accompany the album. After being funded, I can complete the project in within a time span of two to three weeks.


This project was approved on the old message board. I am simply migrating to the new forum. Additionally, there have been updates to the specifics of the items included in the project, hence the budget increase.



Hey there,

Thank you for the proposal. Unfortunately I’m unable to open the notion link. Is it possible that this project has previously been in the Createbase category? If so, I’ll change the tags so that the Createbase facilitators can have a look :slight_smile:

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Hello Tabear,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, this project was in the createbase category and Maria Neu previously reached out to me about migrating over to the current forum.



Ok perfect, I changed the tags and will link @marianeu in here to reflect the changes :slight_smile:


Hey @Contrail super duper sorry for taking so long to answer!

Won’t happen again!

So, this looks really cool. We would love to support you in this project.

I need to know what exactly the funds will be used for. take a look at this instruction on how to apply for funds: How to apply for funding with Createbase - Createbase

we need milestones and information what you need the money for exactly.

If you need, we could set up a call to talk about this. Send me a PM or hit me up on telegram (@mariamintbase) I answer a lot faster there!!!

Anxious to see this finally taking off,

Hello Maria,

We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving here, so I got a bit involved with preparing dishes for Turkey Day (got me a bit off schedule). I was able to come up with the budget breakdown, and it goes as follows.

  1. Music from NK Beats are $100.00 per track so that brings the total cost to $500.00 being that I need 5 tracks. https://www.beatstars.com/
  2. The resin costs for Formlabs Castable is $299.00 and for Formlabs Rigid $199.00, totaling $500.00. Source Graphics | Formlabs Rigid Resin Cartridge 1L
    Source Graphics | Formlabs Castable Resin Cartridge 1L
  3. Formlabs Resin Tank = $99.00
    Source Graphics | Formlabs Resin Tank LT
  4. Voiceover budget I’ll allocate $200 per voice actor times 2 totals $400.00
  5. Costs for Gold Leaf Flakes, Paints, Brushes total $45.00

This would bring the total cost to $1,542.00

Thanks Maria and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Contrail,

I think the total cost is a bit high for an individual artist. We actually focus on supporting collectives / businesses / daos who are building on mintbase.

As your project has been approved before and has a really nice frame, I would still like to do it. 1,542.00 USD is just a lot. Do you think we could lower it somehow? As I have never created an EP myself, I am tagging @vandal who has more experience in these things. Let me know what you think please


Hey @Contrail you can submit for funding from NxM DAO for this project but we have a cap of $500. If this helps cover some of the costs it could be an idea to submit the proposal, no guarantee it will be funded as we will be going through all proposals from 1st - 3rd Dec. Closing date for submissions is tomorrow FYI.

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Hey @vandal thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the NxM Dao. This would most certainly help cover the portion, for instance to portion to purchase the tracks.

Hey Maria… thanks for introducing me to Vandal… If I get approved for funding via NxM that would take $500.00 off the cost, additionally removing the casted version of the mask would take an additional $300.00 away. Bringing the requested amount to $742.00 worth of Near… Please let me know if these adjustments are feasible. Thanks.