(Proposal) Spirityut Guild, Mental Health Twitter Spaces

Impartation Session featuring the Raw Dao
Speaker: (Mo x)
Topic: “Mental health” and “web3”
Date: 16th July.
Time: 4pm WAT, 8am PST


We are glad to be having great Blockchain enthusiast, Mo X to speak to the community,
We hope to promote this event within the Dao and externally so as to gather community interest as this is a topic that is essential, and would benefit the community, we would create our promotional materials and promote this Web3 Educational session as this would be beneficial for web3 creatives.

This is an interactive Session hosted by Spirityut Dao featuring Raw Dao Head as Speaker on twitter spaces. We also would be having contributors such as

@Symbolik and @kodandi to contribute in Session.

Cost Breakdown = $50 for flyer creation.
Flyer Generation for this month, giving bounty of $50 to @SoftEL this month as he has claimed the bounty for the event for this month. Another artiste would emerge for the bounty next month.

We encourage fellow community members to attend this crucial session on the 16th July.