[PROPOSAL] Soundboard Token Community

Problem Statement

The need for increasing social collaboration and driving local ecosystems would allow for a better mixing of resources and work toward shared goals.

How do we create, experiment and improve organisational structures and incentive models which lead to better social outcomes within a local neighborhood? How do we find ways for work and skills to be shared locally instead of just within a corporate/business context? Can we create a social currency of purpose which can act as proof of impact in the local neighborhood?

Having in an impact is not about grand gestures, it is about making incremental differences to the lives of people we a share common purpose with.

The solution outlined is a small step in a broader campaign, toward the above problem scope

Solution Proposal

  1. Define the impact scope and activity for a community.

  2. Assemble a community of people who wish to have local impact around the specified purpose into a Social DAO. As the concept scales multiple DAOs with different scopes will emerge and connect.

  3. Agree on the incentive model proposed, defining token payout rules and payment trigger events, feedback loops and disincentives for bad actors. Social reputation is based on participation. The community is open but membership is socially staked. Rewards are levied to contributors and taxes are levied on net takers

  4. Define the Service/Application layer of web applications and services to enable impact: An example of a service could be exchanging 15 minutes with another member to help he/she/they to make progress in an aspect of their life. Several services can be added as the community grows and finds ways to fund the creation and maintenance of such services.

Project Outcomes:

Create an experiment using the incentive structure to test and improve the incentive model ensuring that the design remains easy to extend and modify as the community requires.

Develop economic models which are sustainable to ensure that protocol and technological ecosystem is efficiently designed and reward innovation and efficiency.

Mobile/Web applications evolve to serve the purposes of the community, as these applications gain further adoption the community becomes wealthier. The economic model puts production and value first and the profits which inevitably accumulate are distributed to the contributing members relative to their stake and contribution.

Project benefits

Enhancing the Mint base marketplace by:

  • Asset owners will be using the NFT generation ability of NFT to interact with the ecosystem and embed their ownership rights.

  • NFTs can be used to distribute ownership rights allocating ownership over complex interactions

**Leveraging the NEAR ecosystem by: **

  • Create a trust network protocol for people building the distributed economy of the future

  • Such a network will be tied to the Near protocol as the storage of reputation, assets and tokens and thereby increase demand for NEAR tokens not just from crypto holders but also general market participants exchanging FIAT across the payment gateway

  • Creating an open-source platform with incentives tied to a DAO in the NEAR eco-system

  • Better coupling with mobile apps with the NEAR protocol, many aspects of the technological stack will run in the cloud but will trigger events to the Block chain.


Detailed implementation notes including protocol design and systems architecture are available.


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Love to see a few different proposals focused on building pro-social community good! This one by @moses : [Ideation] Decentralized Bounty Application Built on NEAR is along the same lines, as is this one [Ideation] Karma Credits DApp - #3 by enidavis by @JackMcDermott .

May be worth connecting with them to see there overlaps in your ideas and opportunities for collaborating.

I’d love to see a proposal for an Ideation Bounty from our DAO - you can apply here: https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/?#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near

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Thanks @enidavis ! I have developed this idea a fair bit. Would be great to build this out with a good team who share the same vision. I will reach out to the teams you mentioned.