[Proposal] Shroom Kingdom

Hey all,

this is the proposal for Shroom Kingdom, a play-to-earn video game, which will have integration with the Near Blockchain.

It consists of the following milestones:

  • game prototype (Frontend). It will only consist of basic functionality of the original game like tiles, physics, some enemies, some power ups. (~2 months)
  • backend + web app. All the APIs that are required to store levels before they go to the blockchain, user profiles (~1.5 months)
  • blockchain integration. NFT minting of levels, API for browsing and playing levels that are stored on the blockchain. (~1.5 months)

I will also start early with the SHRM token generation to build a community via SputnikDAO. I plan to have community roles with weekly payouts and one time bounties for specific tasks.

Budget: 8k NEAR


Sounds exciting! Do you have a timeline/roadmap for the milestones?

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Hey, yeah I edited the proposal and added a rough timeline. I will also build a community via SputnikDAO

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Wow this is rough.

To give you a bit more information about myself and about my motivation, please read the following:

I successfully launched or maintained several projects in gaming, all focused on emulator and Super Mario, which are:

I have lot’s of expertise regarding Rust and WebAssembly, which you can see on my Github, e.g. SMMDB lib examples, Ninres example, GitHub - MaibornWolff/react-wasm-dom.
I recently started developing a prototype using the game and physics engine of my choice that you can see live here. I will occasionally post technical details about this on my Twitter. I also added a section about the game to the Rust Gamedev Newsletter.

I already had several talks with Sasha from Humanguild and I got a lot of positive feedback and support. We both already have signed the service agreement.


Hey Mario, this sounds exciting and I would love to be one of the early entrants to the Shroom Kingdom haha. GameFi is as important as DeFi or any other socio-economic component in the blockchain space for that matter and I am looking forward to see Shroom Kingdom being built on the NEAR Blockchain.

Have you noticed that the team section of your website isnt responding? Probably needs to be fixed :slight_smile: anyways, I represent nearintelligence.com and we would love to help test/promote your products because this is something that has the potential to add immense value and funnel in a lot of new users to the NEAR ecosystem. Best wishes!


I am personally extremely excited for Shroom Kingdom, and moreover - will put my best effort to ensure the project is a success. People who invest their time, creativity and energy to develop something that didn’t exist (literally, nothing like this exists today) deserve a lot of respect in my book.

I think it’s important for all of us to figure out how to have community-driven approach to gaming (as i briefly described here), and in fact we will be documenting the journey of Mario and several other best teams as they break the ground on something that wasn’t done prior in gaming industry. As you might have seen this proposal recently, the content plan is in the works.

We will a) put our best effort as Human Guild & larger community to make Shroom Kingdom a success (obviously, bulk of the work will be on Mario & his potential future team, but we will put our best effort to assist on developing this new playbook, as it doesn’t exist and requires a lot of figuring out each step of the way) b) use content that will be developed in next ~6 months to then educate the rest of web2 game dev market and open up the market for everyone else.

Building a proper builder scene will take years, and I feel very fortunate that Mario joined our ecosystem.


Btw great idea to join Shroom Kingdom’s Discord: https://discord.gg/SPZsgSe

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This response is not following the Community Etiquette.

Please be constructive and polite to people. You can challenge ideas without being a troll.
I see you have a combination of reasonable posts asking for more information and attack posts across the forum. Please refrain from latter and use growth mindset to ask to improve processes in former.

This is your last notice if you continue the inflammatory posting.

Thanks for the invitation Sasha, I will join the chat :slight_smile:


Yes I know that. It is currently just a placeholder until I have finished the sections.
I’ve seen that you already found the way into our Discord :slight_smile:

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