[proposal] shiny gloves art facility 2


I would like to propose we set up a secondary location in collaboration with NGO Shiny Gloves Club.

This will cover the class for a year, cover the materials for individuals to create, the minting of the materials and video production of the process.

We will use the video production to market the works of art throughout the year.

The idea behind these collaborations are to provide people in under privileged areas the resources to create and ways to become self sustainable utilising near blockchain.

We currently have one facility, pre recorded lesson plans and recently provided materials, and would like to create the secondary location since the feedback from our first location in Jos has proven to be quite positive.

We have been working with NPK Guild in order to collaborate further and develop our own branded stores with tools to ease the purchasing process so we can get more people trading on chain, and garner more support from people outside of the ecosystem further promoting NEAR.

This is part of the new roadmap for the recently registered C1 Foundation, and it’s path to self sustainability.

For all of the above we request

$1150 USD