[PROPOSAL + REPORT] Creatives Community Forum event (not this forum, another one...)

What, Why, and When?

In our [Q3 OKRs] Creatives DAO plans, the Creatives DAO envisioned hosting events as part of our creative community building mandate.

In those plans we referred to this event as a town hall BUT we would like to give you something better: a forum. Now this may appear to be just semantics, but the Creatives DAO Council takes providing opportunities for openly sharing ideas and collaborating seriously. The dictionary does define forum as: “a public meeting place for open discussion”* – and we do like the sound of that.

And with this in mind, we are proposing a Creatives Community Forum to take place on:

Saturday, August 7th @ 10:00 - 12:00 pm EST / 2:00-4:00pm UTC / 4:00-6:00pm CEST.


On the Creatives Community Airmeet.


Creators and creatives - whether you’re part of a Guild or DAO community already or not! Even if you’re stumbling upon this and you’re entirely new to the NEAR Ecosystem, you are welcome. You are all a part of our creative community.


To foster as much discussion as possible, we wanted to use Airmeet for its social lounge/tables function. Those who attended the Open Web Hackathon in May are familiar with these tables and they are a favourite feature!

Here is the planned event breakdown:
@chloe and I are based in EST so that’s the time zone we’ll be using here

10 am - 11am EST ---- Social Lounge/Tables: each Creative Guild or DAO will get a table for a meetup to be structured however the Guild leader decides

  • Stop in at as many tables as you like to get to know your fellow NEAR creators and creatives.
  • This will be a great opportunity for Creative community groups who don’t host regular meetups or community calls to connect in real time.

11 am - 12pm EST ---- Main Stage: Organized updates from each of the Creative Guild representatives to the NEAR Community hosted by the Creatives DAO.

  • Creative Guild/DAO Leaders expect to receive a sign-up form in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat but we will be looking to you to spotlight and bring to life the activities your respective communities are undertaking!
  • To hear from everyone, we ask the updates be kept to max. 10 mins. Visuals and/or slides are warmly encouraged.
  • Prepare also to hear updates from the Creatives DAO about upcoming NEAR Hackathons, and Creatives DAO governance plans/initiatives ft. SputnikDAO v2.
  • This portion of the event will be recorded.

The Social Lounge/Tables will be left open following the two-hour event for Guilds to continue to gather and meet among themselves if they wish.

Comments, feedback, enthusiastic effusions, etc. all welcome here! Let us know what you’re thinking and if you’re looking forward to the Creatives Community Forum.

And, of course, your Creatives DAO Council really hopes to see you there. :revolving_hearts:

*Citation: Definition of Forum by Merriam-Webster.


Branding and Promo Materials for Creatives Community Forum Event

This sounds like a great event! To help market and raise awareness for the Creatives DAO brand, I created some Creatives DAO branded promo materials for this event, including:

Payout: 25 NEAR
Target: bianca.near


Thanks @bianca! Always appreciate your work. Please proceed to posting your payout on the Creatives SputnikDAO.


Creatives DAO Branded Slideshow Template

I created a Google Slides template for the Creatives DAO that was branded. The Slides template was shared to council members @mecsbecs and @chloe.

Payout: 8 NEAR
Target: bianca.near


Thanks @bianca for the last minute turnaround on these cool branded materials that have gotten so many compliments!

Please increase your payout amount to 10 NEAR to account for the last minute edits you did on previous promotional pieces as well and proceed to posting your payout on the Creatives SputnikDAO.


Event Report

Last Saturday, Aug. 7th, we hosted our first Creatives Community Forum event on Airmeet and welcomed a humble audience to what will be the first of quarterly creative community events!

  1. Attendance breakdown:

    • 10-15 people for first hour – around 5 of which were general community members, was some reluctance and awkwardness to join the tables to really mingle
    • 12-16 people for the second hour
  2. Successes

    • Feedback from Creative Guild Leaders was that the mingling before the event and the presentations were interesting and useful to hear.
    • Enthusiasm from Creative Guild Leaders and willingness to participate either in the presentations or with a presence at the tables to speak to and mingle with one another and/or new or existing community members was gratifying.
    • Was an excellent way to get the Creatives DAO Twitter account up and running.
  3. Learnings

    • Not everyone is comfortable - especially if they’re new to the community - with just diving into joining a table on Airmeet with no context. Next time should label the introductory table more clearly so folks can drop in to speak to Creatives DAO council first to figure out how to navigate the tables.
    • A few of the attendees were referrals from Creative Community leaders and did not have much knowledge or context about NEAR - more introductory materials seem to be needed.
    • Update presentations > mingling at tables, especially since the update presentations ended up going 30 mins over!
    • Need to have promotional materials with the Airmeet link for registration clearly marked, clickable, and shortened!
  4. Accounting of Spending

    • As a The Creatives DAO branded visuals listed above designed by @bianca
      = 35 NEAR [out of CreativesDAO reserves]

    • As a thank-you to our Creative Guild Leaders who were not only present at the tables for one hour before the event, but stuck around to deliver ~10-minute update presentations, we tipped:

      2.19 N x 1 – to leaders present at the table
      5.19 N x 7 – to leaders who were present at the tables AND delivered an update presentation
      = 38.52 N [out of Rebecca’s council member tipBot budget]

      Total amount = 73.52 N

What’s next for the Creatives DAO?

  • We didn’t have a chance to present what the Creatives DAO is up to and how the creative community can be involved during the event (fair, time was better spent actually hearing from the community instead!) @chloe recorded the presentation instead so check it out here.
    • CALL TO ACTION for the Creative Community contained within this post

Did you miss the event and want to catch up on the Creative Community Leader presentations? Warning: some hilarious technical difficulty antics ahead! https://vimeo.com/587641135