Congratulations to the creatives for the resumption.

We at ReggaeDao are proposing this as part of the activities we would be carrying out in April, May and June.
It is a part of the two real life events that we have proposed to do.

Name of Event:
Reggae and Crypto; A Near Experience.


Proposed Months: April

Expected Number of Participants: 200

Goals of this activity:

The goal of this activity which is in a form of event is to use reggae music as a tool to teach the world, especially the Patois Speaking people about Near. Everybody loves reggae and we want to explore that avenue or opportunity to use their love of reggae to endear the Near Ecosystem to them.

The followings are the goals of this event:-

1- To on board more people to the ecosystem through ReggaeDAO.

2- To teach the participants about the Near Ecosystem and show them what they can achieve.

3- To integrate them to several DAOs , which they may be interested in

4- To enable and facilitate them to make and mint NFTs on Near’s Mintbase and other Near – Related Music Streaming apps.

5- To encourage them to also bring in more people into the ecosystem.

Structure of the Event:-

The event is a series of activities and the structure is below.

1- There would be a speaker to teach the participants about the ecosystem and such questions such as: what Near is, what the ecosystem is all about, who we are, the near wallet and basic transactions on the near wallet would be discussed and answered .


2- There would be a musical presentation by the guests artistes who are famous Cameroonians with the intention of on – boarding them and eventually, with their fans because the target is to integrate them into the Near Community where they can be minting their music as NFTs and have them bought with Near Tokens.

3- There would also be a bounty for Participants and this is in form of question and answer section where they can win tokens for correct answers.
This will further facilitate their speedy integration.

Profiles of the Artistes :-



Onboarding of 200 People

Creation of 200 Near Wallets


Venue: 200usd.

Verified Artistes’ Fees: 600usd (300usd each).

Drinks and Snacks: 200usd.

Dj and Equipment: 200usd.Bounty for

Participants: 200usd (40participants would share 5usd each).

Graphics and Banners: 150usd


The Verified Artiste’s Fees is not the actual
This is the first half, and the production of a new 5 – track album each which is to be minted on the Near’s Mintbase is the second half and the essence is to,

A- Encourage them and appreciate them for not charging us much for this event,

B- Ensure that they have their NFTs in Near and not somewhere else.

C- Boost sales and activities on Mintbase.

My Role as a Council Member:-

My job is to facilitate the smooth running of this event by organizing and coordinating the activities for the day in the area of ,

A- Public Relations with the involved parties.

B- Speaking at the event about Near.

C- Onboarding and creation of wallets.

Total: 1550usd

Wallet: reggaedao.near

Councils members:- @Jahzonemusician @BigM007

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