[PROPOSAL] - Rádio Pantera - Web Radio

Near accounts for payment:

Maria Urutau | urusuaria.near

L3V1 AT4 | l3v1at4.near

Rádio Pantera is a radio project focused on listening and corporeities of trans people in Latin America or in diasporic processes. This project intends to occupy the metaverse, at the same time it aims to build a network of affections, contacts and opportunities in the areas of sound production and DJing produced by trans people, gender dissidents or in diasporic processes.

This is a rare initiative for both Voxels and Near blockchain.

In addition to the function of communicating and disseminating the productions of independent artists, the radio is interested in developing accessible and independent alternative communication networks based on non-predatory ecologies in their integration with emerging technologies. Making the diffusion process not only in the sense of consumption, but also of establishing possible connections of promotion and survival for these productions.

In this sense, bringing trans and racialized people closer to the NEAR Protocol platform is one of the goals of the project, providing the onboarding of four artists for the month of September in the ecosystem, as well as two broadcasts of radio programs through #feminu-dao in their building on Voxels. Among the guest artists are DJ CAELA, with a set of approximately 1 hour, and the band NAVILOCA, with a show of approximately 45 minutes. The editing of materials and the development of radio arts will be made by the graphic artist Xãtana Xãtara.


Since within the NEAR ecosystem there are few projects specifically aimed at the trans population, as well as DAOs and projects specifically aimed at welcoming these people are minority; this is a project that thinks about the inclusion of this population, its promotion and support through the dissemination of the artistic sound production of trans people. Joining FEMINU DAO, which arrived in the ecosystem with the proposal of fostering the female cis, trans and non-binary artistic community, we see in this partnership the possibility of expanding dialogues between DAOs as well as generating an interest in people outside the ecosystem in the artistic possibilities on the web3, mainly those focused on independent, electronic and underground music. With the radio project, it is intended to expand the access of Trans people, as well as to bring to light the importance of the diversity of access by other communities that are not yet broadly integrated, since there are very few projects aimed exclusively at the Trans population, just as there is no specific Dao to address the specific needs of these groups.


Launch of a web Radio protagonized by Trans people. In partnership with #feminu-dao for the month of September will be held:

  • Launch of the digital platform for meeting and sound broadcasting “RADIO PANTERA”.

  • Launch of two programs throughout the month of September: “PANTERA VIVA” - a program focused on DJ culture and electronic music. And “NO CORO DA PANTERA” - a program aimed at artists or groups with authorial sound productions in their various styles. These two shows will be broadcast in an occupancy of the Feminu building in the Voxels metaverse.

  • Recording radio content ( authorial sounds and DJ sets) to be shared on other social networks (Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram), as a way of expanding the bridges for access and dissemination of the NEAR Protocol ecosystem for people and networks still off-chain.

  • Onboarding of guest artists and dissemination of the ecosystem in order to bring more Trans people to the NEAR Protocol platform. Initially, 4 artists will be brought to the platform directly by Rádio Pantera.

[Project Timeline]

[first week after approval]

  • Production of Visual Identity and Radio Pantera flyers by artist Xãtana Xãtara.

  • Creation of Radio Pages on Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram.

  • Guest artists will send their materials to be broadcast (1 video made and edited by CAELA and 1 video made and edited by NAVILOKA) in the Voxels metaverse until the 22th of the month.

[second week after approval]

  • Editing of the audio and videos sent by the artists in the format of programs, including opening and closing vignettes, as well as the credits referring to the productions. Later to be broadcast in the occupation of the Feminu building in the Voxels parcel.

  • Editing of audios and videos sent by the artists in format of program releases.

  • Production and assembly of broadcasts to be streamed on Voxels.

[Dates to be defined after project approval]

  • Broadcasting day of “PANTERA VIVA” and “NO CORO DA PANTERA” at the FEMINU building on Voxels.

[ Metrics ]

  • Expectation of the number of people present at the event - an average of 100 people.

  • Onboardings - 4 direct onboardings by radio (Feyna, Caela, Xãtana, Marshall).

  • Visualizations of each Radio-program video to be posted on Youtube until the date of the monthly report : at least 20-30 visualizations.

  • Mints and NFTs - 1 NFT mint of the event art produced by Xãtana with an average production of 15 copies to be sent and distributed among participating artists and FEMINU members.


  • DJ Set | CAELA - 100 USD in DAI
  • Show | NAVILOCA - 100 USD in DAI
  • Editing of Audiovisual Materials and Visual Identity | Xãtana Xãtara Xyboia 100 USD in DAI

Production and Communication:

  • General Production | URUTAU @Uru 100 USD in DAI.
  • General Production. Internal Radio Communication. Minting of NFTs | L3V1AT4 @l3v1at4 100 USD in DAI.

Total: 500 USD in DAI

[About us]

Urutau Maria Pinto | @vrvtvv

Urutau, born in 1993 in the city of Tatuí, in the interior of São Paulo, is trans, educator, researcher, interdisciplinary artist, producer and creator of Rádio Pantera. Graduated in a Bachelor (2019) and Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual (2022), both at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in the city of Niterói. Her research in her works investigates possibilities of existences and transmutations of bodies and imaginaries through Listening, Sound Art, Radio Art, Satellites, Technologies and Dissident Genders. Working mainly in the fields of Sound Arts and cultural production, she has been developing relevant works such as the “Janeraka” podcasts, in partnership with the Marytykwawara Awaete collective, receiving awards in two consecutive years for the “Arctivism” project of the “Human Rights Defender Hub” (HRD Hub), by the University of York (UK). In the audiovisual area, she produced the feature film “Rodson (O Onde o Sol Não Tem Có)”, shown at national shows in Tiradentes-MG and has edited and sound-designed the film “Cadelinha Soviética Narra Viagem Espacial de Travesti Brasileira”, directed by Isadora Ravena and commissioned for the project “Kuir Poetry” sponsored by the sub-Prefecture of Friedrichshain Kreuzberg, Berlin. In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, she developed the radio project “AntenaNoia”, with daily programming for 4 months. In 2021, she participated in the first edition of the course ArtSat and constructed a NanoSatellite in partnership with the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). In 2022 she participates and develops activities within the NEAR ecosystem through “Gambiarra Dao”, “Nomade Label Dao”, “Mutha - Transgender Museum of Art History” (NearFTrans), “Incubadora Dao” and “Feminu Dao”.

Podcasts produced by Urutau:





L3V1AT4 | @l3v1.at4

Multi-artist and graphic designer based in Brazil. Their work transits between visual, sound and digital arts. Interested in creating with different media and tools. Since 2018, I’ve been researching electronic music production and technologies such as open-source hardware, sensors and programming languages. My sound expression is situated in experimental, noise and electronic music. In 2019 I released a split with .ADA through the Música Insólita label and made soundtracks for actors and dancers of Teatro Dy Afronte. From 2020-2021 I designed {/Antropomorfo}, an installation art project - done with coding and a microsoft’s Kinect sensor - That includes the body and motion in relation to sound and image.

Xãtana Xãtara Potyguara | @Xyboia | https://pt.aisthesislab.art/xyboia

Born in Cubatão, a city recognized by the UN as Vale da Morte ( Valley of Death), the daughter of immigrants (indigenous and European), currently living in the former occupation Cota 200 located at Serra do Mar Atlantic reserve. Since childhood, craftwork, territorial conflict, urban demarcation on ancestry and environmental geopolitical crisis were present themes in her life. Upon joining UFSCar, studying Philosophy, she found a theoretical academic deepening of her artistic and social processes. In 2020, she had her trajectory crossed with the Ateliê TRANSmoras - in a biannual residency on the processes of resignification of the body and garbage through art and gender. She currently works in fashion and visual arts with her brand Xyboia

CAELA | @cuca.ela | soundcloud.com/cu-callll

Caela aka Cuca is a DJ and music producer. Creator of the Barulho party in Niterói, she brings to her mixes a versatile and multiple sound, talking between techno and house, with surgical hints of funk. Her proposal, as a black and trans body, is to appropriate these sound styles and make them resume in the booths, making the public aware that the club and electronic music, initially was the product of bodies like ours, black and LGBTQIA+, therefore, we must be in this movement of retaking the scene.

NAVILOCA | @naviloca | press release

NAVILOCA is an indie lgbtqia+ artistic group formed in 2019 in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro with Feyna & Marshall on vocals and compositions, accompanied by the arrangements produced by Dija Dijones (independent producer of @instalanca). They incorporate in the musical performance an alchemical mixture of alternative indie, MPB, funk, pop and trip rock. Moving between rhythms and musical experiments that speak to the performances on stage, the place where it all began. Inspired by the Manifesto Antropofágico (Cannibalist Manifesto), by Tropicalismo and in reference to the magazine Navilouca1 from 1974, whose name was inspired, the group seeks exchanges with other artists, building expressions loaded with subjectivity of individual artistic trajectories that at the same time collectively outline what NAVILOCA is.


MARSHALL | @marshallfonseca

Coming from Soteropolitan soil, the non-binary trans artist, vocalist of NAVILOCA, embraces the representation of socially marginalized bodies in her compositions. Graduated in performing arts, Marshall brings to the stage more than music, a performance that screams over her dissident and rejected body in an increasingly combative and violent reality. Her compositions bring the artist’s acid voice in a raw, naked and realistic way. Behind the scenes Marshall brings the refinement of her modeling experience and her artistic expression through makeup.

FEYNA | @feyna000

Non-binary multiartist and psychologist, inspired by the works of Lygia Clark, Nise da Silveira and Dona Ivone Lara. Feyna’s research focuses on the connection of the body, art and mental health. Their work at NAVILOCA ranges from compositions, stage performances, costumes and artistic direction. Music appears in their life as a power to create a new body and world.


[REPORT] Rádio Pantera Web Radio

Project name: Rádio Pantera

Proponents: @l3v1at4 @Uru

Near accounts for payment: l3v1at4.near | urusuaria.near | feyna.near | xyboia.near | marshall80.near | cucaela.near

Event Day: 6th October 2022

Venue: FEMINU DAO Gallery, Vibes by the C, Voxels

Link to previous proposal:

[Proposal] - Rádio Pantera - Web Radio

Pantera Radio (ON EXHIBITION)
The Radio project had its first exhibition at the “FEMINU Gallery October Exhibitions” on October 6, 2022 at the Vibes by the C, Voxels building at FEMINU DAO Gallery. The radio brought a total of 4 artists to the exhibition, through two works in audiovisual format. The exhibit’s design and curatorship were responsibility of @ghini, and the organization of the radio’s production was the responsibility of @l3v1at4 @uru.

Of the main objectives proposed by the project, all were completed. Among them, we have the launch of the sound platform Radio Pantera, in multiple platforms, such as instagram, soundcloud, youtube and in the voxels metaverse. Two programs were produced to be present at the inauguration of the FEMINU Gallery October Exhibitions, in the Voxels Crypto Metaverse. The programs broadcasted at the inauguration, on October 6th, will be published on the radio pages (youtube and soundcloud) on October 13th and 20th. This last point, added to the launch of the web radio platform, serves as a project to spread the near ecosystem to other online networks.
Another important point of the platform’s objectives was the onboarding of 4 transgender artists to the platform, as a way to amplify within the platform the access and use by trans population.

The exhibition was publicized on Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram and the artists were invited by the organizer.

Updated Project Calendar :
After the project approval in the month of September the Radio’s social media channels were created by Radio Pantera’s team and the four invited artists were properly onboarded by FEMINU and Radio Pantera’s teams, creating wallets and Mintbase accounts for each invited artist. The graphic artist Xantana Xantara created the event promotion arts that would be later posted on FEMINU’s and Pantera’s socials, vignettes for the broadcasts, and a logo for the radio. Artists sent their video performances that were later edited by Pantera’s team.
On the last Thursday, October 6th, the opening of FEMINU Gallery October exhibitions happened counting with multiple exhibitions and a broadcast of two sound performances by Radio Pantera. The Radio launched its first program on the “FEMINU Gallery October Exhibitions’’ opening at Voxels. Two performances were broadcasted - a DJ set by dj artist Caela (cuca.ela.near) and a show by the band NAVILOCA (feyna.near and marshall80.near).

Promotion Arts:

Instagram Posts:


Youtube Channel and transmissions:

Having to communicate between teams, artists and onboarding them was a bit challenging. However it showed the necessity of properly supporting newly arrived at the ecosystem. Having a didactic approach and attention to auxiliate and support the onboarded, explaining concepts, introducing the tools and teaching step by step how to use and manage them were successfully introduced to each artist.

Official Event:
The official opening of the event took place on October 6th at 6:30pm (GTM-3), with a performance by the group Naviloca and DJ Cuca.ela, in addition to the other artworks present in Feminu’s gallery.

Artists and their artworks:

audiovisual by Naviloca ( marshall and feyna )

audio by Cuca.ela and audiovisual by @l3v1at4 , @Uru and @xyboia

Metrics of Success:

Number of visitors to Voxels: 402 visitors

Onboardings realized: 4





NFTs minted:
One NFT with 8 copies minted on FEMINU store on Mintbase distributed between participants (urusuaria.near, l3v1at4.near, feyna.near, marshall80.near, cucaela.near, xyboia.near) and feminu.near

Rádio Pantera - Web Radio by feminu.mintbase1.near on Mintbase


DJ SET Caela 100 USD (cucaela.near)

SHOW PERFORMANCE - 100 USD (split in half between feyna.near and marshall80.near)

GRAPHIC ARTS - 100 USD (xyboia.near)

GENERAL PRODUCTION - 100 USD (urusuaria.near)

GENERAL PRODUCTION - 100 USD (l3v1at4.near)

Total - 500 USD

Payment hash: NEAR