[Proposal] Poetry transcreations, vol. II

Proponent: Baga Defente

Project name: Poetry transcreations, vol. II

Duration: July, 11th - August, 4th

Requested Amount: 650 DAI

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Objectives: Translate another four poems from my upcoming book from Portuguese to English and mint, with four already created artworks, as an ebook NFT on Writer’s Guild store at Mintbase.

Description: After the successful Poetry transcreations, part I project, this proposal intends to enable a new round of four poems originally written in Portuguese to be transcreated in English. I’d rather use the term “transcreation” because in creative writing, especially in poetry, every translation always involves a considerable level of (re)creation.

To reach this, we’re gonna use the same team, with Alex Zani editing the original poems, myself doing the transcreations and Ana C. Moura, supporting and proofreading it. I’m also gonna do ebook graphic design, following and tweaking the one from the first volume.

On a narrative level, the selected poems are the sequence of the first transcreated four, making the story go on. Based on the first volume, I guess this will be an 18-20 page NFT ebook.

Here you can check the first volume NFT ebook:

And below, the poems to be translated:


July, 11th - 24th — Editing and transcreations
July, 25th - 30th — Proofreading and book design/layout
August, 1st - 3rd — Final review and NFT minting
August, 4th — Final report


400 DAI for transcreations, graphic design and minting by @bagadefente
75 DAI for editing by @aandz
150 DAI to proofreading by @anacmoura
25 DAI to promote divulgation posts on Instagram

Final Products
One bilingual (Portuguese/English) ebook NFT with four poems and four original artworks, minted as NFT at Writer’s Guild store on Mintbase, with splits to our DAO (20%), project members (10% each) and myself (60%).

The ebook will have the logos of the Writer’s Guild and Near Foundation on the cover and back cover, saying it was funded by them, encouraging other people to know more about it.

Additional benefits

  • Stimulate a culture of translation among guild members, enabling the words and ideas of the writers here to reach other audiences, both translating themselves or others.
  • Promotion of contemporary Brazilian poetry.
  • Diffusion of Near and the Writer’s Guild out of its ecosystem through the poet’s network.


Project name: Poetry transcreations, vol. II

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting: Like most of the things inside our ecosystem last month, this project is also delayed. The four poems were already edited by @aandz, two of them are on their first draft in English by myself and that’s all we were able to do until now. Projects are overlapping, things got a little crazy, sometimes this poems really mess with me and I had to give a break on this to keep my mind working nice :upside_down_face:

Updated Project Timeline: But now things are getting back on track and I believe next week I’ll be able to work on this project again with the attention and care it deserves. The new timeframe should be something like this:

August, 8th - 18th — Finish draft transcreations
August, 19th - 29th — Proofreading and book design/layout
August, 30th - September, 3rd — Final review and NFT minting
September, 4th — Final report

Highlights: Besides all that, like while I was doing the first volume, the process is being delightful. Our team have a nice synergy, the initial questions raised by @aandz and the later inquiries by @anacmoura has the power of enhancing the poems, so I’m very glad we are able to do this together.

Resources: As the guild fundings are also delayed, we still didn’t request any payouts for this proposal. We intend to make the first half when they came and the second one after the NFT is minted and the final report delivered.

I will update things here once we have things done, but feel free to ask if I forgot or there’s something unclear.