[Proposal] Planet lukukul: content creation and social media management funding request

Hi Community,

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name(Social) is NativeMind, I am a Social media handler for the community known as Planet Lukukul.

About our community

Planet Lukukul is a dystopian decentralized autonomous organization created for outliers, storytellers, dreamers, and super cool people. To express their freedom, Independence and Identity. The planet lukukul organization (dao) exists to serve music, creativity, and humanity in the $near protocol.

We aim create a brand Identity that speaks its nature. We want the members of the community to feel proud when they affiliate with the brand both on mere looking or on any of its products (NFTs, Tokens, Videos). in fact, the name is us saying “look who’s cool!” as the new lukukulan walks in.

Our plans

l Hosting two general calls and one trivia on the discord.

l Creating at least 5 general use memes for the community

l Creating educational web3 content and infographics for social media.

l Creating Fun contents to keep the audience engaged

l Discussion spaces/Live videos on Twitter/Instagram

l Content creation in the form of Animations

l Collaborations

l Creating a website with links to all our platforms and Near Ecosystem.

l A website which will be more detailed on Planet Lukukul’s Nfts, Tokens, Merch, Calendar with planned contents like collaborations, discussions etc for the community.

Social media engagement plan

l Creating three or more more contents for our social media platforms to be over three times a week.

l Collaborating with related pages and platforms.

l Educating the audience on Near Ecosystem, Nfts, Web3 etc

l Interacting with the audience through comment sections, Live Videos, Twitter spaces, Discord etc.

l Promoting our contents/work through Twitter and Instagram.


Metrics of growth

l Increase discord by at least 10 new members

l Grow twitter by at least 50 new organic followers

l Grow instagram by at least 50 organic followers

l At least 20 of the community members via near wallet


Discord: $200

Twitter & instagram: $300

Meme creation : $300

infographic : $100

Total: $900

Target wallet : planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near

Cc @marketingdao-council @reespect


Check your plan again and make sure your growth metrics are correlated properly. If your plan’s objectives are met, growth should be greater than that indicated above, and a $200 campaign should attract more than 100 new Discord users. This also applies to all of your metrics; does this event only happen occasionally in the social accounts? If so, make an effort to be clear about how long you plan to host the space or session. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not entirely clear on your objectives and metrics. Thank you

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hiii @Bakaka, the request isn’t for an event or session, it’s for content creation, social media management and discord moderation for the entire month of november and december.

As for the duration of the space. Minimum of one hour, maximum of three hours, at least twice a week. Same applies for live videos.

The success metrics is very undersold because it’s always better to beat expectations than to underdeliver. This in no way implies that we won’t get more followers than the numbers stated.

the budget breakdown is for 5 different roles.
Two discord moderators @Sameyebee and @3rty
Two social media handlers @lolaa and myself.
An artist.
let me know if you need any more clarification.


I appreciate the clarification dude. I now clearly understand it.


tagging @marketingdao-council @Dacha for visibility


Good evening! Sorry for delay. I hope your proposal will be reviewed soon :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: