[PROPOSAL] OpenBiSea post launch social media marketing campaign


Introduction OpenBiSea NFT auctions in all-in-one place to cut any NFT deal in a few clicks with a $200M support fund.
No registration, mobile apps, wallet included.
We were launched on NEAR - app.openbisea.com

Funding scheme : monthly

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and I am a serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience dealing with crypto since 2014 https://www.linkedin.com/in/oleksiivinogradov/
Here is short description about focus of proposal:

Iniciative sumary:

With this funding, we will launch post production campaign around social networks with NEAR and OpenBiSea logo. As result, we will increase new wallets on NEAR, transactions on NEAR and utility of NEAR/USN. Duration - 1 month to show results and can be extend to next months

Funding Details

Monthly budget ( with projected results):
$500 - instagram campaign (16k views, 1k clicks, 20-100 active users)
$500 - facebook campaign (20k views, 1.5k clicks, 50-150 active users)
$500 - press publications (50k views, 2k clicks, 100-200 active users)
$500 - campaign manager

**Total funding: **

2000 USN

Near wallet ID: openbisea.near

Wallet owner’s name: Oleksii Vynogradov

Best regards!


Hi Alex, thanks for your proposal. Usually, we approve one month payment for new people in Near Community.


Thanks for your proposal,

Has OBS received any other sources of funding to date? ( NEAR Foundation grants, token sales, private investors, etc.)

Ok, lets start from one month.

NEAR Foundation grant was received

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should I change proposal?

Yes, please. Thank you

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done, you can re-check

Thanks. Could you please give more details about campaigns?

Thank You.

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Agreed- Please breakdown the number of posts and the media types per “campaigns”


Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. It looks like this project is in its very early stages. Do you have existing social/marketing platforms you are currently using? If so, can you link them here?

In general, I would like to see some grassroots support and traction from an existing audience around a project before allocating Community funds to growth. Being able to show/demonstrate support from your audience/users is a crucial sign of product-market fit and an indicator of a project’s potential to help NEAR onboard new, long-term users into the ecosystem.

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Thanks for sharing those – I can see you have a solid audience via those accounts – would like to hear more (as others asked above) about the campaigns specifically and how they will spread the word about NEAR. Thanks!

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We will focus on visual content with NFTs like Kozaky and others to sell based on auctions on NEAR.
All assets will included NEAR logo

I cannot ascertain enough information about this project. Can you please break down and clarify the projects and deliverables for each of the $500 amounts.

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done, please check projected results

Ok, happy to support. Looking forward to seeing results of campaign.

Yep, waiting for funds payment