[PROPOSAL] Onboarding new Kid / Adult creatives into the ecosystem + minting their works as NFTs

hey @Purpledots

there are some fundamental informations missing:

  1. WHERE is this happening
  2. What will the benefits for mintbase be?
  3. Do you already have your store on mintbase?

MintbaseDAO has been supporting several real life initiatives to onboard people.

It is really important that you activate the community beforehand, with educative content.

At the venue people will be dancing, singing, playnig football, guitar, making poetry. How will you plan the educational work?

to open a wallet you need 0.1 N not 1N. Why do they need 1N per person?

Please show me the location, the intent, the people who will participate, what exsactly you mean with welfare for creatives, who is coordinating the event.

3.423 USD is more than 60% of monthly mintbasedao budget. It is too much.


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Hello @marianeu , thank you for pointing out the missing informations needed. The educational part will be fully covered through research
The event will happen here in Lagos. And for the benefit of mintbase, it’s obvious because they will be having more NFTs minted which will in turn bring many more. The 1N they needed was noted to activate their wallet but since they need 0.1 N it will help cut down the number of tokens needed for activation—100N
The store which they will be minted will be the C1 Guild store.

I think I will include these in first topic.

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No. They won’t be doing all at the same time. there’s going to be hour for each activity. For the football game, they’ll be airing the recorded game. Other equipments needed will be provided by logistics.

I’m still on the search for the perfect location that fits in what’s needed to cover major parts,I will attach the photo once it’s certain. people who will participate are creatives who happen to meet this opportunity. I will encourage some of the team to join the forum and indicate.

3.000 USD in Lagos is a fortune. I can’t approve this. sorry.

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Sorry, we can not approve this until you give a detailed plan on how the education will take place.

eduaction is not the same as research.

i need more information abut what will happen to the funds

Hello @marianeu
@Mintbase :wave:,
Please kindly go through the updated proposal and let me know what you think.
Warm regards.

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Superb plans @Purpledots , I’m down to make this event a success from getting contents, minting them and educating our guest like I’ve always been doing.

I’m also super-stoked to witness the kid’s talent competition :star_struck:
Looking forward to approval and execution with the team.

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Yes @Dedeukwu ,
We’ll make it happen!:partying_face:

Thank you for being part of this.

This is the Future, I can clearly tell the much progress we’re going to make with this idea.
I’ve always waited for this, to impact the younger generation and see them explore :fist:
We await the approval and execution of this project by the governance team.


Yes @anointingthompson1 , we will reach far through this!:star_struck:

Thanks for coming through.


I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing project. Awesome!!


Yes @Blessedchidi
Welcome to the community :partying_face:
I’m happy to have you on this great team for the project​:star_struck:

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Hello @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno @marianeu
Please take a look at this updated proposal and let us know what way from here. This project is simply awaiting y’all’s decision to kick start.
Thank you :pray:

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Hello Purpledots,

Again, as much as I like your proposal to work with kids, u need to check the requirements as Tabear from Creative DAO told you, we do not fund proposals from individuals. So, the target should be a DAO.

Also, I already asked you to show more about your team, quote:

it may be helpful for others if you can show previous events

Because it is important for the community to verify that you are already a good member with proven contributions. If not, then that could be the road to take, help first ongoing projects.


It seems this proposal has been unattended for quite sometime. @Dacha you should see this.
For a city like Lagos it will be masssive for NEAR
@Purpledots The proposal should get more details then you could repost it as well as add the link to this proposal.
As much as I understand how massive this is because I am Nigerian, i am quite sure others may not see it that way.

In essence add more details by painting a compelling story, be more creative in your details as well.
We may want to see if more of this can be hosted in cities like Kano and Abuja. The #npk-guild is really interested in this.


Oh wow thank you @Crypto_doctor for your kind words and insights
I’m still looking to see if C1 Guild could take it up for approval cuz I learnt the creatives DAO fund proposals from guilds.

I also have intentions to bring the next edition of this project to other states like Kano and Middle East.


Hi @Crypto_doctor & @Purpledots,

let me know if there is anything you need from me going forward!



Please reach out to us at #npk-guild as well please


Thanks @marianeu
We will reach out as soon as we can