[PROPOSAL] NFT Artist wanted - Raiz Vertical Farms

Our mission:

Raiz is building the farms of the future. We are growing local and healthy crops in a sustainable manner through a network of vertical farms in city centers.

Merging the physical and digital world through blockchain is a natural progression of the current food supply chain.

Why NEAR & Mintbase?

We believe in the power of decentralization and technology to bring about change and progress in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. NEAR and Mintbase allow us to do just that.

Through our integration with NEAR, veggies will be able to be transacted with NEAR and we’ll create collectible digital versions of the rare plants we grow to be minted through Mintbase.

Digital art and PlaNFTs

Through this bounty, we aim to find great artists for us to develop Plant NFT (Planfts).

At this stage, we aim to create our first NFT, showcasing red and green basil plants through the different stages of their growth. This NFT will be equivalent to the plants we grow across the lifetime value of our system and will eventually represent sustainability metrics for each plant.

The artist :star2:

We believe in art as an all-encompassing force of creation and aim to include it all throughout our growing process. You can help us give more life to Raiz!

In order to merge our physical and digital world, we are looking for a digital artist that identifies with the principles of circularity, sustainability, and technology.

Join us to create digital assets that help to transform the future of food production and urban agriculture. Be part of the urban farming evolution!

Our vision in regards to Mintbase and NFTs

Each NFT will represent a space in the hydroponic system, which in turn becomes a positive impact on the environment thanks to the plants produced in it.

By launching this new kind of NFTs, we will allow the community & investors to own part of the farm, and to hold it as a commitment to sustainability.

In the future, we’ll develop NFTs with diverse functionalities linked to each rare plant species we grow and to different systems and processes.

This will be the first of other initiatives including more complex NFT functionalities such as generating revenue from future harvests and owning part of the hydroponic systems.

What we ask:

75 NEAR; 480€ (at the current exchange rate 11/10/2021 19:41 pm)

Budget delimitation

  • 240€ (80€ for 3 artists ) to create digital artwork showcasing our red basil
  • 180€ - to distribute amongst partners and/or clients to open NEAR accounts in our ecosystem
  • 60€ to open the Mintbase store


  • Base: 80€ per artwork available for 3 artists.
  • Plus all the collaborators will receive split royalties from the NFT sales (% to be defined).

Please reach out and don’t hesitate to share this with people that might be interested :seedling::slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to onboarding great artists and making this happen!
:seedling: :globe_with_meridians:


Hi @Lucia_S and @emiliano.raiz ,

really love what is coming together here.
The only thing I have questions about is this:

It is free to open wallets on near.

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Hello @marianeu, thank you for the comment! When we opened our team’s NEAR accounts at our onboarding, there was already a few near in them or were sent immediately afterwards, and this definitively helped increasing interest, adoption and understanding. We saw it as a useful strategy to gain adoption among interested people and that’s the reason to ask for it!


Hello @Lucia_S ! I truly loved the hole idea of your project. Reach me out if need me as an artist for NFT! I would love to help and I am very interested!

Good morning @whoiscavenaghi

Thank you for your interest, we would love to connect with you! Please let me send you a message with my contact information and let’s do it :slight_smile:

@Lucia_S how much do you want to give to each person? Will they be able to mint on another store of yours?