[Proposal] Next steps for the Creatives DAO [Community Draft]

Greetings, my lovely Creatives family,

Here is the time for us @creative-mods to announce the next steps we propose to evolve our great community, a community of communities.

Here is the previous step record:



It has been a beautiful path that we have traveled so far. Thanks to the Near Foundation and all our members, we have been able to grow as creatives, welcome new creatives, and create endless content.

In short, we have become experts in the creative area of ​​web3, and we still have a long way to go to continue growing. Today we propose the following steps.

Our priority is to become a decentralized and sustainable autonomous community. To do so, we have to prioritize now and focus on sustainable projects for our Creatives DAO.

Grant Application

We aim to apply for a Grant to keep growing. Everything changed from the last payout process update at the beginning of the year, so the last months have been part of a transitory process where it is expected from us to have a legal wrapper and to propose a roadmap for the next 6 months.

Benefits for NEAR

The Creatives DAO is highly relevant for the NEAR ecosystem, as this is one of the most significant decentralized autonomous communities on NEAR, a community of communities.

One of the fundamental goals of NEAR is to build a decentralized community building the web3, and we help to achieve that by experimenting and growing our community using AstroDAO and onboarding new DAOs into the main Creative DAO as councils.

Our main activities consist of maintaining, assisting, and enhancing the web’s artistic creations on the web3. Thus, we are helping to get billions of users by onboarding creators, creating and spreading content on NEAR, and then receiving new users interested in the content creations.

Plan Overview

To keep growing as a decentralized and autonomous community, we need to kick start a plan to be self-sustainable.

  • This is a Community Based Business Model. The plan is to achieve self-sustainability, by funding creative projects and onboarding creators who create and use the creative projects, then the Creatives DAO receives the gains from the creatives projects back to the AstroDAO wallet address.

Business Model Creatives

  • We are proposing a Value-Driven initiative, where the main propositions are related to Onboarding NEARcomers, building Decentralization, helping Human Development, and allowing inclusion, accessibility, convenience, and usability in the web3.

  • We propose to educate NEARcomers, providing the tools to build the web3, in collaboration with Near University. Near Foundation is our key partner, and we will serve as a main for funding distribution into the community, allowing the community to participate and cross-collaborate for the ecosystem growth.

Canvas Creatives

Funding Plan

Deployment of capital is done in a way that allows:

  • Sustenance for bad days for Creative DAO
  • Growth and awareness of creatives DAO
  • Growth of Associated DAOs

Creatives DAO organization
Draft possible organization


Ideation kick start for self-sustainable Creatives projects like for example a inhouse NFT Launchpad. We already have an experienced community, now we need the web3 tools.

These projects will have a revenue model, and the smart contracts will deposit gains into the Creatives DAO. In the long run, this will provide us with different revenue streams, allowing self-sustainability.

  • Creatives - NFT Marketplace

Thanks to Near University, there is plenty of open-source code to build an NFT Marketplace. We just need a development team to compromise with the Creatives DAO goals and join our community, helping us create a Marketplace owned by the Creatives DAO.

From previous conversations with development teams, we get an idea that with about $20.000 USD it is possible to launch our own Marketplace into mainnet.

We could also discuss with already on mainnet marketplaces leaded by community members to see if there could be a partnership/alliance with the Creatives DAO. Like: https://the-auction.io/marketplace or Mintbase.io

  • Creatives Education - Near Certified Creatives courses

In partnership with Near University, we will be able to onboard Creative Nearcomers. Professionally and with coordinated efforts.

This course is an opportunity for technical and non-technical users alike who have already learned about the Open Web’s potential to develop the creative skills required to start creating content on the web3.

An educational proposal aimed at Creators, whose objective is to teach participants the essential fundamentals of creating art with blockchain technology through interaction with the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

The estimate to run each course will be $2250 USD.
Timeline: 1 week per course.

Participants: From 15 to 40 per course.



  • Creativerse - Metaverse

We are waiting for the Metaverse DAO to schedule a meeting to discuss their possible participation.

Expecting proposals like the following:



Metrics are related to our Creatives DAO achievements as a community of communities.

  • Number of DAOs
  • Number of individual councils
  • Participants in the Near Certified Creative course
  • Onboarding / Number of NEAR Wallets Created
  • Events participants
  • Number NFTs/ NFT Collections Launchings
  • Number of specific industries within Creatives DAO (digital art, photography, fashion, culinary, social impact projects, etc.)


  • Milestones for the following months:
  1. June:
    New Guidelines for DAOs proposals (Metric Focused)
    Open Call and Review of Self-sustainable projects
    Apply for Grant
  2. July:
    Kick-start the self-sustainable initiatives
    Approve DAO proposals that can provide metrics that align with the priorities
    New voting design to onboard all DAOs into the Creatives DAO as councils

We are building this proposal with the community and under the lead of 10 moderators.

With the actual design, in 2 months from now, 5 current moderators will leave their position, and 5 more will there could be a start for the period where we are funded directly in the Creative DAO. We should all discuss it with the current workload 5 moderators are enough or we should allow more positions.

  • Milestones for the 6-month roadmap:

From August to January 20233 (pending discussion)

Decentralization Design

The Creatives DAO is highly relevant for the NEAR ecosystem, as this is one of the most significant decentralized autonomous communities on NEAR.

Creatives DAO V3:

Groups to represent the DAOs where DAOs are going to add their members.

Group list:

50% consensus groups:

  • Commissioners: 10 elected trusted members. These members rotate every 6 months.
  • Trusted Senior: All the trusted members of the community (former moderators + leaders).
  • Creatives: The whole community.

In a second phase, we can start adding new groups for each trusted DAO

  • Certified Member: Those who approved the Near Certified Creatives course
  • DAOs:

90% consensus groups (example):

  • Nomadelable
  • The Kind
  • Motion
  • Marmaj
  • Cosmia
  • DAO Records
  • FraDAO

From approval here: https://t.me/CreativeGuilds/17729

To learn by doing, we create v3 with a legal wrapper, onboarding the community with 3 first groups: Commissioners, Trusted seniors, and Creatives

Here is the link: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives-dao.sputnik-dao.near/


Councils were a group of 5 members who kick-started the Creatives DAO together with @mecsbecs


The Council members are the DAOs, and they have full control over the Creatives DAO.

The different DAOs, together with the Moderators, shape the future of the Creatives DAO.

To become a Council member, you need to prove your value to the community. Up to the Community and the Moderators to review and decide. A new guideline with a voting design is under discussion.

Suggestions: Creatives DAO Council Members must be active (use their AstroDAO often for operations), decentralized (do not have a high imbalance of power where one person has all the power), and trusted DAOs that have shown their contribution to the ecosystem (Successful projects). They hold the responsibility of voting for polls on AstroDAO, reviewing proposals that they vote for, and contributing to the community meetings around the Creatives DAO ecosystem.

Possibility: Create a tier system to allow all DAOs to participate and hold more voting power on the more trusted and active DAOs.

The Moderators are 5 eligible positions to be rotated every 6 months, where trustworthy community members will have the role of moderating the communications, leading initiatives, conflict solutions, social networks management, and reviewing proposals from the DAOs to determine if those add value to the community.

Other Moderators Activities:

  • Host weekly “private” community meetings on Telegram
  • Host weekly Twitter Space to talk shill and chill
  • Connect the community with other external communities running AMAs

Link to Guidelines:

Legal Wrapper

Here the legal wrapper proposed:

Creatives DAO.pdf (356.7 KB)

After discussions about the next steps in the legal situation and hosting an AMA with Dog (Otoco Product Leader), We were able to assume the following:

  • We need a legal expert, but we couldn’t find a suitable one.

  • The Legal Entity needs to allow us to sign quickly even if the board comprises members from different regions.

  • We have to start taking action because having a legal wrapper is necessary.

With the help of Otoco.io, we were able to register a Delaware Series LLC, where the interaction is on-chain, and we can easily sign documents and upload them into the Otoco platform.

Here we propose to update our legal status for Delaware Series LLC.

Series Operating Agreement - Creatives DAO LLC

Call to action

  • Discuss the proposal feedback on our weekly call today next Monday.
  • 20 days to Create a shared document where every DAO can compromise with metrics.
  • 7 days time window for each member to reply with their personal presentation.
  • Allow 15 days for DAOs to share a Document with all their achievements and highlights.
  • Allow 7 days for feedback on this proposal.
  • Create a proposal on the Creatives DAO to update the Legal Status.
  • Each DAO will have now up to 50 days to create their own Legal Wrapper.
  • Create the Moderators DAO.
  • Open call for Marketplace, Metaverse development estimates, and other self-sustainable initiatives.
  • Create a new Guideline: adding a list of priorities and approved activities.


We should all work together to achieve these goals, so we need to discuss and share feedback about this proposal here.

As discussed in several meetings with the community, we need to clarify the metrics we can achieve as a community together with the specific funding request. So, feel free to share now anything we might be missing.



I know may be a lot to digest, but it is necessary if we want to have a smooth transition into self-sustainability with the continued help from NF.

Big hug, and



We scheduled and had to a meeting with you and the topic wasn’t mentioned :slight_smile:
@becopro @beetlejuice

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Yep, we address the topic we were discussing that day about @thephilosopher still being part of the DAOs with voting power. Believe it was solved right?

We can talk here about the possible Creativerse :rocket:

Will be good to know what plans do you have next regarding Metaverse DAO that can be connected a metaverse on NEAR.


Hey Guys!
I think Creatives DAO should think about further expansion within Defi and the NFTs projects.

By being a liquidity provider in some pools, we’ll be able to create some reserves for future development.

I like the idea of a marketplace, we should expand that with our own launchpad focused mainly on DAOs in our ecosystem, where members (artists) will be able to get enough visibility in terms of the art and music that they create.

Launching the NFT project (with a profit share) only for DAOs under the CreativesDAO funding umbrella might be a good call also, and the profit share could be performed in $CREATIVES.

I’m thinking about Opensea on steroids in terms of the CreativesDAO marketplace strictly made by the community for the community, also by focusing on existing DAOs, it would play a keyrole in terms of onboarding the new members to the DAOs that already exist.

Apart from that, we should offer some services (a good opportunity for onboarding real-life local businesses), for example, NxP or SWAGGER DAO (and many more who are not a DAO yet!) that could be redeemed for $CREATIVES (rough draft token name:sweat_smile:)

The above is only my ideas, which will require some fine-tuning, but overall it should be a foothold.


Hello Fritz, good initiative, my team is available to help you with the development of this marketplace, as you know we make up a team of 15 developers, all certified in NCD.

We already have experience developing marketplaces and we have several in the works such as Shinto, Evie or Venix.

The project will be 100% for the comunity


Hello Community,
Thanks, @FritzWorm for your support with our GENEARY Metaverse project.

We at the team are very thankful for your guidance and we are willing to return the favor with the Creatives DAO in several ways.

DAOs need a sustainable way of revenue to fulfill their initiatives, so we formally want to invite the Creatives DAO to reach an agreement for partnership and collaboration for mutual benefit.

Every project needs a robust community and certainly, you are the best fit to bring this awesome Metaverse to the level we want to achieve.

Our goal is to bring 1 Million users to our platform and we are sure we can reach it with the real collaboration.

I will be happy to discuss the opportunities we can collaborate with.



This is a superb proposal, @FritzWorm. Congratulations!

I believe it’s high time web3 established it’s very own way of decentralized funding and venture capitalism.

Keeping this in mind, I, on behalf of the whole ShineDAO community (https://shinedao.finance/) propose to join forces with you by means of a strategic partnership.

For the community’s reference, here’s my post from earlier this month on what we are capable of doing and how we do it: [PROPOSAL] ShineDAO: Decentralized Web3 Incubator & Launchpad for NEAR DeFi

Let me know if my proposal sounds good to you, and we’ll be happy to discuss further prospects with you and your partners over call.

More power to you, Fritz! :star2:

May The Fourth Be With You Star Wars GIF by Altibox


Hi Creatives DAO,

I am the founder of EVIE Marketplace Aggregator: [PROPOSAL] EVIE NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Education Hub

We have already received a grant from Near Foundation and will be testing our testnet 1.0 very soon. We would love to have a chat with your team to coordinate how a partnership will look like!

Excited for this proposal and the future of Creatives DAO!


My suggestions, I think we should refer the new DAOs to the existing DAOs with similar vision and mission also help them get registered as a legal entity to ensure things are organized and documented.

If we can preach collaboration more rather than competition with enough workshop education on what a DAO is meant to be it will help the community, we can add Fiat payment to the marketplace so it can be easy for people/collectors that doesn’t understand buying crypto or scared of wallet security then lastly there are little sales of NFTs and marketing is a very essential part of returning proceeds from the marketplace so we have to put to consideration that we need a strong marketing company for the NFTs in the marketplace.

While we connect and push legal DAOs we have to push for annual irl meetings or conference or concert with maybe a ticket NFTs in maybe Lisbon where DAO councils can come and represent their various communities, UI of the NFTs marketplace needs to be simply accessible for a rookie collector just like Amazon ect. with documents of newsletter for incoming projects as utility of various NFTs, minting, blockchain and lots of details we can share.



Hello all,
giving my contribution for this, what I listened on the telegram meeting and is not written here is the sustainability point behind {?} the idea of creating a market place.
I don’t know if I am precise with words, so I ask for help to remind this idea. The idea was about reverting funds back to the community, to keep fomenting productions of the Daos, and not keep depending only from NF funds…

And I also understand that decentralized market is important.

So maybe we can look together to this idea, how to build a decentralized self sustainable marketplace gathering the community’s desires?


We could run a contest for UX/UI design. There is a funding for that asked from the Moderators DAO. So the whole community can engage in the UX/UI design on a forum thread and then later vote on a poll.


Hello Community,
I want to drop a comment on this. I believe owning our own marketplace is a brilliant idea. I heard something @FritzWorm was talking about earlier in the Telegram group meeting of, not just focusing on the marketplace or business aspect but majorly on the community.
Community is what makes any of what we do make sense, there’s no decentralization without a community and that’s why I believe if, an idea like paras can be as successful as it is today even without a particular structure to its community like the creative Dao does have, then why can’t the creatives DAO begin now to own its very own market place. I see so much potential in this and if we nurture it well, it could be a potential opensea or foundation for the Near blockchain. We are not in competition with anyone. This is our own thing to share with the community and the rest of the world.
To add to that, in regards to the funding of new DAOs that has probably been funded once or twice before, I strongly believe that cutting a DAO’s funding at its “early stages” is similar to uprooting a plant sprout even before its roots have settled in and could lead to these:

  • Halt in the growth and expansion of the community in new territories.
  • Killing of new ideas, visions, and goals.
  • Recycling of old ideas already present.

I believe the successful daos in the ecosystem got at least 6 months of funding to grow and mature into what they are today. Then why are new Daos pressured and demanded to present 6 months appraisals even from just 1 to 2 months in….

If we are truly a community of communities, how can one or two people from a distant place that has never been to some other person’s part of the world determine what benefits their communities or the entire community as a whole knowing that it’s a community of different countries with diverse beliefs, not forgetting from various fields and professions?

with this said, I strongly recommend a structure be put in place like an orientation course briefing new daos on key elements that each funding vertical looks at and how to structure presentations and projects. Also a 6 months nurture or incubation period should be given to new Daos that have been accepted for funding in order to nurture these smaller communities. There is no Dao that won’t be able to share a longevity, self sustainable plan and route to the goal after 6 successful months of funding. In my opinion. Thanks :pray:t5:


Awesome proposal @FritzWorm. I fully support the idea of becoming more decentralized. :raised_hands:


I wholeheartedly support this and would be delighted to discuss a collaboration between Loozr.io and the CreativeDAO family :slight_smile:


Hello creative community.

A very interesting thing that almost all the participants of the community of near lack, is what characteristics an nft collection must have in order to be successful, when the nft market was created, what was most valued was the possibility of demonstrating to the world that your art had a value but this value was not directly proportional to the qualities of your art the value was fixed by the fact of being one of the first to innovate in the world of nft.

Today after the great evolution of nft markets we can see how creativity is the main characteristic that an nft should have in order to be welcomed by different communities, an nft is not just a work of art, it is not just a profile picture, it is not just a pixelated or 3d cartoon a nft is anything that comes to your mind and can be quantified used and registered to generate a positive impact in the world, it can be shares of a company it can be income from a concert it can be a tree planted in a place that needs it, the only thing that limits the usefulness of an nft is the imagination of the person who creates it. However, in order to generate a project, you not only need an idea and desire, you need a group of experienced people who can advise you: How many pieces your nft should have, what is the best way to make the smart contract, how to reach the right community to achieve a sold out, how to make alliances with strategic projects all this is what we as Free horses can offer and we would like to support creative dao as we have already been doing Promoting the events on Fridays with our nft by making a partnership so that this business system is sustainable and has good growth and expansion.


This is an awesome idea, let’s break this out into a proposal but definitely a great idea!


Hi guys,
I am very much interested in the nft marketplace for the DAO. I’m actually working on one which is mostly done, though it’s on the EVM side.
I’d be very much interested to work with like minded people here. Maybe we can set up a quick discussion for those interested and get the ball rolling?


Hi @Paul good idea :+1:
I feel we as creatives can organize a huge NFT project as creative or DAO where we can collab with defi project like ref finance as utilities and other opportunities on defi for our NFT holders.
Stake NFT to yield ref finance or our own creative DAO token :eyes: IMO


@Nacho_Figx @guille @andresdom @Mineriavirtual @King_Kunta

Here is a message for the open call to the community to discuss about the ways of income for the Creatives DAO.

Share with me your Twitter Handles please.

Twitter space will be tomorrow 5:30 pm UTC


Hi @andresdom2004 this is my twitter account