[PROPOSAL] NearProtocol Meetup in my Tech Hub

I am a crypto lover and evangelist have been in the space a while now

I intend to host an event meetup for my students

I have a technology hub where i meet with students and teach them about technology and basic programming languages


  1. Identify talents that can contribute to the ecosystem
  2. Educate my students about near protocol
  3. Encourage them to attend near university and get certifications
  4. Show and help them explore opportunities
  5. Explore with the near sdk framework


  1. Wallet downloads
  2. More awareness
  3. Feedbacks
  4. Enrollment into Near university

Date - 28 th february 2022

Time - 4 pm

Expected number of students - 30


David ( assistant instructor)

Past work i did for cosmos can be found here


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i will be shifting this event to the 4th of march

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Hello Welcome ! Nice to see more NEARcomers into the community :blush:

Will be great if you can take the NEAR Certified Analyst course from NEAR University

So you can clarify more and get a better understanding of NEAR, so you will be able to teach and run your educational event/project.

I give you this suggestion because the “download” mistake, and hey is normal to make mistakes! Just will be great if you can learn more about NEAR first.

Cheers :beers: and


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thanks for your reply, some points to note

  1. i have been in the near for more than a year now as a matter of fact, did some work in ows
  2. wallet downloads is in context, it means more of creating near account/wallets , my students usually come with there laptops and i will give out few near tokens to them, they definitely will create near account/wallet to receive
  3. to gauge what i know about near the proper thing could have been , lets hop on a call together and discuss possibly with a team member ( i dont know if you are one)
  4. is it a pre-requisite to take the certification before you can organise meetups, i did not see that anywhere written

No worries :wink: I make the suggestion with the best intentions. I have been on the Blockchain Arena since 2015 and I know Bitcoin since 2019. I am also a professor of Blockchain on my own and the Educational Coordinator for “Blockchain since ZERO” Diplomat on the Institute of Financial Technology

With that being said, I will recommend again to take the courses from Near University, I made it my self I took the NCE and NCP, and yeah there are no pre-requisites for anything but everything counts, so it will help you to improve yourself and be more recognized by the community.

Hey @icecrypt
@FritzWorm is just trying to help you. No need to take it personally.
Thank you for sharing resources @FritzWorm.

And yes @icecrypt it’s not a pre-requisite to go through the NEAR certification before you start hosting NEAR Meet events.

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well understood , thanks
@FritzWorm and @theChosenOne


Great proposal! Currently, I’d suggest you bring this to the Marketing DAO, as we are updating how payments are processed for NEAR Meet / community events.

Thanks for sharing the opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:

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