[Proposal] Near Turkiye Community (October and November)

Hello NEAR Family;

Our goal is to introduce the NEAR Protocol to everyone who has heard of blockchain in Turkey. Therefore, as a team, we are trying to promote the NEAR Protocol everywhere, both in our environment and on social media. We aimed to reach everyone, especially on social media. So you can find us on;
For quick and one-on-one support , News-Announcement purposes , Educational purposes .
We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible.

Here are our other social media networks.
Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , Medium .
You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest Report for August and September.

To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • Twitter/Instagram:
    To keep the community alive and informed, we post Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.
    An average of 2-3 tweets will be posted per day with verified real news and their own infographics.
    But as you see from the statistics below, due to the great development and growth of the Near ecosystem, we tweet full time for the ecosystem without any limits.


  • YouTube:
    We have planned to create 8 videos about the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our YouTube channel. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.
  • Article:
    We have planned to write 16 articles about the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish language and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. There is not enough content in the Turkish language.
  • Online events:
    We will hold online events through Twitter Space. There, we hope to get to know the members of our community better, as well as their skills and perspectives on the near Protocol.


At the end of October and November, we are expecting to reach:

  • Online events.
  • Using Social Media Networks actively.
  • Videos about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Articles about NEAR in the Turkish language.
  • Weekly spaces about popular crypto topics to attract people to NEAR.


Channels Focus Amount Growth (KPIs, goals, metrics)
Social Media Twitter / Instagram $ 2,000 To keep the community alive and informed, posting Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.
Social Media Telegram $ 1,000 Provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue and doing some events like Quiz Night contest etc.
Social Media YouTube $ 600 Shot 4 videos about the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish language.
Content Writing → Guide $ 800 Create 8 articles about the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish language
Reporting Administration, Operational Costs $ 550 Organizing weekly meetings with moderators to manage the community, making plans, following the events and organizations, and guiding and reporting.

Subtotal : $ 4,950

TOTAL (for the next two months) : $ 4,950 x 2 = $ 9,900

Thank You!


Hello, @crypto_blckhntr could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide > $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!


Hi @Dacha . I have updated. Can you check it?


$4950/ month I think too high…isnt it?
Similar proposals are asking half of that

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no, actually it’s quite a deal

imho this proposal should be approved

-meets most KPI and beyond
-produces written content on medium, good quality video tutorials for Ecosystem projects on youtube, and up-to-date authentic tweets good infographics on twitter.
-not just produce content but also try to deliver it to the community in an efficient way
-collaborate with other Largest Turkish Crypto Communities, KOL’s influencers.
-organize/host community engagement events
-has one of the highest engagements on twitter overall and live spaces
some events we hosted attracted over +600 and +400 audience (yes in this bear market)
(not even biggest community+official accounts could reach such large audience at once)

no money is wasted 5 individuals are contributing and benefitting from it
an average CM will require 4-7k and an additional 3-5k will be required for operational costs, content and collaborations


“similar projects” those which deliver, one-fifth of what’s being produced here and most have one-tenth of interaction.
I saw these results when I looked at a few. maybe you want to be more specific?


I couldn’t go very deep in all your networks, but I don’t see quality in your posts (visually)

There may be some originality in the content (I’m not sure as I didn’t go into detail)

Is the reach you say you have caused by paid traffic only? I feel that all the networks have used this and it can give an image that is not the real one.

Projects that ask for less don’t use ads and may be doing a better job - organically. Maybe

There are 5 people working on your team. Either someone is making less or that requested amount is overpriced. IMO

Who should judge this is the Near team. But if this value is approved for you, it can be approved for everyone. I just don’t think it’s fair.

Iam not saying you are doing a bad job… I see action and passion for Near… Just saying that imo could be more


it’s not my team, we aren’t an agency but a decentralized community and friends value my opinions.
The reaches I mentioned aren’t paid traffic but people enthusiastic about web3 and blockchain those who are looking to hear what we are going to say about the Crypto Space, the Market and Near Ecosystem. You can’t force people to listen to a stream they come willingly (yes sometimes did a giveaway for the announcement tweets but tuning in to the stream wasn’t a requirement and that can’t be tracked for each user :slight_smile:
And for the graphics we don’t hire someone professional or get it done but prefer to do it ourselves. On the contrary I believe our content ingredients and visuals are above average and getting better each day, just go to our youtube check first videos and latest ones you will see the improvements -same with twitter-
and sorry but have to disagree with the rest :wink:

Thank you for the comments, feedbacks.
I really would like to hear from you that which of the contents do you think needs to be improved and in what way and what other marketing strategies would you suggest?


I understand… and its a team.

Well, Im not convinced about the paid ads. Ill keep my eyes on your work.

Also, its hard to find people interested to work on this universe, so, its not perfect, but a good job. Congrats.

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