[PROPOSAL] NEAR Turkey February / March / April 2022

Yes we have talked about it and solved it that day in the comments.
You also liked and supported the past proposal.

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you keep talking about making peace here and on other topic as well [SOLVED] Problem about Near Protocol Turkey Guıld - #15 by doganalpaslan.
but now I see that you actually did nothing about @doganalpaslan 's issue. What kind of leadership is this?

you talked here (on the forum) but you didn’t take any regenerative actions.

At first, I made an effort to convince myself that everything was going well. But the point we have reached today shows that unfortunately I made a mistake in this matter. Apologies to all members of the community.


Please read my messages there, I’ve invited him several times to send me a message and remove his ban. Since today I didn’t get a message. I cannot invite him myself to the group.
If thats the problem I can contact him, but I think there is something else you guys trying to do here. One month before I also got a message from an agency team member named Roman, who asked several questions about our work and then I never heard from him again. Anyway, please let’s focus on the proposal again.


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Hello guys, Taygun is here.

So, I went through “Cizi31” proposal, checked their works and here is my initial feedback:

  • The team behind this proposal is also leading several Turkish Communities (Kava, Nexo etc.) The purpose of this team is to make money by creating fake numbers.

  • They fulfil groups with bot accounts or without people’s consent. I witnessed how they add so many bots to groups to increase the number.
    You guys also join Turkish TG group and see thousands of bot accounts with fake names; seen a long time ago, it is very easy to spot.

  • They don’t know English, only translations. They don’t have any technical expertise about both Near and general crypto. They don’t know Near Protocol, Nightshade, Consensus algorithms, DeFi, NFTs or any other features Near L1 has.

  • Their media outlet (coin-net.com) has no views; you can check on Alexarank. So they have 0 media power.

My final thoughts on this proposal are its need to be declined and Near Turkey needs to build a new community with experts.


Good morning. Briefly feedback from me.

  • Near Turkey community has one of most active tg group Telegram: Contact @near_tr and Twitter , where Near community members can find answers on questions on native language ( as I know , Turkey in world’s top 10 countries by cryptocurrency holders);

  • The community provides transparent on-time reports;

So, guys, if you disagree with some actions, feel free to create your own group/guild/ community. There are lot of space in Near Metaverse :blush:


Hi Taygun. May I firstly know who You are ? congrats for your first post and Welcome.

I had several meetings with Marketing Team (Rebecca / Eunice / JC) they all saw me in front of the camera. I have introduced myself. I am speaking three languages. Not sure what You are talking about

And yes I am not new in Crypto space I have worked with several projects before and collected a lot experience, any Problem?

I wonder how someone with his first Post here can make decisions about proposals

Experts? Who? What do you mean?

Sorry but I will no more comment to you Guys @KriptoRaptor @doganalpaslan @TaygunDogan It takes so much time for me to repeat myself here. If you have any proposal please submit. If you need any budget please get in talk. If you have any ideas please let me know about it. We are all working for Near and we all want the best. If you can do it better go ahead submit your proposal and just do it!

Hey guys,

Evidently, there is some friction here.

Although I agree with @Dacha that reports are on-time and it’s generally transparent, I don’t want the comments from the rest of the Community to go unheard.

@KriptoRaptor is a leader in the Community and has provided invaluable contributions to the ecosystem as a whole since he joined.

With this in mind, I’d like to propose the following:

  • Set up a NEAR Turkey DAO on Astro
  • Appoint the existing leaders as Council members
  • Appoint @KriptoRaptor as a Council member
  • Open up applications from Turkish community members to join the DAO

The goal here is to provide an additional layer of transparency and accountability when it comes to the distribution of funds that are being received.

Furthermore, it’ll assist in decentralising the ecosystem as a whole.

Would love to hear opinions on this.


Thank you David. I support this can cooperate but I don’t think this will solve any of the current problems instead make them more disrespectful (If we look at the fact that he accused me of misleading despite me talking with evidence above)

and also I propose ceasing all payments to the existing team (coinnet team including cizi31.near and dogan.near and all core members of coinnet team) for reasons written below and with evidence above,and propose removing their old Guild Links ( from all Near Official community channels.

-Unfair distribution of Near Foundation resources within the central structure*
-The lack of support and content production team in the fields of Blockchain and Defi and dApp.
-Incompetence in community management lack of sympathy.
-Exclude (or even ban) willing and highly competent community members
-Constantly receiving advertisements on their own unqualified and bot channels/influencers in a centralized structure.
-The participation of 56 people in the last hour draw and the channel and content observations that I and other members have made for months are proof of this.
-After months of observation and community feedback. I couldn’t agree more @doganalpaslan @crypto_blckhntr @TaygunDogan and all other complaining community members who couldn’t make it here that the current team are extremely inadequate we may exlude Cizi but he obviously doesn’t want to be a hero but a worker for Coinnet not Near Community

and then set up a Completely New Initiative-not under the control of a single person, entity or agency-a new Decentralized Dao and other Community Channels with other willing members who wish to continue without coinnet(the current centralized structure*)

I will guide and fully support all enthusiast Turkish contributors to organize and make sure we deliver:

  • will create another telegram support group and content promotion stream and Turkish twitter.
  • solid community support with enthusiasts who are good at English and de-fi experience
  • creative channel events contests
  • deliver high quality authentic content about Near Protocol and the Ecosystem
  • keep in touch with the top Turkish influencers/communities and cooperate on marketing topics
  • create another Twitter channel in which good translated content presented with Infographics.
  • help distribute allocated funds to “Near Turkey Decentralized” in most fair way possible.
  • start planning important Official Near content translation into Turkish and start talks with all other Large Turkish crypto communities.

(we will straight jump in a call for further discussions and task sharing start brainstorming for all&more)

*ps. I believe within 3-6 months this new initiative can reach at least 2-3x more followers and 3-4x more interaction on all channels (twitter,telegram) as compare to the current one.

It’s time for a change Let Near Turkish Community thrive!

edit: grammar mistakes and additions **


Hi CryptoRaptor, and @David_NEAR,
First of all, good evening to everyone.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Yunus Kasım. I have been an investor in CoinNET affiliates for about 2-3 years.

As a NEAR community investor, I wanted to respond to the accusations you made after I became a member of the platform when I learned about the current problems.

@KriptoRaptor Do you think it is the right approach to ignore the existing NEAR Turkish Telegram group already active?

As far as I can see, it has been tried to be a team from the first to your last article above. It is not a fair approach to ignore a team that has already been active for 1 year. Another point I noticed is that there are 4 people trying to doodle here, and you want to be a new entity by establishing a new team with those 4 people. Well, while you were thinking about joining such a formation, did you ever wonder about the fate of those who already support the NEAR project or the negative consequences that may occur?

As an investor, I couldn’t find your approach correct. Personally, I have been in the NEAR group since about August, but I am not an active writer in the group. I always research and read myself. And I make my investments accordingly. If you request, I can share with you the NEAR Tokens in my wallet, which shows that I am an investor, without hesitation. In your article, you implied that bots are in the group or added by bots. As far as I know, bots do not have chat capabilities but can reply to recorded/commanded messages. In this case, not writing to the group does not mean that I am a bot? If you are of such opinion, (and you are) did the bots also take the NEAR Tokens in my wallet?

I believe that there are many Turkish investors like me and most of them refuse to write to the group. How fair is it for you to ignore the members of the group that has been active for about 1 year? It is beyond explanation that you write with only your personal interests in mind and make false accusations. As a NEAR investor, I don’t find your style correct at all. I am sure that the authorized persons in the project will not take the empty sentences you write here into consideration.

I think your problem with CoinNET is a personal one, please go and deal with it among yourselves. Your Team and CoinNET both have to be respectful to the investors here.

As an investor, my last request from the team is that this situation be resolved without harming the investor.

Here’s my NEAR wallet status, I would like to share with you, did the bots buy them? No, I bought them…


Hi @David_NEAR there is already an existing Turkey DAO on Astro. This would be really the best way as you said. In my last proposals I also mentioned that we are Always ready to onboard new councils.
But as you can see we cannot find a way here to work together with @KriptoRaptor and some other members who are just complaining about our work. They just trying to talk bad here.

Thats not the right way what @KriptoRaptor is planning to do. Why removing an existing active Near community which is running since almost more than one Year?
This is really not fair. This would really hurt Near Turkey and the upcoming planned education / grant projects.

Yunus mentioned working with experts, Professional would be to get in touch with me, or plan a meeting, or put ideas, send proposals, send requests. But not that attacking way

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welcome Taygun. btw Taygun forget to introduce himself :smile:

he is not a regular person just passing by nor an agent of mine. Our marketing team knows him well and I think so do @chronear

can you please introduce yourself ? @TaygunDogan


hello @Dacha you know we have been around together so know each other*** (edit :slight_smile: . I mostly supported your investigative and questioning attitude and the contributions you made.

I value your thoughts on this matter as well as other council/community members. But there are important points Let me clarify some.

Yes telegeram @ near_tr is the biggest. actually not the biggest was the ONLY Near Turkish community group to date. so If you are looking for an alternative group there wasn’t any.

I too helped contributed voluntarily (on moderation and community support) as I am Turkish as well.

yes they did. but being transparent on reports doesn’t mean they are doing effective marketing and giving community support and being fair to all community members.


Cizi let me be honest with you. I personally think you are a nice guy and have valuable contributions and have I have NO prejudice or hostility against you. But after months of observation and last events convinced me that I don’t think you will really be “successful” under the leadership of your other co-founder.

You should be aware of my conversation with him as I think he shared it with you. We talked for hours with him on tg and I insisted that what he did was wrong, especially about this ban. But he has NEVER been a peaceful and listening party.

Either you’re acting here or you two are living in totally different worlds.


actually this is not the best solution (approach) but more like a necessary one.

I never ignored their contributions instead try to encourage them for months but this is it. I’ve run out of all optimistic ideas for this old centralized initiative which greatly hinders Near Turkish Community growth.

“-Unfair distribution of Near Foundation resources within the central structure*
-The lack of support and content production team in the fields of Blockchain and Defi and dApp.
-Incompetence in community management lack of sympathy.
-Exclude (or even ban) willing and highly competent community members”

Please read the post I just shared above you will understand my thoughts on this issue better and as I strongly believe Turkish community will thrive better.

I believe they have earned enough but… If the council approves this idea, a proposal can be made with the condition of them directing all the community members/followers to the newly opened channels (If this scenario happens) and then a final compensation can be issued if they permanently close all the channels.

want me or any other council member to run a fair poll on twitter and see if the community is happy about the current initiative? do you have any idea on marketing and community management? what could have been done? have you ever looked other young L1 Turkish communities i.e. Avalanche Turkey community(channels, events they organized ? you’ll be shocked and realize how primitive we are.

:slight_smile: NO
We had good conversation despite everything.
Actually they sent me a clock too last month!
here is the proof

absolutely not. imho investors will be happier in the end. After rationalizing all the criticisms and my own observations, I shared my rightful views. These are my proposals :point_up_2: . I don’t and can’t dictate to anyone. I leave it to the community.


I’m Ayhan, I have my own Trade community and I have had an active group for about 3 years. I would like to inform you that there are serious investors in my group, and news and articles published by CoinNET are automatically in my group, and since April 2021, NEAR articles have been published in my group by CoinNET.
Before scribbling here, I want you to see the work in the background, please. Currently, we have investors in our group who have joined the NEAR Turkish group.
I wanted to point this out with you to prove the work done since April. Please I invite you to be Fair.

You can also see the activity of my group and you can also see the articles published in the group by searching for NEAR.

In this case, I was wondering if you could call my group a bot.

GM gang,

Few points from me:

  • It doesn’t make sense to throw the baby out with the bath water, there’s already an existing community built by the current team running NEAR Turkey - why throw that away?

  • We should make an effort to focus on unity rather than division. Although there are disagreements here, I’ve no doubt we can iron them out.

  • Communication via the governance forum can be a little tricky. I propose a group call with myself moderating and anyone else who wants to be involved so we can iron this out and propose the best way forward.


Thanks Raptor.

So I’ve been working with Chronear, Rim, Joep, Reddit Operations Team and leading Degens team in terms of growth, social engagement, creating content, social marketing and more. We are mostly focusing on global marketing and growth.

This is the kinda content that we need, it’s flawless, with no translation but only fundamental analysis. The writer knows what he is doing and saying.

  • On the other hand, Cizi31’s team appears with Near Clocks worth $200. I made some calls and learned that a created clock costs $20 in Turkey, so they are lying about the price.

Cizi31’s team: Adding bot accounts, constantly talking about their investment, money, working on nonsense things like Near clocks, banning valuable community members, trying to sell coin-net that nobody aware of, no readers (coin-net.com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa)

I agree with Raptor here. Cizi31 needs to leave from Coin-net and become Near Turkey Guild contributor.

We are not doing business here, we’re managing a DAO, a guild. We only need valuable community members that contribute.


No! Please read the comments in the last proposal. We didn’t use that amount for each clock

Everything starts with a proposal here in the forum. I put a proposal and gave my idea. The Community and all councils Approved it. So please let me know, whats wrong about it? why are you complaining about it now and didn’t mention this here before? You are still just searching excuses.

Don’t tell me what I should do. I am supporting Near as a Community member. CoinNET is a part of our marketing here and we are partnered with Near University. We are also working with different Partners/KOLs etc.
Everyone can feel free to get in contact with such News Portals / influencers / promoters.

You, or one of your team members are working as an agency named Hype Partners. Right ?
Roman from Hype Partners (@nuxxorcoin on telegram) talked to me via dm and asked about how we are using the budget. I told him lets get in contact and plan a meeting. But then … I didn’t hear from him anymore. So again, Instead of getting in contact with me you Guys are still making analyses about our work since weeks (or months) to lead here with Mr raptor and create a New Community (which would Hurt and Split the existing one, which we have build up from 0 with the help of all councils and leaders here since more than one Year.

Yes. And I am always asking for new councils. Instead of complaining about our work maybe you should check the process how to apply or plan a meeting with me together.
But you guys are aiming something different here as we mentioned in the comments above …

I’ve never asked how you are using the budget since it’s not my business. I asked for a meeting with the whole Near Turkey Crew and wanted to find new ways to market Near in Turkey and learn how you work, but you told me that only you could join the meeting since other members are unavailable. But this was not the reason because you are the only person who can speak English, other team members you mentioned (graphic designers, social media managers etc) can’t speak English or don’t even exist. That’s when I start digging for your operations and find out some evidence that you’re deceiving the Near Foundation.

I think we need a meeting with existing contributors who receive payments from the Turkish Guild. I think those people need to join that meeting and explain how they contribute and what’s their future plans for Near Turkey etc. In that meeting, we can listen to both sides and Near Foundation can decide which community members they want to work with or want to vote on Astra DAO.

We need full transparency here.

We only care about here is creating a robust Near Turkey Community. Therefore we need to work with valuable community contributors, not external media outlets or non-Near-related parties. Existing community members are capable of doing anything we need.

If you need extra support on KOLs/Pr Agencies/Influencers, we need to decide it together, not with CoinNET or any other intermediate.

I’ve been doing marketing in Turkey for 3 years, worked with hundreds of projects but never heard of CoinNET because it’s an imaginary company with zero effect or fake numbers or rather no visibility.


Hey gang,

Let’s iron out the creases between these disputes and find a way to work together and move forward as a united Turkish community.

The thread has been locked to prevent it from escalating into personal disputes.

I’m going to add @cizi31 , @KriptoRaptor , and @TaygunDogan to a direct message now to arrange a call for Monday.

If anyone else wishes to be included, please let me know via DM and we can get you added.