[PROPOSAL] Near México, First steps

As you know we have founded NEAR Mexico, and are looking forward to contributing to the development of the ecosystem. For this purpose we are requesting the following funds to create a NEAR Mexico presence. Following you can find the description and amount requested:

  • Web Design: $360 USD
  • Logo Design: $150 USD
  • Web Hosting 1 year: $192 USD
  • SSL Certificate: $71 USD
  • Domain 2 years: $109 USD

Result: https://nearmexico.org/

SputnikDAO: nearmexico.sputnikdao.near


Hello José, I’m tagging @David_NEAR , @shreyas , @grace .

Maybe they could take a look into this.

The webpage is already bought?
The design will start as soon as the proposal will be accepted?
How much time will take the creation of the page?

Thanks for your time to all of you.


This is all super reasonable and looks good to me. Happy to approve.

cc @Community-Squad


Has this already been done or was the domain just purchased? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see anything on the website.

We don’t do reimbursements unless it was previously agreed upon. Also,was the Logo done in collaboration with the NEAR Design guild? What sort of functionality are you hoping for the website to have- some guilds literally have a bootstrap page and that works to display information, but I was wondering if you could elaborate more on what you’d like to do with the website.


Hello Shreyas, nice to hear from you and thank you for following up on our initial proposal.

So far we’ve only purchased the domain name out of pocket (hence why you cannot see anything yet when you click on it) and do not intend to make any other expenses until approved.

As for the logo design, we were not aware that the organization already had this resource. If you prefer we go through the design guild, we can certainly do it that way.

In terms of the functionality of the webpage, we are planning the following:

  • Blog with Spanish content about the NEAR ecosystem and related tech.
  • General information about NEAR, all in Spanish.
  • FAQ
  • Getting started with Spanish information.
  • Forum for Mexico NEAR users to help answer questions and doubts.
  • Calendar for upcoming Mexico events and education opportunities.

Furthermore, at a later point in time, we plan to make this page the hub for NEAR educational resources in Spanish for Mexico, as we discussed when you interviewed us.

Please do let me know if you need any other information.


To add to what I previously stated, we also intend to use the logo for the NEAR Mexico social networks.


Hello @NEAR_Core , voting ends in five days. Are there any additional requirements needed to move forward?

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Approved by me

cc @Community-Squad

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