[Proposal] NEAR Diminutive Of Name (Keep it Spanky, keep it bright, keep it gay!)

Hello friends, NEAR Compared to other blockchains Adoption is not the greatest to say the list, Work with NEAR as a developer I realize is HAAAARD to find the information you need 80% harder than other blockchains (Maybe one is one of the problems of adoption
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Google search in the world NEAR results, it was so hard looking something in near I FORCED to use another blockchain :flushed::persevere::tired_face: (I really forced guys) As marketers can we take this “problem” and make something Grade from it? Am suggesting a competition for “Diminutive Of Name” 8 ($50) Near for the winner to help SEO results. and 8 ($50) for posters anausing the competition + extra fat around near project. Remember fellas… Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay! The


Sculpting a Proposal
One time competition
Not calisthenics but for SEO
Andys z.

Not sure about that, but there’s certainly more we can do :100:

The name doesn’t lend itself to SEO particularly well, tend to have to suffix it with Protocol.

I don’t understand the proposal, though. Can you expand, please?


Good morning, could you please fill out the form?



#David how are you buddy always happy to see you around:), If you decide to stay like this great, but my humble opinion as. as SEO professional is that. my idea is something like “Polygon-Matic” to help the name stand out. Of course, I believe in near like you, and one day, maybe we rank above Apple, Nike, Microsoft, and all the others who use the word NEAR, and this implementation is unnecessary :v::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (the algorithm doesn’t work exactly like this but you get the idea) Don’t stand in my opinion also hopefully another SEO professional. can tell as his opinion.

thx so much Dacha Is my first proposal I will do this now

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