[PROPOSAL] NEAR Arabia Guild - August


What tasks are required from the users (and what is the expected benefit of this)?

-Taking lessons about NEAR and solve the quiz (promoting NEAR)
-opening a wallet from wallet.near.org (increase the number of NEAR wallets)
-Joining NEAR Arabia Telegram group and follow NEAR Arabia Twitter account (increase the number of Twitter and Telegram users)

*Goals & Promotion plan :
We have many goals, the most important :
-Increasing the number of the community by 50-60% for Telegram and Twitter :
Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
-Get new designers, developers, investors to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem
-Also in terms of engagement, we look forward to increasing the rate by at least 20% - 25%.

*3 Webinars :
After the event ends and while the participants are waiting for the results, we will hold 3 webinars, to involve them in NEAR.
-The first one targets interested parties and investors.
-The second one targets designers
-The third one targets developers
-3 original articles :
Each article will be a comprehensive reference for developers, investors, and designers

  • Funding Details:
    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR : 5700 USD -
    • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO : neararabia.sputnikdao.near
      Funding required (Basic):
      -Create the “Learn and Earn” event page including the manage panel and the content of the lessons: 500$
      -Event management and promotion: 500$ (to get at least 250 - 350 participants)
      -Rewards for the 200 winners: 2000$ ( 10$ per person - 200 winners)
      -3 webinars: 1200$
      -1 video to promoting the event: 300$
      -3 original articles: 600$
      -Managing social media channels: 600$
      (Bonus) funding
      We ask for a bonus as the number of participants increases, as this means that we have succeeded in managing and promoting the event.
      for each additional 150 participants, we will get X USD/Tokens (determine by you)

Please take a look at our detailed proposal here: NEAR Arabia proposal - August - Google Docs

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Pinging the fellow Marketing DAO Council members (@jcatnear @cryptocredit) to take a look as and when they can.

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Hi @MostafaLotfy Great to read your proposals for the Arabia Guild.

Could I suggest that you post a summary of your proposals here on the forum for everyone to see.

I know that @David_NEAR has made some comments on the doc so if you want to post a revised proposal that would be great.

Don’t forget to include a clear breakdown of how the funds will be spent and what results you hope to achieve.

Good luck!

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Hi @cryptocredit