[Proposal] MV traders of near

We are traders and experts in cryptocurrency marketing on twitter, telegram and Instagram, who from the beginning have dedicated ourselves to provide education in the area of trading. We have given paid trading courses for more than 5 years to more than 1,000 students, having satisfactory results.

Therefore, in order to contribute more to the Near community, we will carry out a marketing project towards our Spanish-speaking community, related to the topic of trading inspired by the Merchants of the NEAR group, in order to unite every Spanish-speaking trader interested in blockchain and Near related technology.

Our main objective is to educate and attract Spanish-speaking people interested in investing in all the cryptocurrencies that make up the Near ecosystem.

How to do it?
Firstly, we must establish the social networks in which we will work and the reasons why we consider them to be the most suitable to carry out the project.

• Twitter: It is an active community that seeks not only news, but also trading analysis and signals.
• Instagram: On instagram we have a fairly large community, which is characterized by its interest in learning trading and new investment projects.
• Telegram: We have an informative channel where market analyzes are sent daily.

As you can see, we have an active community that participates in our different social networks.

Secondly, we know that the three social networks have different algorithms. Therefore, we can play around with them and avoid being an immutable communications channel, so that we can become more of an interactive channel.

After the above, we can go on to explain how we will achieve our main objective

  1. Educating people about Near, explaining what Near is, its benefits and its advantages compared to other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Carry out in-between daily analysis of the cryptocurrencies that are part of the Near ecosystem, indicating the probabilities of what the cryptocurrencies will do in the next few hours.
  3. Offer once a month a basic trading course where they will be taught to invest in Near with an investment strategy. In addition, the course would include 5 practice lessons.
  4. Hold a webinar once a month where the objective is for the community to participate in a market analysis and inform about new projects in the Near community.
  5. Carry out a tournament like the one carried out by Merchants with the difference of using the three social networks to attract more people.

Examples of the tournaments that will be held on social networks:

  1. Instagram:
    • Analize the Near graph and tell us what it will look like at 8:00 am.
    • Add a GOOGLE FORM link to where the analysis is attached.
    • The next day the results will be published on instagram stories along with the winner.
  2. Twitter
    • A tweet publishing what the Near graph will look like at 8:00 am, having them participate by filling out a google form, retweeting a tweet and commenting.
    • The next day the results and the winner will be published.

The first month, both social networks will be used in order to measure how much participation we could reach. It will be done first on instagram the first weeks of the month and at the end of the month it will be done on twitter and the metrics of both giveaways will be sent to you. The winner of the giveaways will receive one Near.


In the following graph, we are incorporating the reach that our publications have achieved. With this, we hope that 5% or 10% will participate in our tournaments.

When it comes to trading the minimum reach of people reached is 5.000
in this case reached 17.280 users


An investment of $ 1,300 is required to carry out the pilot of the project.

  1. If 170 to 340 people participate, $800 is required since we’re going to manage two tournaments a month to test the reach of the mentioned social networks.
  2. Moreover, our marketing campaign (graph analysis, publication design and organizing the tournament) would require $500.

You had my support :100: to this initiative,

Feel free to add the NEAR-VENEZUELA tag #near-venezuela because you are a member from our Guild and you had all our support.

you can count also with NEAR HISPANO Guild, now even very probabbly with NEAR ARGENTINA, to reach out more participants or you can have a channel inside our Discord Server. Also, there could be a collaboration with OWS.

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Thank you very much this project will be excellent to attract a lot of people interested in the field of trading and investments after that the next step will beis to trading with nft on paras. :grinning:

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Good evening! Could you please share links on your agency /company/community?

Thank You!


Hello of course here are all the related pages:

Instagram: Login • Instagram
TIktok: TikTok de Eduardo Moreno (@chamocripto.near) | Mira los últimos videos de Eduardo Moreno en TikTok
WEB: https://mineriavirtual.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mineria_Virtual


Good evening. I appreciate your work. Waiting for feedbacks from our experienced advisors and Marketing guru @cryptocredit. I will support their decision. Have a great day!

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I wonder if you guys could collab with the Merchants of NEAR on this? Have you had any contact with them yet?

cc @Merchants_NEAR


I have participated in the predictions and we have seen their work up close the idea comes because we have seen that it has worked but we want to add the educational part and the live analysis where everyone can participate

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and also the difference is to also attract the Spanish-speaking public

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And you will attract your own audience into NEAR right ?

Hey @Mineriavirtual! Great job on this detailed proposal - seems solid and has lots of new opportunities we can have from this initiative!

For the deliverables I would suggest doing short form videos (something like the videos posted on your TikTok account) as this type of content gets much more reach and engagements vs. simple text / image

About the tournament/contests, how many winners per tournament do you guys plan to have?

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