[Proposal] Minga DApp Project - Community Guarantee


MINGA is a DApp that allows a community guarantee to different projects of a tribe based on a decentralized economy, in such a way that the distribution of tokens (NEAR) generates a level of trust in the collaborative network in this way to be an endorsement for the project and can have a good level of financing (loan).

**Community Guarantee process (User Guarantee) **

  1. The guarantee user aval input into the application, using his NEAR account
  2. The guarantee user aval see a section called “my polls to guarantee”
  3. The guarantee user select the project to endorsement.
  4. The complete project the amount of collateral in token.
  5. The guaranteed user is notified that their guarantee is complete.
  6. The guaranteed user is notified the amount is approved to get finance.


  • Obtain financing without having sufficient collateral funds, social financial.
  • Access lower decentralized financing costs.
  • Make informal sales that can obtain working capital financing for social impact.

Team Execution

Dennis Vivas @d3nn1svz.near - rol: ux process guarantee and design - NCD Certificade I
Benjamin Castillo @jrojas.near - rol: front-end developer
Walquer Valles @wxvr.near - rol: back-end developer - NCD Certificade I

**Facilitator **

Rosa María Orellana @Cryptochix.near (ux, front, backend, process desing support) - NCD Certificade I

Initial design for web interface