[Proposal] Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi

Proponent: Klara Kopi

NEAR account for payment: klarakopi.near

Project Timeline: March 7th – March 31st


I’m a visual artist, NFT maker, translator PT/BR-EN, metaverse and web3 enthusiast. I’m also part of an NFT PFP project and talk to people from all over the world on events on Club House, as a translator and moderator. I want to invite guests to share their stories, views, thoughts, talk about their projects, experiences on the metaverse with focus on NEAR projects, its events and DAOs.


The main objective of this project is to interview NEAR metaverse builders, projects and DAOs, upload the videos to YouTube and mint the snippet on the Mintbase Store called NEAR Metaverse History from the Metaverse DAO as NFTs to preserve this part of NEAR history in both Brazilian Portuguese and English.

Justification (Benefits):

The benefit of this project is that it would raise awareness for the NEAR protocol, its DAOs and projects also provide use cases of the NEAR Protocol and feature NEAR metaverse builders on YouTube. The interviews are important because they document a part of the NEAR history and the community that build and support its development in a bilingual format.

The Project:

I will interview NEARverse people (from NEAR DAOs, NEAR hub and NEAR builders on other metaverses) in English or Brazilian Portuguese, transcribe the interviews, subtitle and edit the videos, upload them to YouTube and mint them on the Metaverse DAO store called NEAR Metaverse History on Mintbase.


  • March 7th: Start selecting people and sending over the interview questions
  • March 14th-31st: Interviews to be uploaded on the Metaverse DAO channel called Metaverse TV on YouTube with the name “NEARverse Interviews”
  • March 14th-31st: Snippets of these Interviews will be minted as NFTs in the Metaverse DAO NEAR History store.

Budget :

  • $300 USD in NEAR

Final Products:

  • At least 3 interviews uploaded on YouTube featuring 3 different NEAR Metaverse Builders
  • At least 3 NFTs minted at the NEAR Metaverse History store (by Metaverse DAO)

Project Report

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: March 7th – March 31st

Project Accounting: As an Interviewer, with the Women’s History Month in mind, I have interviewed 3 women that build projects on the metaverse and that are a very important part of the NEAR community, @GeminiRising (council of the Ina DAO), @chloe (founder of the Marma J Foundation) and @tabear (community builder and co-founder of muti DAO).
I’ve edited the interviews, added animations and minted them on the NEAR Metaverse Hystory store on Mintbase and posted them on the Metaverse DAO channel on YouTube called Metaverse TV. A transcription excerpt from the interview will also be added to this month NEAR Metaverse Magazine #4.

Here is the list of the interviews plus an extra intro episode, with the links to the registry NFTs and Youtube videos with the full interviews:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 0 (Introduction)

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • Youtube:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 1 - Christa (@GeminiRising) @GeminiRising

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • Youtube:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 2 - Chloe @chloe

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • Youtube:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 3 - Tabea @tabear

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • Youtube:

Final Products: 4 NFTs registering the best moments of the interviews and 4 videos with the full interviews in HD uploaded to Youtube .

I’ve learned a lot about interviewing, editing videos and how to better organize myself so I can make it a weekly series. Next month I’ll certainly be better at this and whenever I can I’ll invest in better equipment to improve the quality of the videos.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity to develop my abilities and meet such amazing people, I’m really happy with this project!


@klarakopi, your report is excellent! We loved so much your work! We are very greateful too in working with you! You can ask your payout proposal on astrodao. Please, ask in DAI. As you have a successful project, you can also ask for 1 metacoin. We are very excited for your project next month! :heart: :fire:


Thank you so much for always being so welcoming, polite and helpful, I’m loving to work with the Metaverse DAO!
I’m very excited forthe next month’s interviews it too :smiley:


I’ve made my payout proposals on Astro. Thank you :slight_smile:

March payment in DAI

March METACOIN reward


Thank you, Klara. You are very kind.
And an awesome interviewer and person!
We are loving to work with you too. :heart: