[Proposal]Merchants of NEAR Monthly report Sep 2021

I not sure that is the best reasons to be awarded.

The same though.

Yes, sir . I’m aware about this competition. It’s an airdrop competition. If you do swap on dydx you may be eligible for dydx token airdrop.

But why do you use Near grants money for that if you got it directly on your guild?

No, I don’t have any payments from Near, but actually save a lot of money for them.

I think you can also request extra money (over 300N) from Near to cover your pension plan and medical insurance.

What we have eventually:

154N for Merchants guild community members
and all other payments for management (2 of them are degens) and friends.

Dear @grace please pay your attention here. Thank You

Also could be interesting for @David_NEAR @shreyas

Dear @Merchants_NEAR still waiting for a September report / wallet /transaction/purpose
Thank You very much! I just shilled your guild on my Twitter :blush:

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The position is for keeping Merchants updated on investment/yield opportunities, token sales, ect… Being aware of what is going is the best reason. Also he has been active and submits good analysis.

Small world!

I am not sure what you mean by “you just wanna get an airdrop”. Just trying to bring exposure to Merchants of a really good opportunity.

I am happy to have a video chat with you, @dacha, and someone of the core team if your qualms persists. I appreciate the feedback and will try to implement your suggestions.

Not sure that is necessary or reasonable. I am not trying to get into number crunching and debates with you or NEAR team.

I appreciate your concern and suggestions but is there a chance you can stop editing your posts above; hard to accurately reply with rewording and edits.



I’ll check this post out in more details ASAP, but please be aware that we’ve moved to USD denominated funding as per this forum post.

It’ll help us avoid this:

Cheers, and keep up the awesome work :tada:

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Dear @grace could you please comment why did you approve payroll request on 2000N? $16000

Head of Merchant didn’t answer on my questions and @David_NEAR questions.

  1. why did you increase your payroll request on 500N ?
  2. if you got money for the guild development why
    did you spend them on your friend ?
  3. you didn’t show a list of transactions wallet /purpose/quantity
  4. why your management wage is so high ~ $16000 - 154N = $14800 a month?
  5. I see imbalance between management salary and money for community development $14800 (management) vc $1200 (community expenses) Why?
  6. why degens army members get money from your guild ?
  7. what the role of mansadusa.near (if zucchini_fries.near is your wallet) in your guild?

Ps: I brought 45 new members (+ 23%) in your guild within 3 days and spent for that 0 dollars.

Dear @shreyas this guild works not transparent, head of the guild doesn’t answer on questions, violates transparency policy”.

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Hey! Awesome work, and it’s great to see. However, we are moving toward USD denominated fuinding so it’d be great if you could update the proposal to reflect that.

For the purpose of the questions, let’s take your proposal of 2,000 NEAR as being equal to ~ $16,000.

I think this is super high for the operations of a Guild in a one month period, particularly one with no physical presence.

Where is $16,000 being spent?

This sounds like it’s still very early days in terms of engagement, and I’m not sure the workload which this attracts warrants $16,000/mo.

Can you dive a little deeper and be a bit more granular with where the funding is going to, please?

Thanks a million! :tada:


@David_NEAR @Dacha As I said before, I am happy to jump onto a video chat to hash out any questions or concerns you might have. But to say I have not answered any questions or have been transparent is just false. I have answered every questions you posted above, many of which you have added on as edits after the fact.

We had the addition of Sanket for more content and updates on projects and NEAR DeFi ecosystem. We also are trying to expand our outreach now to more TG groups, Reddit and Trading View along with Merchants also participating in a few panels.

I will move funds out of the merchants wallet to my own wallet so this is more clear. Some funds are reserved for contest and other payouts but the rest I was holding in the wallet. As I explained, I am trying to build a relationship with dydx and doing what I can to promote NEAR to them.

The payouts for the Merchants were as follows:

Monthly Contest Rewards: 110 NEAR (40+25+20+15+10)
Weekly Contest Rewards: 72 NEAR (4*(7+5+3+2+1))
Weekly highlights feature: 24 NEAR (42 per reward3 featured TA’s)
Monthly participation reward: 16 NEAR (8*2 per reward) this is for submitting all 4 weeks
Quality assurance reward: 8 NEAR (1 NEAR each who submitted quality TA that week and did not win any) Down week in terms of submissions and quality as NEAR was dropping
Referral: 8 NEAR (2 NEAR * 4 people who brought on people who submitted to contest)
Total: 238 N for contest payouts
Sanket: 50 NEAR as community/content manager
Yuppie and Misinformed: 350 NEAR each as analysts
Total: 988 NEAR

I think they provide good work? I am not sure who their other titles have anything to do with their work on Merchants, as they are doing different things. Mansadua is one of our analysts.

I offered you a bounty for sharing Merchants link with your trading group and you did not respond . I gave you a custom invite link for Merchants which has no activity.

@dacha, as for your concerns of funding. Merchants guild is part of the Warpspeed initiative which, I believe, is still funded with NEAR dominated. However, if you are pushing for payouts to be dollar dominated, it is not fair whatsoever to be attacking community members for moving their NEAR to an exchange and selling it.

Awesome! Sounds great to me. It’d be great if we could get this posted to the forum, too. A breakdown of where the funds are heading to. A spreadsheet might be a good fit for this.

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Hey @david_NEAR. From what I have heard I was supposed to continue with NEAR dominated funding as a part of Warpspeed guild initiative. The NEAR dominated payouts is what was pitched when beginning the guild and what has been agreed upon. I do not think it is entirely fair for the funding method to be changed mid growth cycle without any discussion or feedback with Guilds or community. There are several concerns with dollar dominated funding I have. As guild leads, we are invested into the work and growth of NEAR; continued equity into NEAR price is aligned incentives. NEAR dominated allows us to continue quality initiatives such as the monthly contest with payouts. Also if Dollar dominated is the option, then let us be able to be paid in DAI, USDC or a dollar pegged stable coin of our choosing.

I do not think it is fair to have funding mechanism completely changed without any feedback or discussion with community contributors.

I would love to bridge the communication between me and some of the NEAR core if possible. There are other concerns I have, especially surrounding NEAR Con which I have not had answers for.

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@grace Can you please confirm?

We have a call with Community Leaders of 4NTS and OWS tomorrow regarding this, would you like to attend?

Let’s open a dialogue here

Please do share more details!

I am traveling tomorrow, so I might not be able to attend depending on time. I would prefer a separate discussion related to the topic for a later date.

For one, why are NEAR Con tickets so expensive? As a Guild lead, I am going to try to attend, but there was little to no communication from anyone to me about it, what should we expect, are we going to be providing any content. From the looks of it from my end, just seems like a networking and a bit of an educational opportunity.

Should be able to arrange something for sure, but ultimately discussions will come to an end on this after an outcome is reached.

Personally, I think the tickets are in line with the average for blockchain-focused conferences. You can take a look at ETHLisbon and the Solana conference (actually the Solana conf is $1,000(!)).

Not sure if there’s some assistance in terms of funding/discounts for Community Leaders (@mecsbecs is this the case?)

Check out the website for more details & even apply to speak if you think there’s something to contribute there :100:

It’s an education focused conference with a networking opportunity, this is the case for almost all Blockchain focused conferences :tada:

Hope to see you there! Beers on me if we meet :beers:


What is the timeframe on reaching an outcome? I think this is quite important.

My mistake, I agree that this is reasonable. Just was surprised at the cost.

@david_NEAR I have responded in the form post with my concerns and questions.

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I don’t have any timeframe to provide you on this front. We’ll continue to keep updates on the forum, for sure :white_check_mark:

@SanketN81 is already gets a great generous payment ~ $2800 in Degen’s Army for the same job (posts creating and shilling) , and as a true near supporter can do some activities for free. I don’t understand why you gonna pay her/him extra money?

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Did you contact with dydx management directly? I’m so sorry, but now it’s looks like you gonna get an airdrop from dydx (together with your friend and using your guild’s money).

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Could you please (as I asked you initially) show your September’s transaction as a proof or expenses above ?

Sorry, but @SanketN81 does more work in your guild than @Yuppiefab and Minisformed. Also @Yuibnb is a degen and gets great money in their Army. I don’t understand why you’re going to pay them 350N $2800 for 4-6 TA posts a month.

I think you need reduce their payments to 50N a month.

I do my work for free. I don’t need any referral bonuses. If I got something, please spend it on charity : fotcp.near, which is a development center for disabled youth.

I just showed to you example how it’s easy to brought new community members and spent 0 dollars for that…

Sorry, it’s not my decision. I’m not pushing anybody here.

Still not answered:

Very important show a list of transactions.

Thank You!

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Hey there’s been some misunderstanding, who told you that I’m getting 500N lol.

Please Check Report Again it’s 50N.


Sorry, you got my wrong and my bad also.
Your monthly payment in the guild 50N


Monthly contest Payouts:

Monthly Participation awards:

Week 1 contest payouts:

Week 2 contest payouts:

Week 3 contest payouts:

Week 4 contest payouts:

Weekly highlights rewards:
Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week QA reward:


Merchants Payout: (100 NEAR to [mansadusa.near] for NEAR CON)

We discussed this recently and am trying to up the frequency of content. Feedback was positive on tradingview account, so should see more analysis and content coming.


I get that and appreciate it, but I specifically give people new invite links via telegram to be able to track who joined with their custom link otherwise it is impossible to see who referred who.

I understand that, but you have been upset that community members for moving their NEAR to an exchange to presumably sell it. Just do not think that is fair.

I made a mistake of not transferring out NEAR to my own wallet before making the trade. I will keep Merchants wallet specifically for Merchants related business, but excess NEAR on that wallet can be treated as zucchini_fries. I can assure you I am not getting an airdrop of some sort.

Again, I think this is just due to the misunderstanding of funding. If you view it in $ terms, things are out of proportion in a bullish market. People are in fact paying thousands of “$” for a gif on the blockchain.
When NEAR was trading at $1.80 roughly one quarter ago, none of us were complaining about the $ value being too low because we believed in NEAR and wanted to continue to adding value to the community. But now that NEAR is doing well, suddenly everything is too much.

mansudasa is Misinformed on TG and one of our analysts

I appreciate your suggestions (tradingview, twitter KPI) @dacha and have taken steps to make sure these are implemented, but in terms of compensation, this is not for you to dictate.