[Proposal] Marketing Grant for Beta Testers on our NEAR Ad server Pr3sence

NEAR Marketing DAO,

Who are we and what do we do?
Pr3sence is a blockchain driven ads server : https://pr3sence.xyz/
Currently on NEAR, Pr3sence lets projects and individuals grow their online presence through targeted ads, informed using on-chain data. We are going to become the ‘Google Ads of Web3’, bringing cutting edge Ads and marketing services that are new and novel to Web3.

How does it work?
We use machine learning and AI to analyse on-chain data from user wallets, and then provide targeted ads based on this. Hence for this to work dApp that hosts our ads must have a NEAR wallet login so that when a user logs in, the targeted ad can be shown.

What are we asking for?

  • We are asking the community for funds so that we can incentivise and onboard advertisers in our closed beta. We are also asking for a smaller budget to market ourselves.

  • We will do this by giveaway advertising budget, whereby Winners can spend their account balance on advertising with our platform

  • Winners will have to be projects on NEAR, or users that represent them. Max one winner per project. Winners will have their account balanced topped up so they cant test our platform.

How much are we asking for & Breakdown
We are asking for $10,000 broken down into 2 categories

Category 1 - Giveaways to NEAR Projects [$8,000]

  • This will allow us to giveaway an advertising budget of $250 to 32 projects on NEAR, which will be airdropped to their account balance on our dApp.

  • We will giveaway the Advertising balance via Twitter to also grow our social presence at the same time.

  • The balance will be used to pay the price per impression ($0.01) and click ($0.2) on ads shared.

Each $250 will yield:

  • 15625 impressions

  • 470 Clicks assuming a 3% click through rate on ads (typically 2-5%)

Total from 32 advertisers will result in:

  • 500,000 impressions

  • 15,000 Clicks through to dApps on NEAR

This will convert to significant brand awareness for the projects participating and should result in increased activity and transactions on NEAR

The Ad Hosts
The dApps that host the ads will be:

  • prominent projects on NEAR that we have partnered with.

  • They will be compensated with 90% of the revenue that advertisers pay, to further incentivise them to participate

We hope that the profit that hosts make can be recycled back into the NEAR ecosystem, this way the NEAR Marketing Grant will benefit 3 players:

  • Pr3sence will be able to onboard early adopters and collect valuable testing data during beta.

  • Winners will benefit from free advertising and be able to test our service and advertise their projects efficiently to targeted users.

  • Hosts will be paid and can use the funds to support them in current market conditions

Pr3sence will keep a 10% cut to cover our technical costs.

Category 2 - Marketing Budget for Pr3sence [$2000]
This will be used for advertising and Creative graphics for the following:

  • $400 on Google ads (Google matches budget with another $400 for free)

  • $400 on Twitter Ads

  • $400 to advertise using our own ad server Pr3sence

  • $800 on professional graphics for our ads and infographics for social posts.

This will allow for us to:

  • Test and compare the results of each method and at the same time get our project out there to try and land new advertisers and hosts in the NEAR ecosystem and beyond.

  • Allow us to create 20-30 quality graphics for social media posts and high quality looking ads ($20-50 per graphic/ad).

ROI for NEAR ecosystem
This proposal, if approved, will allow NEAR projects to advertise their dApps on popular NEAR projects that we have partnered with to host their ads. The ads will be shown to targeted users yielding optimal returns for the advertiser. This will bring more users to the projects and allow us to collect valuable data that improves our ad server.

The Grant will also be indirectly going to other projects in the space and so wont just be about helping our project, the funds should help the ecosystem as a whole.

Our ad server could help increase trading liquidity in the NEAR space and will help us build towards going cross chain - allowing projects on near to advertise on ethereum or solana (cross chain advertising) which will allow NEAR to capture liquidity from other chains.

Our details
Please send the amount of $10,000 to the following near wallet: pr3sence.near

if you are interested in our project, please contact us via :
Twitter: @Web3_Pr3sence
Email: Business@pr3sence.xyz
Filling out the enquiry form on our site: https://pr3sence.xyz/

We are happy to discuss further with anyone interested.

The Pr3sence Team


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It seems promising, and I like the concept.


I don’t quite understand what your project is for? Do you want to advertise, so that projects do advertising for you? Do you want to become intermediaries in advertising projects?
Thx :blush: