[Proposal] Mar, Apr, May 2023 Social media budget for NEAR Vietnam

Hello NEAR community!

Cc @marketingdao-council,

@Dacha , @so608 , @satojandro , @cryptocredit @Klint

  1. Guild name: NEAR Vietnam
  2. Funding scheme: Quarterly - From March to May 2023
  3. Initiative summary, be sure to include:
    Please check I. Project Information & Goals and II. Applicant Information below
  4. Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem, Metrics, Timeline, Funding details:
    Please check III. Project Deliverables below
  5. Total requested amount in USD: $2500 x 3 = $7500
  6. NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: vietnamnearofficial.near

I. Project Information & Goals:

II. Applicant Information:

Please check the previously approved proposal in Feb 2023

Then we have successfully delivered the KPI below:

III. Project Deliverables in this proposal:

Learning from the current NDC Regional Discussion about the key focus areas:

We propose the KPI monthly below, the same 2500$ monthly budget but a higher committed KPI compared with the last approved proposal:

1. Social Media β†’ Distribution β†’ Twitter news:

  • Task: Share and translate the daily news on Twitter about the NEAR ecosystem totally through the NEAR protocol, and NEAR Foundation Twitter account into Vietnamese.
  • Old KPIs: 1-3 daily news, +200 new followers on Twitter (9600 β†’ 9800 followers), 50,000 tweet impressions
  • New KPIs: 3-5 daily news, +200 new followers on Twitter, 60,000 tweet impressions for each month
  • Budget: 600 USDT

2. Social Media β†’ Distribution β†’ Tiktok channel (NEW) :

http://www.tiktok.com/@nearvietnamofficial 3

  • Task: Aggregate news about the NEAR ecosystem/ Project review/ Macroeconomy & Crypto news related to NEAR
  • Old KPIs: 1 video/ week 150 view/video β†’ 4 videos/ 600 view/ month.
  • New KPIs: 1 video/ week 200 view/video β†’ 4 videos/ 800 view/ month.
  • Budget : 300 USDT

3. Social Media β†’ Others β†’ Online event:

  • Task:
    • 1 Giveaway: LEARN to EARN about NEAR & ecosystem projects or connect with the non-NEAR community for recruiting new users.
    • 1 Skin in the game event: Collab with projects to acquire new users for projects.
  • New KPIs: +200 new followers on Twitter, 60,000 tweet impressions for each month
  • Budget: 100 USDT

4. Content & Promotion β†’ AMA on Twitter space:

  • Task: we will host 3 AMAs per months with 150$ each
    • Each AMA we will research and write a project review on medium, then design & conduct AMA teaser with reward, then prepare questions, answer and host AMA in both languages simultaneously, announcing the winners, publish the AMA recap afterward on medium.
  • KPIs: AMA
  • Metrics: 3 AMA
  • Budget: hosting fee 150 USDT x 3 = 450 USDT

5. Content & Promotion β†’ DEV Solidity, NEAR Community Building

Blockchain Lovers 1 channel

  • Task:
    • Hold at least 1 online technical event per month (on zoom or google meet) to share and learn about Near smart contract, Substrate…
    • Participants: Expected 10-15 people.
    • Recruit new DEVs to apply CV for NEAR
  • KPIs: 1 Dev event
  • Budget: 400 USDT

6. Content & Promotion β†’ Promote new projects on Twitter:

  • Task:
  • Promote 3 projects, no matter the size:
    1. Apply from NEAR VN form: NEAR Project Registration
    2. The applied project published in this file 1 manage by @marketingdao-council
  • Old KPIs : Publish 2 twitter contents(thread,research, review, one page overview, news), 01 medium article, giveaway, retweet their important events/ monthly with 50,000 Twitter impressions
  • New KPIs: Publish 2 twitter contents(thread,research, review, one page overview, news), 02 medium article, giveaways, retweet their important events/ monthly with 60,000 Twitter impressions
  • Budget : 150 USDT x 3 projects = 450 USDT

7. Content β†’ Writing Medium β†’ Guide:

  • Task:
    • Translate an unlimited amount of articles about the Near ecosystem.
    • Write 7 new articles: Review 3 projects, 1 Dev event, and 3 AMA recaps.
  • Old KPIs: minimum 13 Vietnamese articles
  • New KPIs: minimum 15 Vietnamese articles
  • Costs: 200 USDT

Sub Total: 2500 DAI for Mar 2023

Total: 2500 x 3 = 7500 DAI for March - April - May 2023

Happy Spring, NEARmates! :sunflower:


Happy to support your proposal.


Thank you Sir for your support! :blush:

Please kindly check and feedback on our proposal:
@so608 , @satojandro , @cryptocredit @Klint


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Hi @HaiVu thanks for the proposal and your patience as we continue to work through the issues around allocating MarketingDAO funding towards regional initiatives. We have a call scheduled tomorrow that should provide us some clarity around how to move forward.


hi So608,
Thanks for your feedback!
Could you please update us on how to move forward with our proposal?