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Hello, we are Luna Fuzz DAO

Luna Fuzz is an Arts and Events production company. It’s a cultural movement based in Lisbon that sets out to break boundaries and mix different cultures and nationalities in Portugal. It is run by three Brazilian expats from Rio de Janeiro, who have been working in the cultural scene in Lisbon for a few years, and saw a unique opportunity to bring their skills together and shed light on other immigrant artists and promote a rich and ongoing exchange with Portuguese artists.

Council members:

Felipe Maciel // @felipemaciel // felipemaciel.near

Bernardo Peixoto // @berpeixoto // berpeixoto.near

Tomaz Lenz // @tomazlenz // tomazlenz.near

Who we are:

  • Tomaz Lenz (@tomazlenz): Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist received national attention with the artistic collective VARANDISTAS, which was composed by relevant names in the artistic scene in Rio de Janeiro. The project was celebrated with an original documentary produced by Canal Brasil called “Os Varandistas”. His friendship with Caio Soh, who was also part of the group, led to 5 songs that were written and played by Tomaz for Caio’s award-winning movie "Teus Olhos Meus’'. Alongside the band Wendy K, Tomaz spent some time in Austria, in an artistic immersion that resulted in a tour and an album called 14Lies. He has also been frontman of the band Motel 11-11. The band toured around Brazil and participated in relevant Brazilian television shows. Tomaz’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist have been heard by millions of people, in productions that range from Grunge to Brazilian Popular Music, such as Green Express, Maria Gadu ( in the album “Guelã”) and the DVD “Sarau: Novos Talentos da MPB” by Universal Music. Tomaz currently lives in Portugal, while he performs as a solo artist and produces his next work.
    Within the NEAR Community, Tomaz has been part of an artistic project by Garden Collective DAO, and “Visualizers EP Fim de Carreira” by Criatura&Beri DAO.

  • Bernardo Peixoto (@berpeixoto): Audiovisual producer, videomaker, music producer and sound designer born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, who has been living in Lisbon for 4 years. For years he has been active in the field of audiovisual and musical production. He started his professional career within the sound and audio industry in 2009 when he worked for radio stations in Rio de Janeiro. In 2016 he worked for Rock in Rio TV at the festival’s 30-year-anniversary celebration. His portfolio includes extensive work with Brazilian singer Leo Middea, such as songwriting and production of the album “Beleza Isolar” and several music videos, such as “Se eu disser que quero um beijo” and the documentary “Gente | Mini Doc”.
    Within the NEAR community Bernardo has been part of audiovisual projects with Criatura&Beri DAO and TATAOIM DAO, such as “Live Painting, Expo and NFT Creation” and “Criatura&Beri Studio Sessions”.

  • Felipe Maciel (@felipemaciel): Musical producer who acts on different fields within production. From 2014 to 2018 he was an Audio Engineer for Globosat and TV Globo. During that time, he also worked in event and entertainment production in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2018 he has been working for record label Som Livre as musical producer and songwriter. That same year he moved to Portugal, where he kept up with Som Livre while also working as executive producer and road manager for Brazilian artist Leo Middea

Achievement information about the DAO:

We are posting our first real proposal, the last one was in the same month that Creatives Dao made a pause on investments.
Our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luna_fuzz/

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under:
Music, art and culture

Spread the artistic scene from Lisbon and bring attention to the mix between local artists and immigrant artists from all over the world.


Name: Luna Sounds

Description: The project consists of a series of 5 episodes, in which at least two artists will play one of their original songs. Each episode presents a different group of artists, which include Tiago Saga (@tiagosagamusic), Madu (@ma________du), Lee (@leeshortforleee), Tomaz Lenz (@tomazlenz), Cieta, and many other artists immersed into this creative moment.

The encounter will be recorded at Coreto da Graça, in Lisbon, which is a very special spot that often welcomes artists from all over the world at night, while the city sleeps.

The goal of the project is to promote meetings and combinations between different cultures, with the intention of spreading art made by local and immigrant artists, and introducing new artists to NEAR’s ecosystem.

The artists will make Near wallets and the songs will be uploaded to Near’s digital platforms such as Tamago.

Expected outcome:

  • Spread the cultural scene of Lisbon
  • Bring artists and public to the Near´s community

  • Fuel Near´s platforms with artistic pieces

Activities & timelines:

  • May 15th: Equipment rental

  • May 16th: Recording of the piece

  • May 17th to 30th: Video editing + song mix and master

  • May 31th: Final assessment and content post-production

  • June 2th: Report 1 - Content upload on digital platforms such as Tamago and Youtube


  • Equipment rental: 100 USD
  • 2 Video recording / Camera operator: 200 USD
  • Sound recording / Sound Technician: 100 USD
  • Video editing: 650 USD
  • Sound mix and master: 200 USD
  • Production costs (catering, transport, scenography and infrastructure for crew and artists): 150 USD
  • Production and Coordination / Council work (30%): 600 USD

Total: 2000 USD

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?
    Give immigrant artists the chance to show their work and value mixing with local artists.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal
    As three music/cultural producers we´ll give all the necessary technical and production structure to the artists.

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

@felipemaciel - He’s the crew coordinator and producer in charge of event arrangements, budget and social media content creation.

@berpeixoto - He’s the set director, camera operator and co-editor, who will ensure the sound and image quality of the final material.

@tomazlenz - He manages social media and is the point of contact for the artists. He’s in charge of planning and connecting the project to participating musicians and prospects.

Target: Lunafuzz.sputnik-dao.near

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Let´s spread all this amazing art that Lisbon has to offer!


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Lisbon’ s art is pure magic.

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Hi @berpeixoto & LunaFuzz DAO! Thank you for the proposal.

Please refer to the Proposal template in this post: [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures and revise this proposal accordingly before we can review.

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