[Proposal] LOST BUT FOUND, the EP (My new NFT)

Good day! My beloved Nxm council

I’m ziglar.near

Date:27th of September 2022


My name is Alexander and my stage name is Ziglar. I am a musician, a rapper and a song writer from Lagos Nigeria. I joined the Nxm community around April, I have my Nxm membership badge. It has really been awesome to be a member of this great impactful community and I also want to be able to add more impact to the ecosystem.

I have been struggling to do music independently since 2014 , right from making freestyle videos on Facebook and Instagram to releasing my first single and going to shows for performance.

For a few months now I’ve been working and rehearsing on a project titled “LOST BUT FOUND” I therefore beseech the support of the NxM family to bring my Near music debut to actualization. I’ve been a member of the Near community and it’s been a great time among young superstars so far!

LBF(Lost but found)< is a 4 track, alternative Afropop extended play which will feature some of the talented NxM stars @BigM007 and @Romanus having a feel of different vibe and sound. The tracks on this Ep are motivational , emotional and spiritual .I’ve been working really hard on this project and I’m sure it’s going to come out so good when it’s done. This is going to be my first ever project with NxM and I feel so excited about it.


  1. STORY
  4. BE FREE

I am faithfully requesting the sum of 500usd in “Near” to sponsor the cost and expenses that will cover this project for production , mixing , mastering and graphics( which will include the NxM logo )


I’m going to be having two different producers working with me on the project, one is a bonafide member of Nxm, while the second producer is going to be a new member who would just be joining the community.

• Recording, Mixing & Mastering $400
• Graphics $50
• Social Media Ad $50

Total : 500$.

The graphic designing for this project will be done by a professional graphic designer that is also going to be a part of us as we get to work. He’ll have the Nxm logo boldly designed on every artwork, for publicity and awareness of what’s about to come through Nxm.

As soon as the project is completed I look forward to minting it as NFT in the Nxm store; that is a very essential opportunity for me to earn Near from sales of my songs.

At the end of this project, I want to be able to:

  1. Develop an intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language.
  2. Promote/ encourage diversity among our Nxm community members.
  3. Spread and Publicize “Near” all over my city through the composition , documentation and performance of my music.
  4. Spread love and positive messages to all my fans and supporters out there.

The project (LBF) is going to be ready on or before the 26th of October 2022.

I’ve already recorded the first track off the LBF EP and it’s titled “STORY” it’s currently being mixed and mastered by one of my sound engineers in Boom Studio, Surulere Lagos State.


•I plan to spend 72hours in the studio all day and all night recording the other three tracks left in the EP “LOST BUT FOUND”. I’ve scheduled the date of the recording to take place on; 8th - 10th of October 2022.

•After all tracks have been successfully recorded , the sound engineers will take their time to mix and master the songs, while I’m going to be busy making sure the printing and designs are going well.

Scheduled for 12th of October 2022.

•Once the tracks are ready I’ll be hosting a listening party in my house for the EP , where I’ll be making all the people present to have a vast knowledge about “Near” and get to be a part of our community. I will onboard these people and make sure their near wallets are created that day .This will take place on the 23rd of October 2022.

Target wallet; ziglar.near

Thank you NxM council for this great opportunity given to me , and I will faithfully do my best to lay positive impacts to the ecosystem.

I am grateful in advance for the approval of this project, thank you so much for bringing this project into actualization , it’s a great privilege!

I would love the Nxm community to take a little time to listen to all my previous songs and review my Instagram social media page via the links and description below;

https://www.instagram.com/alexander_ziglar/?r=nametag 1

SLM(Soldiers lives matter)2020

UNDERSTAND (cover) 2022

@Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor @bonepolice


I hope they give you this opportunity as you’ve never giveup on @NxM out of all those i have onboarded. May God bless your talent my blood. Greater places ahead

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wow Amen amen thanks my brother , I really appreciate you for this. My realest OG :raised_hands:t3::100::100: may God bless your talent and hustle too blood :100::pray:t3:

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Hi just a suggestion, in my opinion it would be highly appreciative if you focus on planning to spend the rest of the $175-200 on mixing/mastering instead of social media ads and merchandising as you’re purposing to create an EP and not doing a gig/event. Cover arts can be done around the cost of $50-75.

Sleezy Moss
NxM Social Media Team

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Okay great ! Thanks for the opinion highly appreciated :pray:t3: @Sleezy_Moss

Nice plans bro,I pray your NXM Wil approve your proposal, more ideas to your creativity


Thanks bro , hopefully this time

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@Ziglar hey blood, kindly check your proposal carefully as your proposal isn’t detailed in terms of budget… Example of a detailed budget


Recording, Mixing & Mastering $400
Graphics $50
Social Ad $50

Total : 500$.

This will make it easier for council to identify your budget when they glance through your proposal. Best of luck buddy

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Okay @Romanus thanks so much for the heads up brother :heart::heart::raised_hands:t3: I appreciate you