[Proposal]JusDAO-50k NEAR Funding DeFi communities DAOs


This is a proposal to launch a community growth hacking DAO based on Sputnik DAO tech .

The goal is Funding DeFi communities create DAOs based on [Sputnik DAO tech ]V2

and creat a DeFi DAOhub.


gasfee is too high on Ethereum, which prevents users from participating in governance,there is a great need for on-chain tools .


50k NEAR from the NEAR Foundation,1000NEAR per DeFi community


  1. Launch a DAO (https://sputnik.fund/#/jusdao.sputnikdao.near), creat a website jusDAO,and social medie accounts of jusdao Twitter
  2. Find DeFi community leaders.
  3. help DeFi community start A DAO use [Sputnik DAO tech ]V2.


At the end of 2021, there will be 50+ DeFi DAO on NEAR Protocol
DeFi users 10K+

Initial council

  • yusd.near
  • ese.near
  • illia.near

This proposal has been published for three months and no feedback has been received. I hope NF to pay attention to the development of defi in the NEAR protocol.

Hi @jack thanks for the idea of creating such DAO.

To do a proper review of the proposal and increase the chances it will get funded, we suggest to give more details and a better preparation:

  • twitter followers is currently 35, for an initiative like this you would need a greater community of followers
  • name the projects you would like to fund
  • explain what the ‘Defi Leaders’ would do with the 1000 NEAR
  • what would be the criteria to fund the projects.

Please review and adjust your proposal for the council to consider it.

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Thank you for your review.

As you mentioned, community leaders are the core factor (so callde key community leader, KCL). The core of this project is to find KCL. Their Twitter or Telegram group needs to reach a certain number of people (for example, 2000+) to get 1000 NEAR Funding.

The purpose of the funding is to establish defiDAOes on the basis of Sputnik DAO V2 to encourage the governance behavior of defiDAO members.

By the way, the target audience of this project is KCL.

happy weekend!

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Jack, do you already have an ideal KCL in mind? If so we could see how engagement plays out with 1. Then we can ramp up to 50.

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yes, i have a list of top50 DeFi community.

This proposal is not a Funding for NER guild, it is an idea/a part for the road map of how NEAR protocol can add value for defi on ethereum or other blockchains.

This is just a proposal for a crypto market strategy, anyone can find and propose a qualified KCL.

Near protocol, good luck!

NER guild do lots of research on this field (on wechat public account In Chinese ):

  1. Near Protocol has become the first version of ETH2.0?
  2. Vitalik:Ethereum 2.0 is near
  3. NEAR is the first to implement EIP-1559, Ethereum miners panic?
  4. DeFi top player: will AC be the next Zhang Jian?
  5. Vitalik thought about the EIP-1559 proposal for 5 years and NEAR realized it
  6. NEAR [not online] uniswap, to avoid being deceived, please look for Binance and Huobi
  7. Nominated for the Nobel Prize in “New Institutional Economics”, who has the opportunity for Ethereum V God and NEAR Dragon?
  8. The NEAR mainnet was successfully launched, kicking off the prelude of Ethereum DeFi2.0
  9. The number one player of ETH2, NEAR will take you to dig the DeFi mine again?
  10. Will all DeFi be played again on NEAR?
  11. From miners to farmers: new harvest era or investment opportunities?
  12. The evolution of the DeFi bubble: The founder of SushiSwap refunded $14 million in cash
  13. DAO’s investment hotspot, whose public chain will be spent?
  14. DeFi is the next FCoin, where is the future of blockchain?
  15. The way out after the plunge: DeFi to DAO, the holy grail for the top player on the new public chain?
  16. To help Ethereum become a global settlement layer, NEAR announced the first cross-chain hackathon
  17. The crossroads of Ethereum 2.0: Polkadot web3.0 and NEAR Open Web
  18. Uniswap has an annual revenue of 139 million U.S. dollars. Will the agreement economy of the NEAR chain become the next hot spot?
  19. Near Protocol becomes the computing layer of Ethereum, what does it mean to ETH?
  20. NEAR Rainbow Bridge: Save 90% of fees for Ethereum DeFi users and increase the speed by 10 times?
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hi @grace there will be a KCL .HAK will be a DeFi project base on social token.


hi @jack wdyt about a quick call on Monday?
happy Sunday!


ok, DM you.

happy Sunday to you , too!


Hi @jack, Exiting to see the success of HAK unfolding in the past two days! So far HAK has earn large attentions and impacts. I think you have a good understanding on community projects growth hacking on NEAR. Would be good to know what’s the next step for HAK?

In terms of the Defi DAO proposal here, also a great idea! Seems like you are on the step 2: finding those KCL, am I right? what kind of support do you need on step 2 and 3? For the list of top50 DeFi community, is the idea to bridging them to NEAR?

Hope you guys have a great conversation on Monday, cant wait to see more this DAO to enable more Defi projects on NEAR!


thanks @iotachan, HAK is going to be A social token From NEAR community FOR DeFi community and Governed by the community.

Bridging DeFi to NEAR will be a part of Hakuna Matata Roadmap.

The next steps :

1, Create HAK DAO ,which will Control all the HAK in the reserve. Recommend HAK DAO temporary council member from NEAR community, at the same time.

2, Distribute the first batch of airdrops announced on 15th-MAY.

3, Announce the Hakuna Matata Roadmap and Liquidity funding from NF (or jusdao that is this proposal to discuss)for the Hakuna Matata community.


Great. Hope HAK can be developed quickly and effectively


Hi,jack. Exciting to witness huge success that HAK have made so far! I am an investor as well as a devoted fans of DAO. I have also participated in the development of DAOsquare community in the very beginning. Can I have you contact for more detailed information of HAK project?

no problem, let’s buidling together.

Hey, just wondering how this project is going ~ any updates?

after Transfer-Fungible-Tokens

Soon :joy:

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