[Proposal][June]NEAR NFT Week Funding

Introduction: [Starting] NEAR NFT WEEKLY NEWS
Proposal: Previously NEAR NFT Week was working under the umbrella of NEAR NFT Club. Seeing the growth and possibility to evolve, NEAR NFT Week is working to make it’s self identity within the ecosystem.
Previous Month Report: [Approved][May] NEAR NFT Week Funding - #27 by NEARNFTWEEK
Funding Request: $1860
Other Funding Source: Creative DAO: $3K

Budget Breakdown

A. Social Media Account
Twitter Social Media Account: https://twitter.com/NEARNFTWEEK
Followers: 595 → 690 (15% Growth)
Impressions: 20K
Reward: $200

B. Content Writing
Reward: $40 X 4 Week = $160 (For each Newsletter to be published 4 times in this month)

C. Email Marketing
Subscribers: 200+
Reward: $200 * 4 Week= $800

D. Infographics
20 Designed Post in a Week
Reward: $5 X 20 Posts X 4 Week = $400

E. Group [Will include the rewards after our group become more active and attain this milestone]
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearnftweek
[May] Members: 7 → 105 | $100
[June] Members: 105 → 180 | $100
Tips: $100
Total: $100 + $100 + $100 = $300

Total Request: $200 (A)+ $160 (B) + $800 (C) + $400 (D) + $300 (E)= $1860

Future Plans

  • Add NFT Gaming Communities in our Newsletter.

Note: Candidate having interest and good connections withing the NFT Gaming Communities can contact @naveenkandwal on Telegram.


Thank you for the clear proposal and cost breakdown – can you explain why there is a need to differentiate/work separately from NEAR NFT Club so we can understand that aspect of the request?


About NEAR NFT Club

  • NNC is operational to cover the NFT Marketplaces/Communities/Collection/Artists promotional and marketing activities.

About NEAR NFT Week

  • NNW is a weekly newsletter digest of selected marketplaces/communities.
  • As a part of the NEAR NFT Club, NEAR NFT Week was not receiving adequate exposure. Which is changing now. :smiley:
  • We got advised by our Mentors to connect with the other DAO’s (Apart from Ecosystem DAO) for NFT Week as it focus on Weekly Newsletter and it needs more visibility within the overall Forum Ecosystem.
  • Also the Operational Funds needed to match the resource requirement for covering our Evolving NFT Ecosystem was increasing.

Few Results after moving it apart from the NEAR NFT Club.

  • We have a dedicated telegram group with our community representatives.
  • Our new added positions of Relational Officer that connect with every community for verifying the content before we make the post is improving the quality of content and our connections.
  • We now have a dedicated space for publishing the work https://week.nearnft.club
  • We received collaboration requests from the Marketplace/NFT Collections to add them as well. :slight_smile:

Good evening!
How many applicants filled out the NEARNFTWEEK promo form?
Could you please share information about promotion work with projects from the form? Thanks


We received three submission via NEARNFTWEEK News Form.

We have added that content in our weekly posts. The News request was from Capital Guild and DAO Records. Please DM us your email id we will share the submission form content with you.

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Good morning, could you please promote this form / opportunity through your social media?
Happy to support your proposal.

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Thanks for sharing this.
We have created a pinned post about it from our Twitter.

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Can you please clarify that the NEARNFTWEEK and NEARNFTCLUB are the same team? If so, can you please also include funding proposals for NEARNFTCLUB?

I have the sense that we are paying the same group of people several times for very similar work across the same timeframe.

I see that you stated above in your proposal that NEAR NFT Week and NEAR NFT Club are different and that you are requesting funding to spin NEAR NFT Week’s publication our into an independent initiative. Do I have that correct?

I agree with @satojandro that we need info about the team involved and other projects you are connected to that are receiving funding before I can make a final decision on this one. Thanks!

We were advised by the Ecosystem DAO to break the NEAR NFT Club work and approach different DAO’s to diversify our funding’s. Hence we approached Creative DAO’s and Marketing DAO. And unfortunately our Creative DAO funding request has also been closed. No Funds coming from Creative DAO now.

Regarding the Team,

Our web developer @Yashannapolis , Designer @Vrajesh and the Founder @naveen_in are same from the NEAR NFT Club Team. Remaining members are working with NEAR NFT Week only.

We received the funding of NEAR NFT Club till the month of April. And from May Month we have approached Creative and Marketing DAO.


@naveen_in has already shared the details of receiving funds from Creative DAO and Marketing DAO with @mecsbecs who is in talk with us for NEAR NFT Club funding transition.

Yes. The request is for NFT Week’s publication.

Three of our members are connected to NEAR NFT Club as shared above and we have not received any amount from any NEAR DAO treasury or Clients we are covering for this work.