[Proposal] July 22: New York VR performance avatars and puppets

target wallet: catalejo.near
total request fund: 400$ USD

WE will create 5 wallets

So we will continue exploring the worlds of avatars, puppets and their controls systems: One thing that have come to our attention is that avatars can be so much more than just a “representation” or façade. They can also be a way of understanding ourselves in relation to the non-sense of racial and gender divide. We will spend this month producing multiple avatars based on the same person BUT these avatars will be multi-racial and multi-gender. The idea is to understand the meta, multi and real verses as a PATAverse, following the pataphysical ideas of Alfred Jarry and our Favorite Fernando Arrabal.

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Hey, Sorry I find lack of information in the proposal. Can you describe it more about the activities? Budget breakdown? Thanks!

Do not be sorry! It is the first time I posted a proposal here on my own. I always relied on MotionDAO’s umbrella for all our proposals…Ok let me explain. Our team is developing a VR/Performance project called Rapid Transit. This is an ongoing project. One milestone we want to achieve is this September or maybe October we will be doing a demo/presentation/performance in NYC where we will introduce the project and perform in front of an audience. In that performance is where we will generate new wallets, we estimate that maybe we can get 40 wallets on that weekend of the performance. As mentioned, the project has more than one end, one is a VR piece and the other is and actual performance, not just a live demo. For this we are developing in one hand the assets (for this particular post it is avatars) and also all the systems for controlling such avatars and other “puppets” in a live performance set up. This takes time and effort :). The budget for this particular stage of our production is basically 20 hours of work to produce around 25 maybe 30 avatars. That would be the breakdown of our budget for this proposal. In the future, we will make other proposals for the developing of the puppet control system (which we already started) and other needs such as the developing of the environment, lighting, programming, etc.

If you want to know more about content of the project itself, let me know and I can DM our artistic/technical proposal, i do not want to make our ideas public. The project is basically a metaverse project , of a sci-fi genre, where in a future NYC, ravaged by floods because of global warming, The Latino community has become the ethnic majority, creating a shift of language and culture, where some old minorities change attitudes (basically Latinos become arrogant and “privileged”). In this 2055 New York City, the language is Spanglish, there are “open borders” with South America and the leaders and minions tell a story about new technologies and old prejudices.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


Victor Morales (leader of the 3D_VR_NYC_hub of MotionDAO)


Hello! What would you be doing with these creations once finished? How does this contribute to the NEAR ecosystem? Thank you!

I am Not sure i understand the question. The performance will generate wallets and the VR piece is about thw future of minorities. But maybe you can tell me me what does the ecosystem is looking for? Guidelines anywhere?

This is a very important part of our research on VR>AR and the blockchain. Victor has been developing amazing work exploring.