[Proposal] Jazz DAO regular staking funds to invest in commercial premises/headquarters

Guild : Jazz Dao
Treasury : jazzdao.sputnik-dao.near
Project members: @pan_tastick , @vicentetbh , @squattingPigeon
Timeline : 1 to 2 years

We’d like to stake 500$ month in defi on various project to yield farm. This is build up capital in order to invest in commercial premises where we will be headquartered with offices, studios and possibly a record store. We believe a downpayment with a decent business record and an appropriate legal wrapper will allow us to borrow to do that. Commercial property in the vicinity of Lisboa still remains affordable and is still the best self-sustainability plan we could think of. We believe such a goal is relatively realistic within a year or two. According to Bloomberg Analytics and many crypto analytics outlets we are headed into a recession. Investors are withdrawing their assets for from digital asset markets and the only asset that seems to be holding its value seems to be real estate hence our strategic consideration for investment. We are also considering investing into metaverse real estate if our budget grows in the coming months

Thank you!

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