[Proposal] Jaffles - No-code website builder

Jaffles is partnering up with Near Misfits to launch a NEAR-focused no-code website building tool & the next generation Misfits collection, where each Misfit represents the handles on a specific NEAR domain.

Jaffles is a no-code website builder focused on web3 (NEAR) creatives. With its unique tile system, Jaffles offers users a place to quickly carve out a corner of the internet to show off their personal portfolios, startup landing pages, NFT collections, and much more. An MVP has been made and tested with a small group of people (olliechap.com).

As Jaffles evolves, so will their library of widgets, that connect to third-party projects. Focusing on NEAR, these widgets are planned to include NFT validation and showcasing, a NEAR tip jar, and other integrations into NEAR projects.

Futhermore, Jaffles is in partnership with Near Misfits, the first cryptographically complete NFT collection on NEAR. Launching a collection of 18K Misfits Gen2, each NFT will provide exclusive access to a domain extension (a-z, aa-zz, aaa-zzz), where the collection makes up the first 3 characters. For instance, when the holder of the NFT “abc” connects their NEAR wallet to their Jaffles accounts, the URL “https:xxx.com/abc” will be a masked redirect of their Jaffles website. Please notes that we are in the process of aquiring a special domain, so it is currently hidden in this proposal.

After the sale of the first 3 character handles, there is a potential to release handles with 4 or more characters. This could be executed in a number of ways, and is being actively explored.

Misfits Gen2
The collection of 18,278 NFTs will follow a similar artistic style to the gen0 Misfits, with a few changes;

  • NFTs will contain individual attributes (head, body etc)
  • NFT holders will be able to download the 3D models directly from the web application.

Roadmap & Proposal
We are proposing a grant of 20,000N to begin development immediately on Jaffles & to fund Misfits Gen2. We are expecting Jaffles development to take around 6 months with a small development team (already sourced). This grant will be cover the initial development costs and launch of Misfits Gen2, where the sale funds will go directly into establishing a longer runway for Jaffles.

Both Jaffles & the NFT sales mockups have been created. If you would like a preview, please contact me on telegram (@olliechap).

Jaffles is the working name, and may change.