[Proposal] Ina DAO, Fra DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO,Graffiti DAO, Afrostar NFTs Collaboration

In March, #fra-dao reached out to us for collaboration educating some of our members in the XP Design Workshop
Learning from a very friendly DAO,

We have decided to make collaborations with 5 more DAOs in the ecosystem, with the purpose of supporting our community artists by buying their NFTs worth of $200 from each DAO’s stores.
i.e each DAO will request for $200 each for the sake of buying NFTs from another participating DAOs

These NFTs would be bought with AstroDAO addresses
Participateing DAOs:

Ina DAO @GeminiRising

Fra DAO @frado


Hype DAO @kodandi

Graffiti DAO @Ligaya
Afrostar Guild

These could be a thing happening every 2 or 3 months
and its purpose is to bring collaborations within DAOs in sense of collecting DAOs community artistes NFTs with astro dao addresses.
How to buy:

NFTs link will be shared on DAOs telegram, for sale.

Afrostar is requesting $200 in NEAR for the participation.

Participating DAOs can link this in their proposal, to request $200 for participation.


Amazing AfroSTAR’s family!! Let’s grow together!!
Thanks for this beautiful propose!!


another way we can benefit from this, happy to see it :face_holding_back_tears:


thanks for being part of this :star_struck:


thanks for putting this on, and every other DAOs involved. This is great


Oooh, How great :star::star::star::star::star:


Looking forward to doing this with you! It will be included in our budget.


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Awesome Initiative! :sparkles:


What is the benefit for Near from the fact that you want to buy NFT from each other? Does the NFT data have the liquidity to indicate a given price? What does this offer provide for the ecosystem?
Without buying an NFT, you can’t establish a relationship with each other?
Thx :blush:

Hey Stalking, there is absolutely nothing bad in 5 DAOs requesting $200 each to collect arts from DAO stores, obviously there is relationships between us before now, Collecting NFTs from ourselves is love. And some of the NFTs in the DAOs stores are not even funded projects, it’s arts minted by Community members that enjoys what they do and mints after.

A member which is not a council member that minted his or her works 5 or 6 months ago waking up to see mail of NFT bought by a DAO is a thing of joy and encouragement to keep doing more with NEAR NFTs and keep up with the community .

Some NFTs are prized exactly $200 while some are below, DAOs will definitely make their choice of buying in NEAR $200 worth of NFT which everybody can see, transparently @stalking


Are other DAOs an example for you? And I have seen how some DAO and consuls, deceiving the Near Fund, received money in their pockets, so you do not need to look at others, this is your project, your work and your reputation. You say that this is a reward for artists. In the previous proposals, did your artists not receive payment for the creation of the NFT? Don’t think I’m trying to defame you, I want to understand your offer
Thx :blush:

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Nice one, I remember when #onboarding-dao collected an NFT from us with their AstroDAO address :partying_face: Will be happy to pick a DAO to collect from, also :heart_eyes:One love :heart: Let’s go :rocket::rocket:


Brilliant movement love the proposal :heart::heart:


Cross buy-back between DAOs has some good impacts to incentivize artists & DAOs’ project imo, I look at this as another way to strengthen community engagement just like competitions & bounties.

  • Create organic traction for artworks since DAOs and their members will cross check other DAO’s projects, which is hardly done by bounties & competitions because they are organized by just 1 DAO and the audience is around that DAO’s community.

  • Encourage artists to create quality work

  • Have some advantages comparing to self buy-back proposal:

(This is bad, and I never support this) On another hand, I think a collaboration like this even can avoid that because they’ll have an eye on each other & make sure every member is doing his job as proposed.

I support this proposal for those reasons.


definitely, this is a wake up call to be more creative! because quality works will attract good sale :hearts:


HypeDAO is into this collaboration and looks forward to swapping NFTs with these amazing artists!


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One Community :white_heart:


It’s good news that you will be in control of each other. I am interested in another point. 1. Previously, in the proposals, did your artists receive remuneration for creating NFT? 2. Why such a cost for NFT? 3. Share your social networks and telegram channel to get acquainted with your community and your work.
Thx :blush:

Garffiti Dao is Excited on this Collaboration too.:heart: