[Proposal] Ideation for Hackathon - Give me a hand 🧸

Project title : [Give me a hand :teddy_bear:]
One-liner : Fund your creativity in just a couple of taps.
Project DAO : Metagov DAO
Challenge area : Re-imagine the NEAR Community Fund.
Project members:

  • alway.near ( Full-stack Developer with almost 5 year experience )
  • tumyer.near ( Very smart Marketer )

Slides: [WIP👩‍💻]
Repo: [WIP👩‍💻]
Video Demo:[WIP👩‍💻]

Project summary

A friendly way to fund your creativity and makes supporting fun and easy. In just a couple of taps. Your fans can give you some Near and leave a message. Hope to create a passive income source from your fans so you can forget about finances and focus on your creative work and life.

:teddy_bear:will be a Dapp use Near as the backend and complete the process of the transaction as well as page web, account 100% on Near. Users can choose the coin (in Near, etc.), title, message they want to support.

This special feature is:

  • Support is super easy with just a few clicks.
  • 100% does not save any user private data.
  • Superfast payment transfer speed ( thanks for Near future a lot)
  • Extremely low fees for low-priced transactions.
  • Free and 100% for the community. ( you can choose who will pay the transfer fee )

Additional sections

We are also looking for a teammate :teddy_bear:

This is just a preliminary idea, hope everyone can comment and give a lot of feedback to bring this idea into reality 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨.

Thanks for reading. Hope you guys have a great day :v:

Other attachments

Gov Challenge:

Social Token DAO


Hi everyone, please give us a lot of suggestions for our team :laughing:. You guys are the best :star:


Seems like a positive rewards system for a community to support creativity. Would love more details on how these tokens will be used within the community. For example, how many tokens will be minted or how will people trade the tokens they receive?

Great start to a project👌🏽.

Thanks for the proposal @duythien0912 ! I’d love to understand better how creators will be able to use the tokens once they have them, and whether you’re seeing them as being available on swap marketplaces. (How) Do you envision building liquidity into the community?

Hi, Choe very happy when you ask us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,

For now, our goal is to build the MVP product first and then create a token later. So the number of tokens is still undecided. What do you think?

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Hi, Enidavis thanks you a lot :v:

So for now we just think it very simple like:

  • Creators can configure their wallet address or use the default Near account.

  • After their fans give Creators some token they can use it to stake or swap or sell it.

So we think we will go fast and support all the coin user needs first like Near, Btc, Etc ( using near rainbow bridge magic 🧙‍♂️) to their wallet.

I think that taking it slow and doing it one step at a time is a wonderful idea.

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Thx for the elaboration @duythien0912 - so are you proposing that artists could create tokens on this Dapp? Moving forward into further stages, I’d love to understand what social token functions you envision. Happy to give more feedback as you build out your roadmap. Do you see this as perhaps a mix between Patreon and the tipping that is in QQ Music and is coming to Twitter, Instagram, etc.?

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Hey folks, if you plan on participating in the Gov Challenge, you should

  1. change the payout target to be the new Sputnik DAO you created
  2. change your payout amount to 30
  3. adjust your proposal to the template specified in [Proposal] Example Project Proposal

Otherwise, the proposal is very cute :slight_smile:



Thank you very much. I will do it :blue_heart:

So this is what we think about it: our token will be HAND ^^

  • Those who support will have a HAND when they have completed the payment.
  • HAND/Near can be used to create a new account/page for creators.
  • Creators open their own NFT store (will working on it soon) with default token GMAH and have a good domain name (.com, .net, .space, v.v ).
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Looking forward to seeing what you decide to build and how you’ll onboard and guide your users, and encourage growth in your community.


Hi @duythien0912 is the new proposal #28 at Metagov DAO? Because it’s still targeting alway.near as opposed to a ______.sputnikdao.near address! You can still submit a new payout proposal, it just has to target a Sputnik DAO!