[PROPOSAL](HYPE DAO MAY Hype Battle Budget

Just Like Other Battles We will Conduct 2 Hype Battles For This Month with 3 winners.

We would like to budget for:

Prize 20 NEAR for each of the winners in the battle

1st place 10N
2nd place 7N
3rd place 3N

Total of: 20N ($220) x 2 Battles a month = 40N ($440)

Graphic design And Creating Banners/Flyers And All related To Arts Used For Hype Battles.
=23N ($253)

Answering All Questions,Comments and Feedbacks From all Participants and Contacting Collaborations With Other Artist Dao In Near Community, Making Sure that We have Growth In Forum and Telegram As well.
23N ($253)

Total -86N ($952)

NEAR is $11 at the time of calculating


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