[PROPOSAL] Graffiti Dao WEB3 & Near Convention

Good Day Creatives.

Here is the Summary and Explainations On this Proposal.

Mission: To Onboard More People Especially talented Artist Into Near Blockchain.
To gather and educate People About Near and Crypto Currency.

This idea came up to me, What If graffiti Dao will Going To Host or organize a Event where we will invite Visual artist and Graffiti Artist All in one in this gathering?
In this case we are sure to onboard this Amazing artist and making graffiti Dao more livelier and Strong if We will build a Strong and potential artist From South Cotabato.
South cotabato is well known about competetive different kind of artist and Dancers. Some of them also joining in national and international competitions and Exhibits.

So i would like to take this Step to Organize a Conference here In my Province.
My mission is to Guide and educate People here in south Cotabato about Web3 and Crypto Currency. Most of them heard Crypto and Nfts but don’t know how to start the process and steps to become part of the Metaverse.

Propose Budget For this Initiative:
Poster/Flyers: $50
Transportation: $50
Foods/Snacks/Water for all the Participants: $250
Venue Rent(EMR CENTER) : $250
Vedio/Photography: $200
Tshirt Printing with
Near and graffbase logo:$200
Bounty(we will select 15 participant to Join a Live Bounty: $500
Paints and canvasses and Other materials Needed for the On the spot Bounty: $400

Onboarded New People and Artist
Activate 20 to 30 Near Wallet
All Arts from Live Bounty will be minted on Paras Account.
All Paintings Will be gathered And Safely Stored for the Future Exhibit.

Estimated Amount: $1900

Open For Suggestions and Opinions, Thank You Creatives.

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Hey @Ligaya
Could you please give us a brief intro about the date and place (some pictures or URLs) of the planned conference? What’s the agenda?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Paul Thank You For Visiting Our Proposal.
As of Now we don’t have the exact Date Of the Conference as we know that we all experience Delays For Budget but we hope To Organize this Said Conference By First week Of September or Once The Budget recieved and set the Day by Sunday so People are free and No Works.

I Already working on writing a Public Event In Social media Using My Facebook account and waiting for Responces. But i am more focus on talking the Presidents and Leaders Of Artist Groups here in South Cotabato. .

If you Guys Don’t know let me explain, here in South Cotabato there is a Huge Population of Visual artist and Some of the Groups i know are the Artist Guild Of Surallah, and Malapatan Visual Artist.

Artist guild of Surallah - AGOS
Public Group of Agos
I personally Know sir Danny Doce a Watercolor artist and also a Member of Watercolor Artist in Philippines Originally Founded in Manila Philippines.
i assume and Have a Positive outcome to reach More People From the said Group to Join this Conference. .

I also set a meeting with Them Next week to discussed more about the event.
We will work as a team to make this gathering succesful…

Honestly like what i Said we still have no Exact date for this because we can’t organize the said event If there are some delay of the Funds.

The agenda for this proposal is to Onboard Artist to became a Nft Creator in near and Become a part of our stores and Near Blockchain.
I am happy and excited to Meet and Educate those Talented People who have no Knowledge about Nfts and Crypto.

Hope i answer the Questions properly and address it right​:blush:. Love to hear your Feedback @Paul