[Proposal] GENEARY Metaverse, Alter life on the Blockchain

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This is our first proposal submitted to the NEAR community, we are a NFT/Blockchain Studio, which previously worked on other blockchain projects such as Wax, Hive, Syscoin, Ethereum and Cardano, since we found about NEAR three months ago, we saw the potential to build something really big, due to the scalability but more importantly, the community, we have received a lot of guidance and help since day one. We are already building the Biggest Metaverse on NEAR.

Project Proposal

GOAL # 1 - Bring 1 million users to NEAR in the first year

Imagine making a trip to a new world with friends without even stepping foot outside your house. Sounds cool, right? Or playing games, assisting at concerts and having after parties, being your own avatar.

These are just a few of the possible scenarios GENEARY could offer us. But what does it take to make it possible?

The objective of GENEARY is to create a self-sustaining, open, interoperable, and evolving mixed reality platform that can be used by a wide range of users to create, experience, and share content.

Why the name of GENEARY?

GENEARY comes from two words, Generative and NEAR, geNEARy.
A Metaverse that can generate value from the community to the community.
The Alter Life on the Blockchain.

Executive Summary

The concept of a metaverse is one that most people associate with virtual reality (VR), but it’s actually much more than that. The term refers to any digital environment that can be accessed from multiple locations or devices. In other words, you could be on your computer in your living room, and then go into your kitchen and play on your mobile phone.

Metaverse’s ideas are awesome, however, without a fast and reliable infrastructure and a good decentralized platform, this is far from impossible, NEAR’s technology comes to bring some of the tools to make it. Notnode’s Team with experience on other blockchains such as Cardano, Ethereum, Syscoin and Hive are willing to bring the most innovative Metaverse on NEAR.

This Metaverse would feature a real connection with simplicity and speed. Building a robust ecosystem along with the existing NEAR projects delivering a space for NFT Projects, DeFi entities and DAO inclusion to create a real WEB3.0 interconnectivity and connection with all the NEAR ecosystem. We anticipate this project would help to increase the awareness of NEAR blockchain by 40% in the next two years.

Project Background

Notnode is a NFT design firm based in Mexico. We have a long history of working with crypto game companies such as Splinterlands and, Alien Worlds, the top 5 dApps by number of players. We are passionate about helping these clients and build on their success with accessible and functional games. We believe a Metaverse should give a real experience to the players. We think this philosophy makes us an excellent fit to create GENEARY, NEAR’s Metaverse.
Build an alter life on the blockchain.

Solutions and Approach

It will be a user-friendly and easily updatable system to ensure it always reflects current proposals from the participants.

It will help virtual and physical businesses become more competitive in the WEB 3.0 era.

The metaverse will have the initial components:

  • Marketplace for all internal assets
  • Worlds creation
  • DAO
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Interconnected worlds, Cyberpunk, Business, Zen, Fantasy and Fun Worlds…
  • A marketplace that lets players search for and purchase your products. Automatic crypto conversion starting with NEAR and AURORA. Expanding it to more NEAR tokens in the short term.
  • Wallets integration.
  • An internal chat and later a voice chat.
  • DeFi features
  • Games inside the metaverse.
  • A decentralized economy.
  • Partnership with brands to promote virtual articles.
  • Interconnectivity with other Metaversese from different blockchains.

The Accelerator Program

The GENEARY Foundation will promote individuals or groups to produce assets and tools using an Accelerator Program. This program will attract developers to build game applications on top of GENEARY and help them with the budget intended for that activity. (Reaching Universities, Decentralized Institutions, NEAR DAOs and even existing crypto projects, groups and enthusiasts to build new and innovative ideas into the platform.

Сore characteristics of the metaverse project

Since it’s a digital world with multiple scenarios, GENEARY will have a whole range of different features. We will concentrate on the most prominent ones: interoperability, a full-fledged economy, interactivity, and persistence.

  • Interoperability. The metaverse should offer unprecedented interoperability so that all created objects and avatars can be used in any of the existing metaverses.
  • Full-fledged economy. Individuals should be able to create and use goods in any environment regardless of who manages it.
  • Interactivity. Users should have the ability to communicate and interact with other users and metaverses.
  • Persistence. The metaverse cannot be paused or reset; it should exist continually for everyone to ensure real-life experience.
  • Immutable in-game assets represented in the form of NFTs, allowing users to make real money inside the metaverse
  • Self-identity authentication,realized through blockchain technology to ensure transparency and enable users to securely store their avatars’ identities, appearances, activity history, etc., thus preventing fraud.
  • Creator incentivization to make sure that no unfair rules govern the system.
  • Real estate assets, which just like in-game assets should be regulated, so blockchain can act as an immutable record of how real estate is created, traded, etc. in the metaverse.

What steps are we following to build Geneary?

There are 3 key steps to creating the metaverse, including building the infrastructure, filling it with content, and defining standards and protocols.

  1. Build the infrastructure. Just like in the physical world, we first build the underlying framework for the metaverse. The infrastructure should allow multiple concurrent users to do different digital things all at the same time.
  2. Define standards and protocols. The next step should be creating standards that define the way the metaverse will operate. Keeping in mind two core issues are very important transactions and security.
  3. Fill the metaverse with content. Once the infrastructure and standards are defined, we will populate the metaverse with great quality content, assets, and activities.
    Guilds, DAOs and On-chain communities will be important participants to create the different worlds. A decentralized construction force.


A Metaverse has 7 stages

  1. Planning
  2. Pre-production
  3. Production
  4. Testing
  5. Pre-launch
  6. Launch
  7. Post-production

For this proposal we will only concentrate in Planning and Pre-production


In the planning stage, here are the most basic questions we answered:

  • What type of metaverse are we producing?
    • A crypto metaverse built in a decentralized manner and connected with blockchain, where NFTs act as the assets inside the metaverse.
  • Will it be 2D or 3D?
    • 3D with assets ready to game engine.
  • What are some of the key features it must have?
    • Simple, fast,fun and with innovative tools to move the barrier of entry.
  • Who are its characters?
    • Every player will have its own avatar with tools for social interaction.
  • Who is our target audience?
    • People from the crypto community but focused on ages from 16 to 30 years old.
  • Which platform are we building this on?
    • Three options, Unreal Engine, MetaENGINE and Unity.


A proof of concept takes all the ideas that have been generated and sees how viable they are for the gaming studio to produce. From there, additional questions will need to be answered, like:

  • Do we have the technological capabilities to build it?

    • Yes, we have developed crypto games and metaverses for our clients. See attached Portfolio and Presentation Google Drive: Sign-in
  • What is our estimated timeframe for launch?

    • Nine months
  • How are we monetizing it?

    • NFT sales which include: Clothing accessories, skins and and art.
    • Digital land.
    • Online Concerts, events, tickets.
    • Internal marketplaces
    • Liaison with brands to offer physical products linked with NFTs.
    • Games monetization


The next stage of the Metaverse development, called pre-production, brainstorms how to give life to the many ideas laid out in the planning phase. This is where writers, artists, designers, developers, engineers, project leads, and other crucial departments collaborate on the scope of the video game and where each piece of the puzzle fits. A few examples of this collaboration may look like:

  • Writers meeting with the project leads to flesh out the narrative of the story. Who are the main characters in this tale? What are their backstories? How does each character relate to one another? Are there loose ends we’ll need to tie up later?
  • Engineers meeting with writers, letting them know that under the current technological constraints, we can’t fill that environment with 100 characters or the game will crash.
  • Artists meeting with designers to ensure visuals, color palettes, and art styles are consistent and aligned with what was laid out in the planning phase.
  • Developers meet with engineers to flesh out all the in-game mechanics, physics, and how objects will render on a player’s screen.
  • Project leads to meetings with multiple departments to figure out the “fun factor,” which you’ll find out later isn’t easy to pinpoint until the testing stage.

The Minimum Viable Community

MVC: What It Is and How are we Building It for Geneary

To win the Metaverse competition, we need to create a minimum viable community that will benefit everyone involved. The minimum viable community is just the smallest group of people needed to come together for a shared purpose.

We will start the community with these essential ingredients.

  • Build the community with a lean mindset, from the get-go, that will help us focus on what matters and allow room for agility and flexibility as we grow.
  • Get feedback from the community.
  • The MVC will get us feedback from the members, build, measure, and learn at a much faster rate.
  • Planning and figuring out who the ideal member is, what the purpose of our community is, and what value it provides.
  • Measuring goals will have a prominent interest to compare our growth…
  • Adopting a “give first” mentality.
    • Share knowledge that the community can benefit from
    • Help members succeed in their understanding of technical topics.
    • Highlight and celebrate their achievements.
  • Learn about their problems and get feedback on how you can improve their experience.
  • Reward top members and contributors
  • Create events and bring the experience to the offline world

Regarding the number of initial community members, we are approaching many DAO communities to invite them to join our ideas, so far we have reached 7 communities within the Near ecosystem and all of them are willing to support this project, with community and promotion.

Our goal is to have at the time of the beta launch (around fourth quarter 2022) about 25,000 players.

The Roadmap

June 2022 Initial proposal submitted for grant.

Website and social media channels

Draft of White Paper

DAO creation and LLC incorporation

July 2022 Planning stage

August 2022 Pre-production

October 2022 Game Engine integration

November 2022 Token launch

December 2022 VR integration

March 2023 Beta launch

Metaverse Worlds

Concept Art and 3D Design started

Metaverse Partnerships

The above projects will build their games and NFTs inside the Metaverse.


NFT production will be managed in the production stage.

We expect to have the beta to go live in nine months.

Workforce needed from the NEAR communities

  • Legal Crypto Advisor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Game Developers
  • Blockchain Developers with experience on NEAR
  • Community Managers


In summary, a Metaverse built on NEAR will expand the services and projects in the ecosystem. The project would feature intuitive tools to suft the metaverse with many features and utilities to provide convenience to the crypto community and engage a wider audience. We anticipate this project would help increase members in the NEAR ecosystem by 40% in the next three years.





Notnode Business Presentation Google Drive: Sign-in

Please comment and ask any question, support from the Community is the most important thing to make it happen.


Gargantuan task… you sure 9 months?


Yes, 9 months, this will be the MVP in beta version, and we might release an alpha within the first 6 months.
Since we have created games previously we are very confident on the milestones. :slight_smile:


After reviewing the experience of Nacho and his team’s work/time in crypto I beleive they have a strong edge to complete this giant task. I beleive that a webapp or client can integrate more than one chain to balance this more and less dynamic resource requirements so that a stable ecosystem can live on one chain and smart contract creation/execution (NFT, marketplace, games,etc) exists on another structure like a Polygon [Supernet] if not on Aurora. This is staunchly different from most “blockchain games” that just use on-chain authentication/identity and centralize the game, even though a small portion of resources for graphics expects to be centralized.

After speaking with Nacho directly I beleive his team is capable of delivering great products under difficult conditions. This would be an excellent appchain to interact with other appchains in Octopus Network (as described in the proposal via content/DAO/other operations) and outside the NEAR ecosystem, so I am ethically committed to supporting Nacho’s genuine interest in utilizing distributed/decentralized tech stacks for a metaverse in the NEAR ecosystem.

-Sheldon Dearr, Octopus Network


Thanks Sheldon, we really appreciate your support, looking forward to advance in this awesome endeavor within the NEAR / Octopus /Aurora ecosystem.


We are pleased and happy for this propposal.

We hope to have the opportunity to be part of this great team, and to be able to collaborate in the development of components for this great Metaverse. From GlobalDv we are willing to take this great project forward from our experience


Thanks Andres, your team’s expertise will bring value to this project.


I love this post, it is the immediate future building on NEAR Protocol. additional i am happy that I feel for having the opportunity to participate. It’s a great project Nacho


The characters looks so cool and the project with strength. Have you already connected with Project ops in @ConciergeTeam ?


Hello, not yet. But we would be happy to connect with them. And thanks that you like the concept. :grinning:


Cool, I saw your message that you are connected with @FritzWorm already. He is from Project Ops. :green_heart:

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Hi everyone! Here you can see the interview that I did with Nacho presenting the project and you can know more about it :slight_smile: :


This is awesome, I hope you have already been in contact with our project Ops @Kemal @FritzWorm @HaiVu @LarryLang.

Instate of sharing only screenshots, please share some metaverse exploring videos and links to the MVP so we can explore for a demo.


Yes we did connect with @FritzWorm he has been very helpful.
Regarding the videos and the MVP, we keep on working with the project, it will take us some months before we can have the beta product, but once we have them we will share them for sure :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Klara, it was a pleasure for me to be in your Yourtube channel, keep on doing it!

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Thanks Nacho! It was great to know about your project and I’m looking forward to see its development :smiley:

Hello @Nacho_Figx ! We run several AMAs together, you introduce yourself to the community and we want this to happen. Let’s go, you can apply for a Grant :white_check_mark:

Please, I will be around at any time for you to make this happen :wink: