[Proposal] Funding For the NEAR French Community for the next 3 months ( October , November and December )

Hello NEAR Family;

*** Summary :
There is 270 million people speak the French language worldwide , so having a Near french community it’s so important to introduce the project for all the French speakers and get many peoples around the world .

*** Description :

The French Guild existed since March 2021, and For now we have for the French community :

  • The account Twitter NEAR français .
  • A telegram channel "NEAR Français "
  • Medium Account “Near Français”
    And My personal account ( abdelillah Guermouche ) to share Contents / translation of Near articles

Our objective is to educate Every French speaker around the world who has heard of blockchain about the NEAR Protocol. As a result, as a team, we are working to spread the word about the NEAR Protocol everywhere

*** Key Results :

  • The account Twitter @FrancaisNear :
    More than 1720 followers and more than 1140 tweets :slight_smile:

The account Twitter : since 03/2021
Link : [https://twitter.com/FrancaisNear 4 ]

  • The Telegram channel Near Français :
    We have more than 750 members

Link : Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearFrancais

We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible

  • The first account on medium ( 50 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )

Link : Guermouche Abdelillah – Medium

  • The second account on medium ( Near français ) : 21 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )

Link : NEAR Français – Medium

*** Team :

  • I’am Abdelillah , The leader of Near French Guild , I created the French community since march 2021 , I worked to develop the French community and now the community grows , we have more than 2500 French speakers ( twitter , telegram and medium ) .
  • Patrice a community manger : he has been in the blockchain ecosystem for more than 3 years and more than a year ago he wrote about cryptocurrencies and the web 3 for several French sites
  • A translator : helps me to check my articles translation
  • Scol duq ( Telegram : @scoldug ) : he is a part of Near Community and helps me to manage Near French telegram channel , And * the Octopus Network French ambassador Diego wolff ( Telegram : @woldie7)

*** Needs
For more details about monthly rewards :

Translate / write : 600$ for 7 articles (1 article/4 days) With an average of 1500 words per article …

Manage the Twitter account : 500$ (daily tweets , translation , posts , comments …) with an average of 40-50 tweets/month

Manage the telegram channel : 500$ with daily activities , Support our communities on Telegram regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem , help people and answer their questions .

So the total is 1600$ ( All the team )

100 usd rewards for our members of telegram channel ( we will create a challenge every month : memes , quizz , Ama , Airdrop , content creation and more )

Total : 1600+100 = 1700$ / month

Total for the 3 months : 5100$

*** My report for the last 6 months :slight_smile:

*[Approved] Funding For the NEAR French Community for the next 3 months ( June , July , August ) - #24 by abdelillah77

*NEAR Wallet ID : abdelillah77.near

*Wallet owner’s name : abdelillah guermouche

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Where are all the French speaking Builders?

Social media spending is a waste of money if there is no conversion.

Hi , Thanks for your response
I respect your opinion a lot… but did you research before you spoke or just wanted to talk .
Nevertheless, I will answer you
We have many French speakers builders And they have big projects NFt , Gamefi , Metaverse … We give them enough support to introduce their projects to the French community .

We support all projects on Near ecosystem and we have never rejected any project before, we give enough support to any project to reach the French community
But the projects headed by the French Speakers are different because they are also now members with us in our telegram , so they have a direct contact with our French community members

Hi @so608 , @satojandro

Can u please check this proposal

Thank u

Hello, @abdelillah77 could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing guide → $400 / how many guides
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals /

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the proposal – note that as we’ve had changes to the funding structure, we may not be able to support all aspects of this.

In reviewing the proposal, I would like to see more detail outlining:

  • The kinds of articles and content you are proposing to create. Are they translations, original content and covering what subjects?
  • How do you plan to show that your activities contribute to the growth and expansion of the NEAR ecosystem? I can assume you intend to grow follower counts on your platforms, but what metrics are you proposing to use to demonstrate success of your activities?


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Hi @so608 … thank’s for your response

  • For the article’s : We choose the latest articles About Near ecosystem to keep the French community always with the Update and newness of the project , also we help to introduce the new projects on Near ( NFT , GameFi , multiverse … ) by translating their articles , we have a collaboration with many projects : Octopus network , Aurora , PembRock Finance , LearnNear , Debio , myriad , NearStarter , Stader Near , Fusotao , Atocha …

  • Increasing the number of followers is one of our goals, yes… but the main goal is to try to bring all Near projects with our French community , Most of the projects, especially the new ones, don’t have a French community, so through our telegram we try to help people interested in these projects to teach them to use it and solve their problems .

  • Our Telegram is also a meeting place for all projects. In cooperation with the projects, we make many Ama’s to introduce the projects and to be a direct contact between the French community and the project teams.